A Few Of My Favorite Things

I wanted to share some of the new products in my store. Please spread the word to your friends and family. It is not all Narc related, there is a little bit of everything and more every day.


This is an ornament you could hang any where, from the Hummingbird Collection.


Another ornament I love, I love how the heart fits perfect on the heart shaped ornament


How cute is that for a key chain? You won’t see another one unless the person buys it from my store. it is my new logo.


This is one of the cards, I leave most of them blank inside for your own personal message. Bleeding heart.


This one is for Alice, the necklace you said you wanted. 🙂


and this is a bandana, I also did guitar picks yesterday, a skateboard, even nail art for your finger nails.

the link to the store is in the sidebar. Easter is just around the corner and Mother’s Day in a month. hint hint!!

4 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. healing

    The broken heart is actually growing on me Carrie! I just didn’t like the bumper sticker. Maybe some will. Just keep following your ❤ and the rest will fall into place..
    Love and Light


  2. healing

    Carrie, please design something I could print as a flyer. I’ll make copies and distribute them when I”m out and about. If you have any other ideas about how I can help get more traffic to your store, please share. Have you thought about ebay?
    Lots of love with hugs!!



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