How Do I Let Go?

OMG Scott did it again! Another great post from Scott (by now 1/2 of you should be following him because I reblog so many of his posts so sorry if you have already read this post)
I have written about this myself many times but it is always worth repeating, and sometimes worded in a different way something clicks.
Lately there have been a few people stuck on grief (and the sofa) and I thought they gain something from this post.
BTW for me it has always been gardening or any activity where I make something beautiful with my hands and get almost immediate visual gratification for my efforts

I am asked this question all the time. How do I leave? How do I stand up for myself? How do I lower my expectations of this person? How do learn to be happy in the mess that is my life right now? How do I let go of the grief or the expectations or the unrealistic dreams? How do I forgive? How do I move on?

It’s a question as old as time. Letting go is something that I only learned through pain, and it wasn’t worth it. How do you let go of hopes and loves and connection? How do you let go of a dream?

No one wants to hear that it takes years and tears. We want to believe there is something we can do which will move the process forward, when we haven’t even accepted the real situation. In counselling we call this, magical thinking

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