Domestic Abuse Business Cards

One last quick post. I made up these business cards and wanted to make you aware they are available because people on here voiced an interest a long time ago when I mentioned making some up after I overheard a young girl confiding in a friend about relationship and I knew she was talking about a narcissist. I wrote my number on a piece of paper with my website but I had wished I could just hand her a business card.

This is a generic card that can be used by anyone in the world. it gives my website address and on the back a short list of signs you are involved with a narcissist. I think everyone should have a few on hand, you never know when you are going to run into someone who could use it. It is much easier to hand a stranger a business card than to try to talk to them.

Here is the link to Zazzle, under $30 for 100 cards, You could save a life! The link didn’t work before and it has been fixed now. Sorry about that!


3 thoughts on “Domestic Abuse Business Cards

  1. siouxzyq

    This is an awesome idea! I’d like to purchase some, but the link just sends me to a blown up picture of the card….


  2. charlemagne64

    My ex narc had shoes, pots, pans thrown at him by his mother when he was young. She would also haul off and beat her kids whenever it suited her frustration over her husbands, the father’s, affairs. In present day whenever I would grab my narc just to get him to listen to me he would threaten to beat the shit out of me or scream to get my hands off of him. He plays this out with me because HE CAN’T with his real abuser, his mother. She’s the cash cow. She told him if he didn’t divorce me he would be disinherited. He divorced me citing “cruel and unusual punishment”. I just left him for good (yea, I stayed after he divorced me) after he sucker punched me after I had a medical procedure to help with back pain! Yep. He was on dating sites the next day. My “support system”, my sister, told me not to call the police because she didn’t want to disturb her life or household so I didn’t. The narc has texted all sorts of ugly shit. He has even said our dogs in common are now his. I tried to explain to my sister that if I don’t file a police report he will keep steam rolling over everyone and take what he wants. She doesn’t care, as long as her status quo is intact. He now knows I haven’t reported this to the police so he has the upper hand. He has called me a liar, denied ever sucker punching me, called me a “victim”, said he wants back the phone he just gave me, told ME i have probably been faithful all along…..etc,. Long story short these monsters will take everything out on you. I write this from bed in horrible pain while I am sure he is out shopping, living life, securing NS. Don’t ever think you will change this and never believe the lies after you have dumped them. Its all a ploy to get you back for further and more gruesome punishment. I had just come back after he pleaded with me. It was no more than a week and a half later when I was attacked with my BACK TURNED.



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