Happy Easter

easter bunnyeaster

Here we are, another holiday that we envision the ex is having a wonderful time with his/her new partner, and THIS year he might be pretending to be the sweet generous guy you met, just like he pretended to be that sweetheart with you, he is going to do it with her. 

If you are torturing yourself thinking about how he is treating her so much better than you, then don’t forget to tell yourself the whole story, don’t forget the part where out of the blue he jumps down her throat about something stupid. Don’t forget when Christmas comes and there are no presents under the tree for her, don’t forget to think about how she is going to be so shocked and confused the first time he flies into a rage over some perceived slight, don’t forget to envision her cooking a nice family dinner and he doesn’t show up. 

You do have power over what you think about. Thoughts of him/her may creep in but as soon as they do, change how you think about him, it is fine to think about him, it is normal to worry that with her he is different, but it is not reality; you have to fight the lies and tell yourself the truth. Our minds can be our worst enemy, making us doubt ourselves and beat ourselves up, we are not always honest with ourselves so when we start telling ourselves lies we have to argue with our brain. It takes works, we have to be diligent, it’s easy to slip into a pity party, “She’s getting everything I wanted and never got”. Even if she was, it does you no good to think about; you are only torturing yourself BUT I’ll tell you a little secret the narcissist doesn’t want you to know.

Ready?? It is impossible for someone to change over night. No one can change over night and think about it; what did you do to make him turn so nasty just to you. It must have been something really really horrible for them to treat you with such loathing! Even then, if it was THAT bad why didn’t they just leave you? They went and found your replacement first? Normal healthy people don’t do that, normal healthy people need time to recoup after a love relationship ends, they can’t fall madly in love with someone else within a week or two. 

The narcissist is make believe, just like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. The only way he could change over night is if his Fairy Godmother twanged him in the middle of the night and I hear there is no such thing as a Fairy Godmother, just like there is no such thing as a narcissist with a heart. Unless he has met Dorothy, the Lion and Toto and he wears a suit of armor and goes by the name of Tin Man and they are hopping up the yellow brick road with the Easter Bunny looking for a Wizard so they can get the Tin Man a heart. 

The new woman will believe she is Dorothy for a while, she will believe the fantasy just like you did. She will happily hippity hop down the yellow brick road with the Tin Man believing she can buy or beg him a heart but she will eventually end up just like you. 

So this Easter, and tomorrow and the day after, keep reminding yourself that he was a fantasy and never will be any more real than Easter Bunny. 

I wrote this post at Christmas this year but it fits for Easter too.

7 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. dianneluttrell

    Thanks for the much needed reminder, Carrie. Heard from my “n” yesterday after 5 months in a text saying “, Long bad day. Really could use you right now.” Even though I’m trying to convince myself the text was sent to me by mistake, I’m in a funk. I’ve done so well with no contact, and not having him up in my head, and my life. I texted him back that I’m pretty sure that text was not meant for me, but I hope his day is better anyway, I guess for validation, and he texted back a few hours later”u too” and that was it. No explanation, no sorry it wasn’t meant for you, no happy Easter, nothing. I sure thought I had reached a point where he didn’t matter anymore, so today’s reminders will help me get back on track and out of this funk.


  2. Gina

    Thank you so much for posting this. It is so easy to forget how negatively I was treated. It’s so easy to remember the good, although fake stuff, because that’s what my heart wants, but only if it’s really real. My Narc was a real pro.


  3. marlene

    Two years since I booted him out. F him! Im so tired of spending tears and energy on a POS that never deserved me in the first place. He is with my gf now..or should I say so called gf. Two yrs for them now. Good luck with that. She did not win the prize..he’s pathological. I trust no one now and prefer to stick to myself, it’s safer that way. Thanks for making me laugh Carrie. They truly are heartless!


  4. onmyway

    How timely! I just had a fantastic weekend with my kids and then received a text from the pos sociopath narc that was meant for the gf. At first I laughed mfao then it started to hurt. He’s only been out of the house for a few months (thank you God) but it seems like whenever I start to feel stronger and more like my old self (no contact!) something like this happens & I get sucked back into his shitty orbit – arghhhhh!
    Thank you for your wise words Carrie – the pos sociopath narc did find a new gf before he left AND he will end up using, abusing & ruining her AND I am finally free (almost) of this loser AND I will get past this one day because of your insights. You are simply awesome 🙂



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