Blogging From The Boat


My boat is the one in the middle behind the blue sail boat. I am finally in the boat after days of going back and forth with loads. I was almost in tears yesterday I was so tired. I had to load up stuff and take it off the boat in order to make room for my stuff. There aren’t any stairs at the boat, Stella has mastered jumping from the dock into the boat and out but I had a much harder time moving boxes, thank God for long legs!! First on my list of “to does” is to get steps.
Second on my list is curtains which my mom is working on as I type this. I gave her the measurments and she will sew them.
I am doing this on my phone so it will be short but I wanted to touch base and let everyone know I didn’t drop off the face of the earth and I’m still alive.
I haven’t even read comments for a week so have a lot of catching up to do. I am sorry if anyone has asked me specifically a question. I will try to answer and start posting soon.
For some reason my phone got internet service, I have yet to get my laptop to hook up and might have to get internet in order to have a consistent connection. One thing at a time!!
I am feeling a little out of sorts. I think partly, just moving and it doesn’t feel like home. Partly being on a boat that is always moving, partly not knowing what comes next, the uncertainty can be an adventure but sometimes it’s nice to have certainty.
Anyway, I have to take Stella out for a much deserved walk and then get to work turning this floating disaster area into home.
Love to you all.

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