I Am Just Curious If You Would Like This Better

I have been browsing different web designs and have an idea that I want to run by you all, especially those of you who spend a lot of time in the support forum. I can open another blog, and link it to this blog and have it be the forum. The difference would be that your comments would appear in real time. I took a screen snap shot of what it would look like

Capture P2


I don’t know if it would make it easier to converse with each other. What do you think? I would close the support forum we presently have and when you click on support forum you would be taken to this other site.

I tried this once before and ended up shutting down the site because no one went there except the odd new person and they would comment and no one would reply because they were all going to the old support forum. If you follow what I am trying to say. So I would have to shut down the support forum here, I would still have the comments on file but hidden so you couldn’t go back and reread comments from the past. It would be a whole new forum, starting from scratch.

Tell me what you think. it makes no difference to me.

I would still like the traffic to come through this blog because it makes a difference with my ranking and ads etc. Not that it amounts to that much money, I get about $85 a month from the ads but it all ads up when you are broke and the more traffic I have the better paying ads I get on my site. It all boils down to the almighty buck.

Anyway let me know.

10 thoughts on “I Am Just Curious If You Would Like This Better

  1. garym6059

    What is the forum for I don’t want to make generalized assumptions and I haven’t read the past blog posts…yet. It looks like an effective tool though. Just offering my two cents.


  2. Bobbie

    I, personally love the real time forums. I do realize the concern with no one participating, but I think that when people don’t expect it to be real time it works as well as the blog now.


  3. healing


    I would keep the amount of traffic to your site current, as most traffic comes from blogging. This site is already in “real time” from my experience. I’ve seen the other sites, and find yours much more easier to navigate. However, do as you feel what’s right and best for you!

    Love and Light


  4. Alice

    I too like the idea of real-time but I think what is even more important for (new) narc victims who discover your site is unlimited access to your archives, including the various comments below the posts! Reading the comments following your posts was just as helpful for me as the post itself!!! And often, I found links or other tips, experiences, ideas, approaches in the comments that directed me to other information, sites on NPD or simply made me realize stuff I simply wouldn’t have otherwise realized! So please do not hide all those precious comments below your older posts, they are very important as they’ve grown ‘organically’, and have formed an ‘entity’ of crowd-sourced knowlede- and it would be a huge loss to not have access to them anymore.

    At least, my two cents:-)


  5. Carrie Reimer Post author

    Alice, I would leave all the comments from the individual posts up and people could still comment on old and new posts the only thing that would change would be the forum where people go to discuss topics unrelated to a specific post, where people would go just to get support etc.
    In fact I have had a brilliant idea. and I will do a post about it later today. Oh I am brilliant sometimes!
    Patting myself on the back right now. haha


  6. healing

    I just had an idea Carrie.. How about leaving all the info about narcs open, but charging a simple 5-10 donation for access to the support forum. I’ve seen other sites do this, and think it an excellent idea, especially for your situation. What do you think?

    Love and Prayers


  7. redrose

    I love the idea of a real-time forum! To charge people $ for it….not really such a great idea. A lot of people, such as myself, could use this forum and no way to pay….
    I continue to use your site as a very helpful tool in my daily life.
    God Bless


  8. Carrie Reimer Post author

    I have made up a new support forum but what I would like to do is keep it private. People will still be able to comment on individual posts just like they do now but the support forum will be by invitation only. I want it to be a really safe place where people can share and on the net we never know who is lurking in the back ground listening. There is always a way for someone to hack into the forum I suppose but it will be safer. Most people don’t go to the support forum so I am going to ask everyone who wants to be part of the new support forum to email me and I will give you the link. My recent posts on here will be displayed in the side bar and there will be a link back to this site either through the posts or if someone just wants to come in here and read.
    My email is reimerc@outlook.com
    Once all the regular commenters are in there then any new people will have to go through me to get an invite, so they will have to comment on a couple of posts etc before they will be given the link. If there is ever any doubt about someone please let me know.



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