New Product

A new line of products I am working on; here is one of my latest creations and the link to the site is right here:

Carrying On Creations

So far I have done up a round toss cushion, a square one and a few other items, but they will not show up on the site for a few hours. Pop by for a visit, I have been very busy creating and would love some feed back. If you don’t feel comfortable criticizing on the site please email me at I want any suggestions anyone has, I want to do well at this and I don’t want a bunch at platitudes, I want the truth. Thanks for your help.

Here’s your chance to try being honest without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings!


2 thoughts on “New Product

  1. healing

    I find your creations amazing and beautiful. The only critique I have is that I don’t think anyone wants to be labeled as a “survivor.” This is just my feelings so you ight want to get more feedback about it. I would like to help you get more traffic to the site. If you have any ideas to where I can help you with this, please let me know. I’m happy for, and proud of you!
    Holy Hugs



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