Why Would He Bother? – Boomerang 101


No matter how many times you throw a boomerang away; it always comes back and if you aren’t careful it will hit you right in the head.

Twenty years later, you have moved on with your life, maybe you are married, or divorced, widowed? but the narcissist has not entered your mind in years. It was, admittedly the most painful time of your life; but you moved on eventually and life has been good, you have bought a home, your career is taking off, and the future looks bright.

And then; you get a friend request on Facebook, or out of the blue he calls you; the narcissist. You are immediately suspicious, after all this time what does he want? Your gut tells you to ignore him but your curiosity gets the better of you. After all, you are over him, you love someone else, or maybe you are single but you certainly know you will never go down that road again, you don’t have to touch that hot stove again.

Years have gone by, he won’t have the same effect on you, you are so much stronger than you were in your 20’s, you are more confident, self-sufficient, sure of yourself. What harm can it do to just talk to him? See what kind of story he has to tell.

He is so grateful you accept his friend request or sounds nervous on the phone and almost immediately he bursts into a heartfelt apology for all the hurt he caused you so many years ago. He really sounds sorry and even though you thought you had moved on it feels damn good to get an apology and finally hear him say it was all his fault. You are a generous person and when he says it was totally all his fault you say,”It takes two, I had my faults in the relationship too, I mean I was suspicious and lost my temper.”

But he insists, No, you did everything right, he was wrong to treat you the way he did. All he wanted to do was call to apologize, he doesn’t want to disrupt your life; and he sounds relieved. He asks if you are happy and you tell him yes, very. he says that is good, he is happy to hear that and almost sheepishly he tells you that he has done pretty well for himself financially and well….. he owes much that to you and he wants you to know that if you need anything, anything at all just ask; then he says he has to go. Thanks you for accepting his apology and says he won’t bother you again. You say good-bye and catch yourself smiling to yourself.

A few days pass and you receive a message from the narcissist on Facebook to have a nice day and saying it felt really good to hear your voice. They missed having you in their life.

Before you know it you are checking Facebook to see if he has left a message, you check his Facebook to see if he is involved with anyone. You are just curious, you would check anyone you ran into after 20 years, it doesn’t mean anything.

After a few weeks he calls and says he would love to see you, can he buy you dinner, he will understand if you say no, he just wanted to see you face to face, bring a date if you want or your husband. He would love to meet the smart man who knew a good thing when he saw it and hung on to you, and he laughs, a little too exuberantly; you can tell he regret losing you. You feel attractive and validated, strong and in control so you accept the dinner invitation.

And so it goes, before too long you are meeting more often (and not telling your husband, after all why worry him, he wouldn’t understand how you can be friends with the narc and it IS just friends). Then why do you feel those butterflies in your stomach? why are you buying a new outfit to wear to dinner and why do you feel like a schoolgirl…………you haven’t felt this way since………well since the last time you dated him.


But why would he bother, after all these years? surely if he was interested in screwing someone over he would have met many prospects by now. And he apologized for everything and owned his shit………..he never did THAT before, and he is doing well financially, he even offered to help you so why would he bother if he wasn’t sincere?

Well, Odie; let me fill you in on what he has been doing the past 20 years.

He has gone through the women alright, he has ruined a few lives, maybe even had kids, he has had his business ventures and at times he did do well and some woman was always there to bail him out when things went south again and he bled her dry and still lost it all eventually. He is not a spring chicken any more, the women don’t fall at his feet like they used to and he really hates having to put on that nice act every time he has to hook new supply. It is so much easier if he can hook an old supply back in; he knows people tend to fall back into old patterns of behavior without even realizing it. He knows you needed validation and would soak it up like a sponge, he knew exactly what to say to get you to drop your guard and let him in. He is homeless again, maybe staying at a friend’s house so he can take you to his “new house”, he is driving a flashy car (the last woman’s car), or maybe he is still with the last woman and she has no idea he is out trolling for fresh supply.

Wait for it, it will come; the proposal, the “I have always loved you, I could never really commit to any other woman because my heart was always yours.” “Run away with me, we can have the love we should have had years ago, please give me another chance to show you how much I love you and treat you the way I should have years ago.” “I am a changed man, because of you; losing you showed me how rare true love is.”

Then, once you leave your marriage or sell your house and move in with him; it will come; he needs money, just a loan for a few months until this investment that is going to pay big bucks comes through. He will pay you back with interest, better than you are getting at the bank and it is for your future, your future as a couple.

