Parent Alienation By The Psychopath

I read an excellent article today on how the narcissist/psychopath will alienate the children from the victim. The psychopath knows that is the one way he/she can cause the deepest wounds and the most emotional devastation and it is almost impossible to prove if the psychopath is cunning enough and most of them are. As the article states, it starts long before the relationship ends, the psychopath starts when the children are young and brainwashes them their whole life, subtly, playfully, is ways the victim sounds like an idiot when they try to explain it to anyone who doesn’t know what a narcissist is like.

The victim, as with everything to do with the narcissist feels helpless and revictimized by society, family, friends and the people who are supposed to be helping her, the legal system, social services, and their own children. I am so thankful I never had a child with my ex,

I personally know of a woman about my age who is the daughter of one of my mom’s friends, (the fact that this woman is going through what she is has validated my experiences with my ex to my mother). Her ex has managed to make her children think she is a psycho and they will have nothing to do with their mom at all and she is devastated by it. There is a restraining order on her so she has no recourse but to let it go and hope that someday her children see the truth.

Here is the article if for no other reason than to get the word out there and to let other parents they are not alone. I know my dad tried to alienate me and my brother from my mom and although it worked for awhile when we were younger (more so on my brother because he was a boy and I was more aware of what was going on in the house and once I pulled away and stood up to my dad he started telling my brother I was “spinny” )

It is power of suggestion is amazingly effective, a narcissist is so convincing and sure of himself, never admitting to any wrongdoing with such conviction and can play the victim better than the victim himself it is very hard for the true victim to get anyone to believe them.

It disgusts me, the damage these assholes cause to not only the victim but the children they deny a mother who loves them.


16 thoughts on “Parent Alienation By The Psychopath

  1. I tried to “like” this but when I press the like button it takes me to Stumble Upon instead!
    Anyway, great article. My MN mother did this to me. Turned all her extended family and my half siblings (the daughers she abandoned before I was born) against me. They all now think I’m “crazy, a loser, will never get her sh*t together,” etc. etc. ALthough I have been very low contact with my mother for several years, it still hurts. Why does my mother hate me so? What did I do to her? I was the good kid. Maybe that’s exactly the problem. She hated/never understood my Aspieness and my high sensitivity. I could see right through her from the age of 4 or 5 and she knew I knew what she was, and I think that scared her, so I had to be silenced. I saw those solid black eyes more than once. She hates me because I’m poor and “unsuccessful” to her way of thinking (she’s a somatic narc and a terrible snob) but still sends phoney Christmas and birthday cards with hackneyed, insincere messages of “love.” I just throw them away.
    This woman’s gaslighting and triangulation was off the charts.


    1. Luckyotter, there is no explanation for people like this except that they are just narcissists, sick, mean and self serving, destroying everything good that comes their way. Pitiful really. You are right, she hated that you could see right through her and she had to make you out to be a nut case so no one would believe you. For all the destruction they do they really lead very fragile existents, their worlds are so orchestrated and balanced on lies that they are forever putting out fires and live in constant fear of their cover being blown. It sounds like you handle it the best way anyone could except to cut all contact completely.

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    1. Protective Mothers, narcissists do so much damage to everyone who crosses their path. It is especially painful when they hurt the children just to get revenge on their ex. Men suffer at the hands of female narcissists also and it is so hard to fight their lies when they are so good at acting like the victim themselves.


  2. I am a man and my x psychopath wife alienated my daughter from me for over five year, When my daughter turned 22 she started to see her mothers true colors. Now my daughter is back with me and it is just like it was when she was a little girl. She is back in college and has learned so much regarding personality disorder and her future looks bright.
    Parents please don’t give up o your kids they will eventually see the truth and the sick psycho will end up alone.


    1. John, I love to hear stories like yours, where the children see the narcissistic parent for who they really are. I am happy for you that your daughter saw the truth. In most cases that is what eventually happens because the narcissist can never keep up the facade forever. Unfortunately a lot of damage can be done before the kids do see the truth and unfortunately sometimes they never do figure out the truth they are so brainwashed.
      Thanks for sharing your story, it gives other parents hope.


  3. Hi Carrie, My name is John and your sight has really helped me out tremendously. I have been severally abused by my x psycho wife Physically, mentally and emotionally. My oldest daughter was very close to me as her mother was very cold with her until she was 14 and then the brain washing started at age 17 my daughter hated me. My daughter is now 22 and is back with me she discovered who her mother really is. she decided to do the no contact. I still need to work harder I think that I have become co dependent and am still sexually attracted to her. as she always comes back to re hook me.I am very weak when she seduces me sexually.


    1. JC I changed your name, taking out your last name, for your own safety and privacy. Some people don’t realize that if their name is Googled their comments here will come up in the results. Just to make you aware. I am so glad my site has been helpful to you, thanks for letting me know.
      So I gather you have not gone no contact? As long as you have contact with your ex she will try to control you any way she can and that is through sex. The only way to truly get her out of your system and break the hold she has on you is to end all contact. There is no longer a need to see her and by keeping her in your life your are still holding onto so hope she will change back to the woman you fell in love with. It is not going to happen. They can’t change, you have to accept that in order to heal and you deserve to be happy. Sometimes the victim clings to the role of victim because it keeps them in the narcissist’s life, it is a comfortable place, it is what they know. But you are denying yourself the chance to ever find someone else who will love you and treat you well.
      I think you need to follow in your daughter’s foot steps and cut the cord and allow yourself to be happy and healthy.

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