A Hashtag Campaign To Raise NPD Awareness


“ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14th, let’s be #npdfree. Survivors of narcissistic abuse, let’s take social media by storm to raise awareness of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Share your story of hope and courage (I know we all have one) using the hashtag #npdfree. Let’s do this in honor of the incredible Reeva Steenkamp, who was killed at the hands of her narcissistic lover two years ago this Valentine’s Day. Let’s take the steps towards recovery together – we’ve got a whole lot more living to do, and the best is yet to come.  #npdfree”


3 thoughts on “A Hashtag Campaign To Raise NPD Awareness

  1. Mary M. Langner

    Hi Carrie! Am working my way through restoring my life after my relationship with evil. I cannot believe that I supported this monster in an effort to help him through his serious “made up” problems. I now realize that I enabled him to abuse the previous woman he left damaged before me. They always have someone else. They are never strong enough to be a lone. They always need an audience. I was just the next target for this narc to use my goodness as a shield as well as extort everything he could from me and my family. Manipulation from an insane individual that lies his way through life and enjoys the harm he inflict on others.

    The question often asked here is about the new source and the relationship they have with their narcissist. I now know they are being used to inflict sadness and regret on the previous relationship. Yes, there is always a honeymoon phase only limited by the narcissist’s imagination. But, there is also the fact that they are being used to inflict pain and I would like to think that the biggest majority of this new supply would run screaming for the closest exit if they knew the truth.

    I know that for myself, after all is said and done, that this fact, the fact that he used me to inflict pain on someone else that was hurting is beyond my comprehension of evil.

    Please stay safe and continue to get the word out on these land sharks. Education and NO CONTACT!
    Thank you Carrie, God bless!



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