I Did 10 Years Hard Time – Why Don’t I Have An Education



No I have not spent time in jail but if you compare my life with James to doing 10 years in prison I probably would have come away from it in better shape if I had left the prison system.

The Toronto Sun had this report today, strangely enough I found it when I Googled “Do prisoners in Canada get a free education” because that was going to be my topic today and viola there was this article.

The article states that the government spends over $113,000 per inmate annually. The government is spending $7440 annually on me and had me jumping through so many hoops and running in circles for so long I got dizzy.

When a person goes to prison they get free counseling, catered meals, dental, medical, a gym to work out in, a warm bed, a library and if they are motivated they get an education and tutors to help them. When they are getting released plans are made for support systems to be in place, they must have a place to live and there is no waiting period for getting benefits. Prisoners have rights, if they are not treated with respect or fairly by the guards they can place a formal complaint. They have every resource available to them to better themselves and come out of prison a better, healthier person. If they don’t it is by their choice.


When a woman leaves an abusive relationship after 10, 20 30 years of hard time where her rights were denied and there was no one she could complain to, she is beaten down and the lowest she has ever been in her life. Many times she has no support system waiting for her, there is no free dental, she is subjected to demeaning treatment by many of the people hired to assist her and ends up begging for a sum of money that isn’t enough to even survive on. If she wants free counseling there is a waiting list of more than  a year in many cases. If she seeks welfare within 6 months of leaving her abuser she does have some requirements waved, like she doesn’t have to do a job search and she gets to apply right away but the money still doesn’t happen for a month.

So why is it that a criminal has more rights than the victim of abuse?

I have a theory that is totally my opinion. I think it is because we are not a threat to society, we are viewed as weak, we don’t fight for our rights, we don’t stick out of the crowd like the addicts in the East End (picking the cracks in the sidewalk looking for shards of crack, crack in the cracks) We are not stealing to feed an addiction, God! we aren’t even stealing to feed ourselves!! We don’t want a “Safe Injection Site” we want a safe bed to sleep in. We are strong women so we find a way to get by and even if we can’t get by we are too proud to ask for help. We try to do it on our own until we have absolutely nothing left and then it is too late to get any of the “perks” that come in the first 6 months after you leave the N.

Is it any wonder that women go back to their abuser?

Criminals reoffend all the time and they go back to jail, 3 meals and a bed.

The victim of abuse goes back to hell on earth, walking on eggshells with no rights and afraid to fall asleep at night because their jailer writes the rules and is judge and jury. There is no early release for good behavior.

Granted I do not want to go to jail, but if I did, I can tell you this; I would be getting my education.

Hell, I will settle for the SPCA taking care of me. If a dog is abused the SPCA goes, apprehends the dog, charges the owner and the owner is usually fined and banned from ever owning another dog. Not to mention the public shaming. These animal rescue places fly all over the world rescuing abused dogs and people throw money at them. I am not against rescuing 3 legged chihuahua’s from the streets of California but when we can’t rescue a woman who lives next door there is something very wrong with the priorities of government spending and society .

I am not even speaking for myself because I know somehow I will make it by, it is just the injustice of it all that burns my butt and that is why I speak out, because nothing changes if no one speaks out and domestic abuse victims are too damned nice to make a fuss and resourceful enough to find a way on their own or suffer in silence and we respect boundaries, don’t want to put anyone out, don’t want to take more than our fair share. We aren’t obvious, we are easy to ignore. We play nice and by the rules.

I am not suggesting anyone go out and start breaking into houses but you can bet that if every abused woman went out and held up a bank or stole a vehicle there would be a lot more money invested in getting them help.

What do you think?


18 thoughts on “I Did 10 Years Hard Time – Why Don’t I Have An Education

  1. Very good point! Then again, one must consider that the vast majority of those in prison are male and incarcerated men are still much higher on the food chain than any woman…


  2. That’s a travesty, sounds like the penal system in Canada is about as worthless as it in the states. Good luck, it’s not all sunshine and roses for divorced dads either when they weren’t the ones at fault. Hang in there.


  3. It’s not anywhere near fair, that’s for sure!

    So true–“…when we can’t rescue a woman who lives next door there is something very wrong with the priorities of government spending and society.”


    1. three kids, I think they should do what they do with people who abuse animals, fine them and ban them from ever owning a pet again. Narcs should get fined and be banned from ever having another woman in their life (with female narcs it would be banned from men)

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  4. Some of that playing nice may come from fear. We don’t want to speak out or up because we don’t want to be tossed around even more. There’s a lot of trauma symptoms and hyper vigilance is a huge part of that, being afraid of what others will do or say.

    Also, self worth is way down so a lot of the inner dialogue is negative and self deprecating.


    1. Safire,exactly! we haven’t been allowed to speak up for ourselves with the n and are afraid to be shut down again and usually are. So we just keep quiet. But we are generally nice people who don’t like to put people out or make trouble. Or I was (was) that way, not so much any more. 😉

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  5. I have to agree with Gary. It sounds like Canada pays more attention to criminals than abuse victims. In fact, it is apparent that the figures you quote are higher than what is paid here in the States for incarceration. For many, prison provides “three hots and a cot.” Where is the victim in this equation? A good question indeed. Certainly, there should be no shame or guilt in having to endear this sort of nonsense. God bless you.


      1. Carrie – Commenting on what you write seems so trivial. Your story is sacred because it is these type of stories that cause people to think. The problem is society does not think. You, we, or I have to tell stories to cause and compel change. We are the change. I am a very very angry writer. I know an angry writer here. With the story, anger can be a blessing. Let it burn. Let your emotions burn the paper that you write on. Yes, all glory goes to God. Thank you, sister.


  6. Interesting you brought this topic up Carrie.
    Our system is very much the same here in Australia.

    One of my friends works in the jail system and shares the prisoners here in Victoria can walk out with a Bachelor’s degree.

    We need to start putting this to Government. Start lobbying.

    1 voice here stands for 100 people.

    It’s so infuriating on all levels.


  7. You break my heart. Your blog has been the best university, no? And it made you what you are today: A strong free-thinking woman.


  8. Sadly, there’s more profit from prison, and unfortunately, than helping people. It’s a big money business suiting politicians and for employment. Judges, cops, jailers, parole officers, sheriffs, bailiffs, clerks, attorneys. etc, etc.. Prisons here are brutal. They come out far worse than before going in. “Privileges” and programs for rehabilitation have been cut back or completely removed. But I totally understand what your point.

    Love and Light!


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