Why would he come back and lead you on again? How could he do that to you again? Because he is a narcissist and anyone he ever dated is always on his “hit list”, any port in a storm, when he needs something he doesn’t care where it comes from as long as he gets what he wants and you were a pushover just like he thought you would be. If you had refused to talk to him he might have tried for a little while but he would have used someone else, he might have had to work a bit harder if it had to be a new woman but there’s a sucker born every minute don’t you know and if they are stupid enough to believe his lies it’s not his fault. Besides, it just proves once again he still has it.

10 thoughts on “Why Would He Bother? – Boomerang 101

  1. Only Me

    Nice post. It gave me a few chuckles. My ex psycho just turned 70 as of yesterday. Already he seems too old and feeble to me. He pops in 20 years, he’ll be 90, and given his health history, I don’t see him lasting that long.

    He should be well into wearing his Depends diapers, and hearing aid by then. No thank you! Been there, done that. I was happy to kick his butt shortly after the D&D from him 4 years ago. Next time, if there is one…I’ll probably hand him his head on a stick! Seriously! LOL.

    Thinking back, he wasn’t my first rodeo. I had a child with another one 35 years ago. He did call out of the blue years later when my son was a teen (after I had sent him a photo of his son who wanted to know him!). Truly, my son was my soul reason for doing so! That ex had found out a child he thought was his wasn’t, but my son was! So he wanted to introduce my son to his father’s family.

    No, we never hooked up again, just one chat one time on the phone and it was all about our child! No more and no less. The ex died a few years ago. We found out when my son wanted to contact him again.

    Thank goodness for one thing! The child was worth ten of the father! But “dad” did have musical abilities, and I wanted to pass those genes on so I could have a musical child! He is, and that’s the happy ending to my story! Beautiful, talented, highly intelligent young man who is normal, kind and caring!

    As far as the most recent psycho ex. I consider him water under the bridge! He’s part of my past now, and my memories fade more and more every day! I don’t miss him that much if at all. In fact, I am in the process of reconnecting with my normal first love who leaves the psycho in the dust! How it all will play out I don’t know. I’m happy just to have a friendship with a sweet guy I grew up with, who seem just as happy to reconnect with me again. We’ll see…hope springs eternal!

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    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Only Me, So happy to hear you are enjoying a friendship and taking it slow. Slow and steady, hopefully it all works out for the best but one thing for sure; you won’t get hurt again like last time. You got your shit together. Enjoy!! a healthy relationship is so fulfilling and exciting!


  2. Susan

    Hi Carrie and everyone,
    I haven’t posted in a long time, just been moving forward with my life. I truly never think about the asshole anymore, so for those of you at the beginning time truly does heal.
    Carrie, this is a scary concept, I just hope the OW he is with lasts forever, because there is no way he is ever coming into my life. I am not on Facebook, don’t go to where I know he would be, no contact forever.. In 20 years my ex asshole would be 86, but truly don’t think he would make it that far.
    Still moving forward, not going to worry about the What Ifs. just know no response if it does occur.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Susan, good to hear from you again! glad to hear you are well on your way and thank you for sharing your words of encouragement for others just starting out on their healing journey. Good for you and your positive attitude. yes!! keep looking forward and never look back.


  3. Elisabeth

    I really don’t think my ex narc will get back to me. Just like the Vikings I burnt my ships behind me. Hit him very hard. I know he will never forgive me, but that is okay. I cannot forgive him either for the harm he did to me. In 20 years I will be 82 years old. I don’t think he will catch me than.


  4. Katherine

    I believe that a narc never truly goes away. He has you on a list for when times get hard and he needs something you can give him. Mine just got out of prison 8 months early. I have not heard from him, YET. But, I know that I will one day. And, I am prepared to hang up, slam the door, walk away, call the cops, whatever it takes to make him go away again.


  5. Mario Curci

    My father and both my grand parents on fathers side narcissists. Huge narcissists. Came from Italy to America became known in New York wrote Broadway plays then screen plays, my grandfather was opera coach to miss Gall


  6. Mario Curci

    It cut me off. I was trying to show you that I was surrounded my entire childhood by over controling selfish people with egos the size of New York !!!!!!!!! I know I do things that aren’t I guess good but it’s all I know how to do. At 62 yrs old is it possible to change there’s so much to it. Nothing’s simple or not complicated



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