Unfortunately The Internet Is Prime Narcissist’s Hunting Ground

Where more perfect for a narcissist than the internet? He/she can pretend to be anything they want, pictures? no problem; anyone can take a picture of a house or car and say it is theirs. On the internet a person can tell you anything and what choice do you have but to believe them? There are no guarantees with a face to face meeting either, I( mean James showed me pictures of “his” trucks, his houses, and told me how his past women had used and abused him; taken advantage of his kind giving nature. He was new to the area, how would I ever have known otherwise? If I would have checked his name on the internet, no red flags would have been raised, if you know a person’s user name it might give you some interesting information but I didn’t learn his user names for many years, nor even think to Google them until almost the end of the relationship.

You expect to find them on sites like Plenty of Fish, trolling, looking for an unsuspecting woman to lure into their web but it is especially hurtful and sinister for them to come into a site like this pretending to be a victim themselves and play on the emotions of women who are desperately seeking comfort and answers. Well, I hate to admit it; but feel I must warn everyone here that it has happen on this site. I have received an email from one of the members here telling me she has been harassed by another member. I had my suspicions about this person almost right from the start and even questioned him on why he was coming in under two different names. He came up with a plausible reason and I let it go but I have watched him. Then I got busy with my own problems and haven’t been around near as much. He has been very supportive of a few women in here and so I want to make sure no one else gets sucked in by him into taking the relationship off the net and meeting in person.

This person has been coming in here under the name of “Healing” and I have blocked him and his email address from commenting but that does not block him from reading on the site; unfortunately I do not have that power. I do have the power to see everyone’s IP number and from that can track a person’s exact location. I did it with James and I did it once before when I tracked someone down and got the FBI involved and the FBI showed up at the person’s door the next day. So, to anyone who thinks they can prey on the women in here and hide behind anonymity, you are sadly mistaken and I WILL do everything within my power to keep trolls and narcissists off my blog.

I would appreciate being told privately by email reimerc@outlook.com if this person has tried to start a relationship off the site with anyone and if anyone has ANY trouble with anyone, please do not hesitate to contact me. My deepest apologies to any one who has been affected by this person.

Please, where ever you go on the net, be extremely careful, to my knowledge this has only happened once before and I picked up on it before any harm was done and I have not seen him on the site since.


12 thoughts on “Unfortunately The Internet Is Prime Narcissist’s Hunting Ground

    1. Ellebelle, yes holy hugs guy. Yes that was the whole idea of the private forum, but of course he had the password to that site anyway. I was going to shut the one down on the site but then I had to move and I didn’t have the internet for two weeks. I am going to give this another try. I am going to change the password on the new forum again and people will have to request it. But I think I will keep this forum going and leave the other one as strictly a place where people can go and talk privately and in order to get the password you have to fill out a form giving your address etc. I don’t know how else to filter out the looney’s maybe if a person has to give their address and phone number (only I would have that info) they would think twice about trying to use the forum as hunting grounds for their next victim. I don’t know how everyone would feel about giving out personal info though. Its a tough one and I will have to try to think of a more secure way to enable people to chat safely. There will still be the main forum on the site for new comers

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  1. carrie i am really quite shocked i thought they were being genuinly supportive to me and others it was strange the way the name was all over the site congrats at being so vigilant carrie i didnt have a clue just shows you how manipulating they can be terrible what can you do well done again carrie still shockedx


    1. Kim, sorry, everyone else here is supportive, I know it sucks to find out it was an act when everyone here really needs support and honesty. I was growing more and more suspicious because he was SO helpful and SO supportive, I was trying to not be cynical but something was not sitting right with me, but I was preoccupied with my own issues, moving etc and let it slide. That’s the thing when a person has a blog, in my opinion anyway; it is a reflection on me what is said and done on my site. Ultimately it is my name attached to the site and I need to monitor it closely to ensure it stays true to my mission statement and vision.
      Had I not had someone email me and fill me in (thankfully) I would not have done anything so I am very grateful to the person who filled me in and I feel very badly that she has had to deal with him.


  2. So true. Good piece, Carrie, because it so informative. Some are married philanderers, some are after money and some just love the thrill of controlling others. I know there are other reasons and have seen for myself what they can get up to on dating sites no matter how reputable the site is. The one thing no reputable site can do is screen out the con artists, it’s what they do, they con people. Thank you for this timely reminder to keep ourselves safe online. One more reason why I will not use my real name, give my real age or location online. You just never know and I just saw a show exposing an online con who was a woman posing as a man to eight different women who believed she was a man! Scary.


    1. Janni, 8 different women got tricked by this woman??? wow, she must have been good! Scary is right!! I have heard some really horrible heart breaking stories too of women who were sucked into sending money and stuff to guys who managed to make a woman think he loved them and then he needed help financially and drained them of their life savings. Years ago, before I even met James (and I didn’t meet him on the net, in fact it was because of this guy that I gave up dating sites and was so happy to meet James in the flesh, little did I know) but I had talked to this guy for months over the internet. He send me gifts and love cards, pictures etc, we talked every few days on the phone and I was really falling for him. He wanted me to fly down to meet him in Nashville. But I was suspicious because anytime he sent a gift or card there was no return address on it, so before I agreed to meet him I asked for his address. He was hesitant but eventually gave it to me. I did a Google search on the address and it came up in a developing industrial site, an empty lot surrounded by businesses. I paid the $100 and had a search done on him and the results came back that no one by that name existed in all of the US, in fact there was no one by that last name in the US.
      The next time he called I confronted him and he said that his whole family had been given new identities because of something they were in witness protection. I never talked to him again.l I was heart broken but got over it quite quickly because of course it had all been over the net. But I have wondered what would have happened if I had gone down there, I might have been one of those stories you read about where a woman just disappears or shows up dead. I have flown to meet guys I met on the net and had a wonderful time both times, but I thoroughly investigated them both before I went. Then I met James and totally took him at his word because I met him in a bar. How dumb is that? The internet makes it easier for a narcissist to string his web of lies but he can be your next door neighbor too, a woman can never be too cautious.
      Thanks for your input Janni

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  3. I felt lately something was weird and noticed another user writing with thé same style and éven thé same greetings (holy hugs). Anyway Carrie, could you please remove thé link to my vidéo narcissus and the post? Thank you for keeping thé site safe.


  4. Covert Narcissists. They think they are so smart. A real wolf in sheep’s clothing. My X is a real puke. He writes a free newspaper article in Iowa for around 16 newspapers. Now he is exploiting the benefits of internet dating websites. He even has been “rating” his dates. Now how would you like that. It seems each week he mentions yet another women’s name. A real class act. It is so different to read his articles from “this side” of the relationship. Of course, he uses the column to be nasty to anyone he has ever had contact with that rejected him. The “no empathy” thing is really showing through. He is out there trolling for dates on the internet wanting just one thing. To gain your trust, sleep with you and then devalue you. The next time you click on any dating site, remember he is out there. He will be out there until his demented mind withers away to nothing. Good luck!


  5. Yeah, I don’t know why I am continually shocked by the behavior of Narcs, but I am. Their trolling the internet looking to victimize people seems to be pretty common. I am a member of several online support groups, and every now and again some manipulative/destructive person sneaks in, revictimizes some people and then gets kicked out. …I wish there was an island somewhere where all these people could be rounded up and shipped off to. Ugh.

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