No Act is Too Small to Make a Difference – Helping Victims and Survivors of Abuse

Excellent post by SweetMarie of Picking Up the Pieces. For those of you who have a loved one in an abusive relationship and you can’t get them to leave their abuser, reach out to other victims.
When my son was on the streets and I was helpless to help him I started handing out blankets to other young people on the street, or food. I prayed that where ever he was someone was reaching out to him and it made me feel better to be able to help someone.
You will be helping the cause and working towards ending abuse and suffering of all women. And maybe some one else will get through to your loved one. We are all able to help some way. To the list I would like to add; a hair salon could have a once a month free hair cuts, or hold a fund raiser raffling off a free haircut. Tire shops always have used tires that are still safe to be used, they could donate. A mechanic could offer to do an oil change or some other minor repair. Professional painters always end up with left over paint on big jobs, the paint is paid for and they just throw away any left overs; for a woman who has to move into low rent accommodation a coat of paint could make all the difference. If you are thinning out gardens instead of throwing away the baby plants donate them to a shelter to beautify their surroundings. Places like pet stores throw away past date pet food that is still good, they throw away aquariums that are missing a part but still hold water, instead of throwing them away give them to a child who had to run for safety and left all their toys etc behind.
There are so many things that people don’t even think about that could make all the difference in the world to a mother and her children.

Picking Up the Pieces

Many people who see the struggles and horrors victims and survivors of abuse endure and want to help but are often times overwhelmed by the scope of need.  Perhaps some mistakenly feel that even the small things they could do would not make enough of a difference in our lives.  The truth is, there are so many needs that must be met, so many varying circumstances even all the similarities in our stories, that anything you do helps, whether it carries financial benefit or not.  Here are suggestions of things you can do as “just one person” that can have profound impact on our lives.

Financial – If you have the means to provide any sort of financial assistance, here are things you, as one person, can do:

  • Donate money to domestic violence services by setting aside a small portion of your tax refund, inheritance, or bonus.
  • Donate old vehicles.
  • Donate…

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3 thoughts on “No Act is Too Small to Make a Difference – Helping Victims and Survivors of Abuse

  1. miss kitty

    you can donate your old cell phones to womens shelters or the rescue mission. Old but in good condition clothes, suits, baby clothes, all size childrens clothes. Many times people don’t have time to pack up their clothes and escape the abusive person that usually has a tight hold on them. The moment happens to come and you gotta just go for it. No time to stop for nothing but your kids and pets. And so your donations of good but not needed clothes and toys, electronics etc… are huge help! cars so people can find jobs. and for the serious ones who don’t wander back into the relationship you can help soooo much by offering up a room or rooms in your home offering safe harbor. remember to pay it forward with everything thats been a gift from someone just because they could. now you can too

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  2. misskitty art

    hi this is my alter ego. hi Carrie. I think that boat is so kewl you are living on. I just want to say that sometimes someone just listening and being on your side is the best help of all. When no one else is paying any attention, and you’ve been labeled the nutcase, and no one wants to get stuck talking to you. Having a real deal live kewl, hip peron give you the time of day is a blessing!!! Sometimes we need to speak it to make it make sense to us.



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