A Message To Everyone

I love this song, please listen, really listen and you will know what is in my heart.

If there are two things I believe it is that there is a light in every body and the sun will shine. The Narc may have cast a cloud over your light, blocked your sunshine, but it is still there.

I have been there; where it seemed like there was a rain cloud over only my life and the sun was shining on my neighbors house and not mine. It gets easy to feel sorry for yourself, Hey; most of us have just cause to feel sorry for ourselves. It is easy to feel like the whole world is against you when your heart is breaking, no one seems to understand or even want to try to understand and the narcissist is slandering you with horrible lies. Those rain clouds, storm clouds can get pretty black and foreboding, so thick you can’t see how the sun will ever find a way to shine through them.

Some times we have to find the light within and shine it out, to attract the light through the clouds. Light attracts light, darkness doesn’t like the light, I have always been afraid of the dark, still am. I sleep with the light on in the kitchen so the house isn’t completely dark. I hate to wake up and be in total darkness so I keep the darkness away.

I have forgotten at times to keep the light on inside me but it works the same way. Keep the light on to keep the darkness away. Shine your light to attract the light of others and combined who knows how bright the future could be.

Enjoy this song – Sunshine by Jason Mraz

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