My First Product On Zazzle


To celebrate the opening of my new store “Carrying On Creations” (because isn’t that what we all do? Carry on, plus it kinda uses my name and well I couldn’t think of a better name off the top of my head), I am offering a limited edition decorator plate, there will only be 10 sold and once they are gone I will be taking it out of the store. Anyone who buys one will get a signed letter of authenticity and thanks emailed to them. I am not sure if I am notified of who buys so if you DO email me directly to ensure you get your letter.

I have only started stocking my store so the inventory is small but here is the link to Carrying On Creations . I will be putting a link in the sidebar eventually but I am not finished stocking it yet. This is a lot more work than I anticipated!! I have spent hours upon hours getting this little venture off the ground. I am excited about it, to finally get my painted stuff out there in a way that might be profitable.

I have been told to sell on-line but the cost of shipping means I have to price it way out of the market and because each one is hand painted I could never make it worth my time. This way it can be replicated and I will just limited how many are sold. Some I will sell cheaper and not give a letter of authenticity, but for special occasion I will have one unique collector plate available.

For anyone who has never done anything like this it has been a real learning experience. I originally thought, “How simple! just slap pictures of my artwork on a template and Bob’s your uncle.” Boy was I ever wrong!! None of my pictures were large enough, they have to be a certain ppi and so many pixels x so many pixels for whatever product you are making or else it doesn’t transfer clearly.

I knew nothing about photo editing, ppi, or pixels, I didn’t know the difference between a JPEG and a PNG nor do I have a photo editing program. I ended up downloading Picasa and with many of the pictures had to use several editing apps before I got the finished photo the right size and intensity. I am sure it will get easier and quicker as I do more of them.

I can change the name of my store, i am not crazy about it so if anyone has an idea for a catchy name please leave it in the comment section.

Thanks for your patience with me not being around here answering comments much lately, I will be back more regularly soon. You all are doing fine without me anyway. Carry On!!


15 thoughts on “My First Product On Zazzle

  1. I think the name is AWESOME! Don’t even think about changing it! I’m SO proud of you! I think you’re the most resilient woman I’ve ever come across! You’re an inspiration to all!


    1. Healing, thanks but you are too kind. If I can make some sales I might get a little excited, I am just grasping at straws trying to get by. Giving up isn’t an option. I used to think about giving up, i just couldn’t figure out how a person does that. If you are alive you have to try to make your life better.


  2. Well done Carrie, you are showing us all how to do it and how life can be so great! You have been my rock through this and i hardly ever comment but i read every blog you write and there is definately life after the narcissist :-). So proud of you xxx


  3. Nice! And I love the name, it makes a lot of sense and who knows maybe it will grow on you.
    I’m not sure why but when I read “…and Bob’s your uncle” it gave me the giggles and I’m still chuckling about it as I’m typing this. Maybe because I thought it was that simple too at one point.

    I remember looking into platforms such as Zazzle and others because I have tons and tons of pics that I think would look great on T-shirts, mugs, etc. and then I ran into the problems you’re talking about. And then forgot about it and never went back to try to figure it out.

    Much luck and yeah, I agree it’s a great way to get your work out there, you’ve got talent.


    1. Safire, Thank you. You should try it again, they have so many products you can print on and really once you figure it out it goes pretty smooth, now I know how to save future pics and it will go much quicker. A person can Google anything these days and find a youtube how to video or article. Good thing for me because a get pretty anal about figuring stuff out.
      I started it just to make a few coffee mugs and cards but today I was making towels and purses LOL there is no end to what you can make.


  4. Carrie! Amazing. Your paintings are so beautiful, colorful. I did check into shipping from Canada to the US. Not that big a deal (FedEx). I still would like to list your things on my website. It can’t hurt to list them and the customer pays shipping, you don’t have to worry about that.
    Also, the photo on Zazzle is blurry. I wonder if you can fix that? I too had to learn everything the hard way….photos, editing, pixels, resolution…..
    Most people can’t paint like you do, so you should be able to make money. Do you have Etsy in Canada? Check out Etsy. I just read a story about a woman who started selling on Etsy ten years ago or something, and now has $100K in sales!! Handmade stuff. She has had to hire people to help her. Most people make $100/year (I’m one of those!!) but your stuff is amazing.


    1. narcissismathome, I appreciate your vote of confidence but the problem with Etsy or selling through you is I have to have stock. I have absolutely nothing painted right now. My mom wanted to put one of my things in a charity auction and I have nothing. That is what is so great about Zazzle, I can paint one plate or picture and make a 100 products, It takes me days and days to paint a plate, I can’t make enough painting them to dedicate the time to it. I would be making pennies an hour and people always say how lovely they are but no one wants to pay even $50 for one. Well at $50 it isn;t worth my time. With Zazzle I can paint one as a special gift to someone and take a pic of it and mass produce as many as needed on Zazzle. I am moving again without any idea where I am going to go, let alone having to worry about a bunch of painted projects and no place to store them. It is just not feasible for me. I think it is a great hobby but so far I need the money now and can’t wait to build up stock either. When I get 1/2 a dozen pieces painted I sell them right away.
      I have heard of people doing really well on Etsy, and been told by other people I should try it and I did open a store a year ago and never had anything to put in it.LOL I had to ship one tin, not very heavy to Texas and it cost me $60.
      But thanks for your enthusiasm 🙂


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