Salvation Army’s Ad – What Colour Is The Dress

I don’t really know what all the hype was about “the dress” I totally missed the original “dress event that started all this but this is one of the results from it and I think it is great and very effective. Here is the link to the article on it in Huffington Post 


2 thoughts on “Salvation Army’s Ad – What Colour Is The Dress

  1. tojesmula

    Yesterday at the gym one of the TVs was showing the news where they were talking about this ad. From the treadmill, I watched a guy stop on his way to the change room, look up at the picture of the woman, pause, sort of nod and then keep walking. I thought, ‘well there you go, at least it’s getting people’s attention.’ Kudos to Salvation Army for moving so quickly wtih this one.


  2. Janni Styles

    I never bought into the brew-haha about that stupid dress. I do, however, fully support the Salvation Army’s very wise use of an ad campaign. This is one that may actually save a lot of lives out there, love it.



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