Update on Things to Come

This woman has such a talent for writing and such an inspiration. I had to share her post. A standing ovation is in order I think.

Picking Up the Pieces

If it’s one thing I am reminded of every day without fail, it would be that this life even with the occasional pitfalls, battles, and struggles, is absolutely divine.  I have had several conversations with others who have some emotionally burdensome things to work through focused on whether or not we would change the thing that put us through all the hurt we endured as a result.  A few of them were still too embroiled in the hurt to choose anything other than wanting to go back and make a choice that would keep them from going through it.  The rest said that while they wouldn’t change going through it, they would still want to work things out so they would avoid the emotional struggles that came with it.  And my response every time was a question many of us find difficult to answer when we are still trying to…

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1 thought on “Update on Things to Come

  1. katy

    I don’t even have the words to respond to that other than “I pray”. My daughter has finally left her abuser hopefully for good. He told her many times he will kill her if she presses charges for everything he is doing, while she is trying to protect the children too.



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