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A woman who came here back in 2012 stopped by the blog a couple of days ago. It is hard to believe it has been that long. I know in my logical mind that, that much time has gone by but where it went I don’t know. It just goes to show how a person can end up in an abusive relationship for 10 years before they know it.

It makes me very aware of how fast the rest of my life is going to fly by. Scary.

Some decisions have been made as far as my life and I have to admit I am having a hard time dealing with it today. I have worked so hard towards going to school and I really was positive it would eventually all pull together, how could it not? it made perfect sense. I try to stay positive and think God has a plan, a better one than I could ever imagine; but hey let’s be honest here, there are people in the world who never get a break.

This last week has been a bit of a whirl wind of activity and things coming at me from all angles, up and down and all around.

A few days ago I got a call from the school and my student loan had been approved. I was excited, that meant I could pay the short fall of $2500. I was approved for $9600. The course is 10,545. I had the $500 Bursary. They were going to pay me $1016 a month to live on. Not much but $400 more than what I am getting. But I had no where to live so I talked to my brother to see if he would even just say I was living with him and I would find some place to go. But as luck would have it, his boat didn’t sell and he said I could live on his boat. It’s 35 feet, two bedrooms and two bathrooms and the transit costs would be 1/2 what they were. That should make the funding committee happy. I had a place to live, I could cover the $2500 and I was going to take a little extra on my loan to cover moving costs, paying off my hydro bill from the winter etc. I had gone on the internet and printed off the route I had to take to get to school and even planned where I would park my car.

This was all on the weekend. I had spent all of Friday morning in the funding office getting everything signed and ready to hand in, she was going to deliver it by hand that afternoon.

I got a call this morning and what I had feared would happen did; now that I can get a loan for $9600 the funding committee (a guy named Ron to be exact) won’t pay for it. They say I have the means to cover my own costs. There are government grants for disabled people to retrain and I need to apply for them to cover the additional costs over the $9600. There is no way I would be approved by April 7th. But I can’t have a $10,000 loan. I am 57 years old and drive a 20 year old car with bald tires. After I finish the course I will make between $15 and $20 an hour and would be lucky to get full time. By the time I paid off the loan I would be 70 years old. I have a heart condition, that was the whole point of getting training, I hoped I could work part time past 64, but if I have a huge loan to pay back I won’t see any benefit from the training. And the boat won’t be available later anyway and there is no where I can rent for $500 a month. And I only get $375 for rent on welfare. So I have no way of living until I got the grants anyway.

I am dead in the water no matter which way I look at it. Not only am I dead in the water but I wasted a year jumping through their damn hoops for nothing.

So, my son is going to Saskatchewan to work, so he can pay off what he owes ICBC for fines and tickets from years ago. I can’t say too much because it is his private life and not mine to talk about but he hates to leave his daughter after just a few months ago finally the mother told her who her daddy was. It is breaking his heart to leave her but he can’t make enough money in Oliver where he moved to be close to her and he has job offers in Sask. The mother of his daughter was pissed that he wanted to leave. He has no choice, if he is caught driving he will do time in jail and then he won’t able to see his daughter OR pay child support. He has to go, he has no choice and I have been worried sick because he wasn’t going to leave. But I have told him I will go and stay in Oliver while he is away and take his place watching my grand daughter so the mother isn’t inconvenienced. I get to spend time with my grand daughter and he gets to go make some money. That was decided this morning also.

The only problem is my brother had work for me and now I can’t work for him and make a few hundred and the crunch is on to get my stuff packed up and stored. I am not going to pay storage on my stuff, I can’t afford it. I have a friend who will let me put boxes in her basement so I will have to get rid of all my furniture. It is not the first time I have done that but I really hate that every time I collect some things to live with I end up having to lose them again. But my son’s place is furnished and there is no where else to store it. Besides at the end of 6 months when he gets back I have no idea where or what I will do.

It is going to be harder to get by in Oliver than it was here. I made a hundred or so a month from my scrap pick up at Home Depot, my brother paid me to clean his house a couple of times a month, my neighbor gave me all my fruit and veggies for two years and my internet was included at the cabin. I won’t have internet in Oliver and can’t see how I can afford to get it. I won’t have a place to sell my painted stuff, I will be 5 hours away from where I live now and I will know no one.

I am very apprehensive and very discouraged right now.

I am sure I will find a way to get by. I don’t know. I am sick of struggling. I am going to take a break here and have a good cry, maybe pack something. I need to think.



14 thoughts on “Save The Blog

  1. healing


    I wholeheartedly agree with Jerry. Since school funding doesn’t seem to be coming through, please see this as a wonderful opportunity to write a book. All that is needed, is already here! You just need a good editor, and find publisher. This would seem to be such a happy ending for your situation. Getting my finances together, and will give as much as I can.

    Love and prayers.


  2. Carrie Reimer Post author

    Thank you all so much. I have taken a few days to just hibernate and think. I am weighing my options which are few to be honest. I have started a book but it is a lot of work and I find it overwhelming to be quite honest, I thought I could just go through and pull posts from here and there and all the writing was basically done but it is far from it.
    I need to print it all off and go through with a highlighter pen and I don’t have a printer. I won’t have the internet if I go to Oliver and I don’t even know how I will afford the gas to get there or if my old car will make it. My son went to court this morning and he has a one full year driving prohibition in BC so he has to stay away for a year. He will be flying home every second weekend to see his daughter and staying at the mother’s house so really I am not needed there except to baby sit for the mother who I do not get along with. Her and I have had a few words already because to be honest she is a narcissist and my son knows it. We have discussed it at length and he has read my blog and was shocked to see her written about here. I don’t think he ever really gave my blog too much thought until we had a heart to heart after Christmas. It has worried me sick and she has put him through so much already. She uses their daughter to manipulate him. I would not be the least bit surprised to find out she got pregnant on purpose. I know she moved to Oliver to pull him away from his family and support here and has disowned me once already. She came at Christmas and pretty well ruined his Christmas. So I am really wondering if I need the hassle of being up there.

    But the fact remains I have to be out of here at the end of the April long weekend and I have no money and no where to go. I can’t write a book sitting in my car. If I go up there I lose any extra income I made working for my brother and the little bit I made picking up Home Depot’s scrap and I am away from any support network I have. I really don’t know what to do.

    As for taking the first NO I haven’t. I was turned down at the beginning of the year, and I questioned it and the new case worker went through the whole application with me from start to finish and I resubmitted. It was turned down so I adjusted my budget and arranged to live on my brother’s boat, got the student loan and thought OK now they will be happy but they turned me down again. It is crazy, I am sure no matter what I do Ron will find some way to disapprove it. The worker even said that I should reapply from Oliver because she thinks I would have a better chance with a different office because Ron is (to quote her) fucked.

    At this point even if I do fight it I won;t get in for /april 7 and the next start date is in Sept. so I really have nothing keeping me here for 6 months but I don’t know how I will survive those 6 months no matter where I live. $600 is not enough to live on and pay rent any where. It is impossible, a person can’t even tighten their belt, that is why we have so many homeless people.



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