My Last Post For Awhile

Well, folks, this is my last post for a few days anyway. I have no idea if there is WiFi at the marina, I am hopeful. But I have another problem with accessing the internet. My charge cord broken a while back and I have been borrowing my neighbor’s cord. Seeing as I am moving I have to give the cord back and a new one costs like $70. I just haven’t had the money, I looked at my local Value Village and they didn’t have the right one but I will keep looking until I find a used one. When I do I will be back.

I won’t be able to access my email or Facebook either so I am disconnected as of right now!

My phone used to be able to access all my social media but the past month or so I haven’t been able to access the internet on my phone. I need a new phone I am told but don’t qualify for an upgrade until July and was holding out. I bought my phone not even 3 years ago and it is already considered to be obsolete.

Have a great few days, hope I am back before too long.

Love to you all. I’ll miss you.!!!


6 thoughts on “My Last Post For Awhile

  1. healing

    Thank you for everything Carrie. You’re an amazing, resilient, resourceful woman. My thought and prayers are with you.
    Holy Hugs and Love and Light



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