Phoenix Rising

I am working on some new things and haven’t had the time to fill you all in so here is a quick little update on what is happening.

As far as my funding goes, my new worker seems to be on my side and going to bat for me. We are completely redoing my funding package from start to finish with her helping me all the way. She knows exactly what they want and is working with me to word it just so. She said she has done this for years and never had one denied and she cannot believe what they have put me through all this time.

She agrees with me that it has been poorly handled since day one and has shown me the emails she has sent and received trying to get a straight answer. I have told her I will be writing my MLA if I don’t get funded, in fact I may whether I get funded or not because the guy contracted to administer the program is obviously unprofessional and not doing his job. But we will see what transpires. Just to let you know I am not dead in the water yet and it is still a possibility.

On the making money front, I am opening an on-line store through Cafepress, that will link to the blog. You will be able to buy T-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars and a bunch of other stuff that I create. Below is a sample of one of the items that will be available on t-shirts etc

phoenix 0011

Can you see the woman in the middle with her hands up and head looking up? That is where so many victims get and sometimes I think we have to get to the point of throwing our hands up to God and stop trying to make things go the way we want them to. Sometimes we don’t know what is best for us, that is pretty obvious! So the woman in the centre of the phoenix is throwing her hands up, I give up trying to do things my way. Help!



I painted this last night, it has a bit of fine tuning yet to go but I will be sending it off in a day or two along with some other stuff for printing. I hope to have some inspirational sayings, T-shirts, photos with saying and other things to inspire, raise awareness and hopefully give a laugh occasionally. All the products are made and shipped by Cafepress and I get a percentage of the selling price. I am quite excited about it and hope to make a bit of money off it. Every little bit counts. I will post a link to the store in the side bar once it is up and running.

I have started a book. It is slow going but I am going through the blog and compiling posts to use in the book. This first one will be the story of the wospos and I from meeting until the end. It is a daunting task but I have heard from so many people I should write a book and in a way 1/2 the work is done through posts on the blog so I am giving it a try.

I am also working on building a Tiny House and will be opening another blog Lady Witha Tiny House soon. I have researched Tiny Houses for over a year and think it is the solution to my housing problem. I have contacts for getting used materials, I have a brother and son in the construction industry, I have a bit of talent in design and I really think we could create something unique, and comfortable for me to spend the rest of my days in.

A tiny house would solve many of my problems. It would be relatively cheap to build, it would be mine so no more increases in rent, I would be mobile to move where ever there is work, hopefully closer to my son. Plus I hope to live off grid as much as possible which would save me a ton of money. Solar is getting cheaper all the time, composting toilets are easy to use and there is no smell if you do it right. It is the perfect time to do something like a tiny house because I don’t have a lot of stuff right now. When I move I will have to leave the bedroom furniture behind because it came with the house. I have lost everything I own so many times I am not attached to anything I own so it would be easy to let it all go and just build furniture right in the house. You can make a lot of storage by building in your bed and couch etc. My son was here on the weekend and when I first mentioned it to him he didn’t seem very enthusiastic but on Saturday we sat down and looked at a bunch of videos on tiny houses and I could see his interest was piqued. He is a creative guy, I am sure he could come up with some really good ideas, we did on Saturday night! 🙂

He was telling me that in BC a person can lease government land for about $1800 a year. You lease the land and have to do a percentage of the value in improvements a year. Like his buddy has 20 acres and he has to do $1800 a year in improvements on the land; it can be anything from fencing, planting gardens, put a road in. Well worth looking into, who knows, maybe I can get a bunch of women all living in tiny houses and working together to create our own little slice of heaven. A person can dream! get the Mudgirls to come and build some Cobb Houses. I

I am just going to keep trying ideas until something sticks and works in my favor, my life has been up in the air for too long, it is time some things started falling into place.

So that is the news from my corner of the world.

9 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising

  1. maryleemorgan

    Carrie, wishing you all the best with all of this. The tiny house idea is a fascinating one, all right. I haven’t had quite as rough a time as you have had, but am just on the beginning of my own journey through the separation and divorce process, being out of work, etc. My heart really goes out to you in all you have been through. I trust that these bright spots on your horizon all come to wonderful fruition for you.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      maryleemorgan, thank you so much. I just feel I have to have something to work towards, whether they all come to fruition or not remains to be seen but something has to fall into place sooner or later. I am so close to reaching a place I can maybe enjoy life more i can taste it. I don’t want much, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I really appreciate the well wishes and for you also. I hope all things good come your way. All victim’s of narcissist have some amazing rewards coming I am sure.


  2. Mark

    Just wow again Carrie. You’re amazing, brilliant, resilient, and inspiring. I will definitely never forgot you. Never stop following your dreams! So proud of you 🙂
    Wishing you success, light and love.


  3. Penny

    Hi Carrie. Have been following your blog for some time although I havent commented often; I went through a 20year marriage to someone I now realise is a narcissist; we have been divorced 8 years and I also lost everything but didnt go through anything as bad as you have. Everything I now own can fit in one small suitcase; I am currently living with my daughter and son in law in a strange country trying to find my way. Again. Material possessions become less and less important, I find. I also have been interested in tiny houses for some time; I think they’re brilliant. Thank you for your posts; they give me hope.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Penny, I am glad you decided to comment! It seems being with a narcissist makes a perfect get in touch with what is truly important. I lost everything so many times there is nothing that I am attached to any more and it feels good. I still like having a “home” though and a tiny house would be that. When I start my tiny house blog make sure to follow along, who knows, you might decide you want to make one too. YOu are welcome for the posts, I am just glad to be able to help!


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Miss Kitty, I would love to create a community of strong women who support each other and are pretty well self sustaining. I have a single neighbor who is in much the same spot I am financially, same age, some health issues as well, we both have dogs and they are BFF’s. We don’t live in each other’s pockets but we help each other out, share dinner once in a while, do nice things for each other, Sunday we built a fire and had roasted weiners, last night I made a huge stir fry and took some over to her. It is nice to know you are not alone in the world and someone cares; it doesn’t have to be a man. In fact it is better if it isn’t a man. Women need to be more supportive of each other. Not in a “we hate men” kind of way but in a “sisterhood” kinda way. Instead of killing each other trying to get the man.


      1. Miss kitty

        Wow Carrie i wish we livrd close by each other. We think alike in many areas. Im not a man hater at all yet even my boys joke about me hating men. I guess thats just cuz most women have that attitude. I don’t. Its people that piss me off not one gender over another. Women are terrible with other women. I draw cartoons ( ill have to share) about kewl chicks n chicks getting along. And about boys n how they shouldnt rule over our sisterhood.
        Im stumbling through this thing called life. What forsnt kill me majes me stronger!!!!! Me i love my 3 dogs n think animals make my world a better place. Animals and my 3 & 5 yr old grand daughters!! I need a few women friends close by though. That’s what im missing. Youre awesome! Let me know. Im serious about mud houses..



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