I can’t believe I haven’t seen this already but for those of you who like me, haven’t watched this documentary yet; take the hour or so and educate yourself.  All the leading experts on the topic of psychopaths come together to share their knowledge.  Here is the link Fishead

I want to apologize to anyone who has commented the past couple of days. I have not even read the comments from yesterday and will try to get to them this evening. I have been busy trying to finish up my funding package for the last time plus trying to get my online store set up so I can start, hopefully making some money off of sales. I am quite excited about it and been putting many hours into making products for sale so hopefully I will be putting up a link to it this week.

I also have to move at the end of March, (more on that later) and have no idea where I am going to go. So much hanging in the balance right now and I am juggling a few too many balls at the moment. I am trying to knock things off my “to-do list” one by one.

it’s a beautiful sunny day today here; I hope there is sunshine in your corner of the world.

Have a great day and if it can’t be great, just have a day with a hug from me.

3 thoughts on “Fishead

  1. Mary Langner

    Thank you Carrie! This was a great documentary. Doesn’t it make you shutter that we have come in such close contact with these emotional zombies. When you lack empathy, you lack a soul. I would feel sorry for them, but they like themselves, just the way they are. Keep up the good work! Your blog is turning discussion about these sub-humans around. It is great to realize that my NO CONTACT has turned to “why in the hell would I want to subject myself to that abuse”. I feel sorry for the ones who are still struggling. When you read this, you might say, “Yes, but I am sure she didn’t love her narcissist like I do.” Yes, I did. I am now 65 years of age and I had loved him since age 14. I cannot stress education on this subject enough. We all have the power to overcome them. My smiles and best wishes to you Miss Carrie. I think everything happens for a reason! Go with God!

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    1. Kathy

      Very good Carrie, Not only did this film tell us about pyschopaths, but we also learned about the “dulling” effect anti depressants have on the empathy of people.. Information I didn’t know but have seen in individuals with other disorders (bipolar, for example).. Narcissists don’t have empathy, but sometimes people with other mental disorders can get to the point of no empathy through pharmacology or their selfishness.. I am so tired of this “me first” attitude of most people. I have fewer friends than I did when I was younger, but the ones that I have are true friends.. My life is much simpler and drama free.. I, probably like most people who have been attracted to narcissists, like the charm and excitement that these people can being into your life. But when you see the “Drama”, experience tells us it is just not worth it!



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