I am going through posts looking for stuff I want to put in my book and came across this one. It was one of those pivotal moments in James and my relationship. I wrote this in 2013 and it happened in 2010, but it feels like yesterday when I read about it.

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JC’s sister was living with us just prior to me moving out and said to me, “If you ever doubt you are doing the right thing leaving him I want you to remember one word,…..Exactly!”

Then she said, “Did that not make your blood run cold? I have had many fights with guys and I have never had anyone be that cold, amazing!! don’t ever doubt you are doing the right thing by leaving.”

In my mind one word kept repeating, EXACTLY, one word that summed up 10 years of abuse, disarmed me, and proved once and for all that my love was sadly, horribly misplaced.

It came during a typical fight. I had wanted a hug and he had pulled away from me, hurt I cried, “You know, just once it would be nice to get a hug, be told you love me, anything!!” and walked out of the…

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