I found a post worth sharing. Give’s a whole new meaning to the word “Discount”


When you read the word ‘discounts‘ you probably are thinking….discount on a tangible item. That is not the discount I will be talking about in this article.

How did we ‘discount‘ our self to the Sociopath?? After the honeymoon phase, and their real personality came out, you started to be discounted. You wanted sex, answer could be: “why do you always want sex, why is that all you think about etc.”? So you ‘discount‘ that to ‘well maybe they are tired, not in the mood‘ or whatever ‘discount’ you gave them. You decided you wanted to eat at a particular place, nope! You were given a list of reasons/excuses why ‘we can’t go there, why do you always pick that place, I don’t like the food {yet during the honeymoon they had no problem with it}. So you ‘

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5 thoughts on “Discounts

  1. rod

    Thank you Carrie, for posting this blog, I have read most of them as I found them very interesting.
    Just recently had experienced exactly as every one in the forum list, including yourself, a same treatments over the last six years of my married life to a Narcissistic wife.
    But the female Narc`s are more sophisticated than a male. That is my opinion, however they use the same approach to their victim.
    Me too was looking for answers with disbelief, After years of suspicious mind, I finally caught my wife with all the evidences in my hand she admitted her infidelity.But, she claimed the men smitten her with his talk, and that she is now bitter with herself and it was mistake that will never happen again I should forgive her its me that she really love. I did ( it`s one nite stand).
    I forgive , than she showed me how much she loves me, seduced me that evening by having sex and , by the following morning, I took her cellphone while she was asleep only to discover the real truth I was gob smacked to how many men she has been sleeping with even abroad everywhere, so I kept the cellphone with me, she run away to her lover and accused me of raping her in which it was consented the two night before by her seductive style and got me arrested.


    How I felt, I can only describe myself as someone being ejected from the roller coaster standing in the cloud.( imagine).

    .I am on the no contact while the investigation going on.
    But Thank you, you have explained it exactly how it is Living with the Narc`s , I know I have yet to put myself back to reality, its going to take time and reading more of what I discovered in your valuable blog`s.

    Thank you once again as am not the only one being sent to the cloud we can heal from this unbelievably toxic human virus..



    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Rod, I do know how the females are; I don’t write about the females because my frame of reference is men of course but I appreciate you sharing your story and pointing out that the females are as if not more toxic than the men. For one thing they are more likely to accuse the man of abuse and things like rape and child abuse and have it believed. And they have no problem doing it. Also they will get pregnant on purpose to hook a guy. That is what happened to my son and he has a child, my grand daughter with a narcissistic woman. He has been through hell because of her and last summer tried to make it work with her, I was anxiety stricken as I watched her manipulate him through their daughter. i know she got pregnant on purpose, they weren’t even dating seriously but she wanted him so she made it happen. When he didn’t marry her she took off with his daughter for a year and for the first 4 years he paid child support for a child that only knew him as mommy’s friend and thought another man was her daddy. broke my son’s heart. So I know how vicious and conniving they are. I just don’t feel at liberty to really discuss my son’s life and stick to what I know personally.
      But the thought of him being with her literally drove me crazy with concern, thank God he is a smart man and got out before she did too much damage but it is still early, he has to deal with her for the next 14 years at least.
      My heart goes out to you and I hope my blog is of some help. Please check in at the forum there are usually great people hanging about if you need an ear or a shoulder.
      Good luck with your investigation, how horrible for you. my heart goes out to you., Hang in there, there is life after a narc and once you are free of them the sun will shine brightly on you and the black cloud of the narc will disappear.


      1. rod

        Thank you Carrie, I honestly understand how tragic it has being for both you and your son including his poor child, my heart goes out to all of you. am very confident that you will guide your family out of the toxic aired atmosphere this evil women caused, and soon you both start to enjoy your life, time again is a healer.

        It has been just over two month now on the no contact zone, and yet I still like to put down my experience in detail, so that people in relationship with NARC`S can be aware of their approach well in advance.

        At this stage all the read flags that I, ignored or passed me by during ( through out the relationship) are all started to comeback at slow motion this time, also all the things I used to question my NARC`S WIFE when things are not right, together with what I suspected, she used to tell me that am crazy,acting like child, stop being childish, and that am forgetting things, this was all her defenses, but now everything started to make sense and I was right all along.

        I am writing this thoughts down, as they are all coming out of my head every day, it made me realize that my NARC`S WIFE actually was playing a chest game with my head, I could see now that I was winning , but because I trusted her, she cheated and won her games but at the end, she lost again because the game is over for good this time and I took my trust back from her, Never trust a NARCISSIST IN A RELATIONSHIP EVER, SIMPLE JUST SAY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. .

        Thank you Carrie once again.



  2. Rosi

    I do agree with you. Women with this disorder are more sophisticated. I have experienced it too for almost seven years.
    Good luck with your journey to recovery.


    1. rod

      Thank you Rosi, you too you have to be strong to start your life as if you reborn again, I remembered that day I felt as if just wok up from a comma.
      Thank you and good luck to every one that has being effected with a NARC`S VIRUS.




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