Radio Talk Show Will Air

IMHOI got an email from NiceguyEddie from “In My Humble Opinion” about when the interview will air. I am hesitant to give it out because I haven’t heard it myself and i don’t know if I totally blew it or not. But, it is another life lesson at the very least and the most I can hope for is that I make a positive difference in someone’s life. Eddie hasn’t said one way or the other how I did, so ………
If I fall on my face, I will learn something from it, I hope and next time it will be better. I hate to fail at anything but I don’t too many people who do well when they fail. We all want to be winners and succeed, after a relationship with a narcissist it is hard to feel like a success but I refuse to stop trying because he said I should. In all honesty, I haven’t failed at too many things in my life, even things that seemed like a failure at the time they happened turned out to be a success in the end.
Anyway, enough about that and here is the info. Please be honest, but kind, with your critique, I know I didn’t cover a lot of the things I wanted to but it is impossible in an hour.
I hope you will tune in and give me moral support while I hear my voice for the first time and give my very first interview. Note I am calling it my FIRST interview, because I plan on doing more. positive thinking and all…
The info from Eddie:
Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me on Monday.  I wanted to confirm that this will in fact air next Tuesday, 5/26 at 10:PM Eastern.
There’s a FB event page – – if you’d like to pass that on top your firends or followers on FB.
Otherwise, they can go to for times. There’s are “Listen Now” icon in the upper right that will open up the broadcast.

7 thoughts on “Radio Talk Show Will Air

  1. karen

    You will probably get your own show from this do you have any idea how popular you would be omg maybe after ir airs we can all call into the station for request to have you on weekly! One step at a time


  2. kim

    im sure it will be great carrie have you any idea if i can hear it in england if so what time i know youre busy so dont worry if you cant reply good luck anyway xxx


  3. safirefalcon

    Next Tuesday!?! I can’t wait that long. LOL…j/k.
    I’m sure you’ll be fine. And btw: you’ve posted a video somewhere on your blog of one of the dogs and you were talking…so I’m sure I’m not the only one here who has heard your voice already. 🙂

    Looking forward to the listen.


  4. Mary Langner

    Love yourself Miss Carrie! You have reached out to countless men and women who have come in contact with the devil himself! You have shared your life and saved many, many victims with your incite on narcissism without a conscience of your own safety. You taught me to change my locks, and for a very good reason. After all of this, a radio show will be a piece of cake! Consider the fact that if you were still with your former spouse, you would not only not do your interview, you would be ridiculed for even thinking you could. You go girl! We know you can!

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  5. Carrie Reimer Post author

    Thank you all for the moral support!! mary you are so sweet thank you!! Kim, you should be able to listen in England but I am not sure what time it would be for you. I will post the link again on tuesday.
    Safire, you are so funny. Yes I guess you have heard my voice. too late now anyway. It is going to air and come what may. I can’t wait to hear it myself. yikes!!



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