Safety While On The Internet

It happened again. Someone on the blog made a comment using their real name and then Googled their name and saw that all their comments came up in the Google search. Please, everyone know that anything you say on the internet using your real name WILL appear if someone Googles your name. If they know your usual Username and Google it, same thing, everything you have commented on using your Username will appear if someone does a search on your Username.

If you are the least bit concerned about your ex finding out where you are going on the net or what you are saying about him, please!! do not use your real name and use a Username that he/she does not know about.

I have also added an ESCAPE button at the top of the sidebar. If you are on the site and your partner comes into the room you can hit the escape button and you will automatically be taken to Huffington Post. Your history on the computer will still show my site in your history so always make sure you erase your history and cookies.

6 thoughts on “Safety While On The Internet

  1. Mark

    Wow Carrie, thanks for the reminder. My ex is stalking me. PLEASE remove the ‘ltdmtl’ posts. They know this as my main username. They have stole all contact numbers and contacted ppl in my fone. Broke into my email account, stole all emails and contacted my contacts. They are calling me from blocked and different numbers through google voice. I know they have looked up all my information through google as well. I fully understand now they collect all information to hurt you and seek revenge. I have only gone less than 60 days without contact and the smear campaign has started, and now they are abusing me by proxy in two different forums. They never stop! Please stay safe and strong everyone.



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