And Now For Your Entertainment – Stella!!

I DO have a good life and a part of that, a very large part of that good life is due to who i spend it with, my sweet sweet Stella.

I was enjoying feeding the geese from the window of the boat just a few minutes ago, it’s amazing how fast those babies grow. It was just a week ago they were little balls of fluff and now they are swimming just like the big geese. There are always a lot of adult geese along with them and you don’t want to mess with a protective Goose.

Everything was going along fine, you can hear the babies making their squeaking sounds trying to sound like an adult and then you can see one of the adult sit up straight and honk, then he starts to hiss. I am wondering what is going on and pan the camera to where the goose is looking and hissing and who do I see, 1/2 way out the window? You guess it, Stella, ready to take a swim with the geese. Funny girl!!

The video goes black for about 15 seconds while I get a slice of bread so keep watching. I can’t edit these things not techie at all. Enjoy!! and I hope where ever you are the sun is shining, the waters are calm and you find joy in something, even if it is just a small thing that makes you smile.

Sorry forgot to add the link the first time, then I added the wrong link, it was 14 minutes of someone’s “loon Cam” boooring!!! finally I am hoping I got this right!! Like I said, i am not techie at all 🙂 , here is the link Carrie feeds the geese 


12 thoughts on “And Now For Your Entertainment – Stella!!

  1. This is great, Carrie! Stella is so funny. I loved your laugh most of all! Because this is all still fresh for me, when something makes me laugh, it surprises me. I feel so thankful I can still laugh. Big hugs!

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    1. Jen, I never thought i would have a light heart again, years ago if I laughed it sounded forced, it felt forced because my heart was so heavy. I don’t even realize now when I laugh, it comes so naturally again. it will for you also, just give it time. i am glad you enjoyed the little snippet of my life, even with my terrible video skills. I was so afraid I was going to drop my phone in the river!
      hugs back at ya!


  2. carrie was just about to turn in its half two here in the morning but saw your post come in how lovely to see how beautiful its looks where you are to have a river with geese right outside and stella made me smile shes so lovely i dont have scenery like you have very built up here what a lovely post thankyou carrie im so pleased you seem happier i hope all goes well even though i dont sleep i will lie down with a smile tonight have had run ins with narc few days ago traumatic will vent when i can but for now will have lovely image of stella popping her head out a delight xxx


    1. Kim, I am sorry you are not sleeping and had a run in with the ex. When you feel ready we are here to listen to you vent. Remember, he is only doing it to get a reaction, whatever it is. you are so far above him and that is why he feels the need to bring you down.
      Hope you got some sleep and so glad you got some enjoyment out of Stella, I am truly blessed, I wish I could have every single one of the people on here for a big boat party. maybe if i win the lotto. LOL


      1. thankyou for your kind words they keep me going im trying to lower my dose of sleeping pills so hard but im trying you give me encouragment and i feel not so alone up and down lately but we are all like that your boat looks so shiny and well kept i can imagine us all having a party a lovely thought xxx


  3. It looks so beautiful there Carrie! And Jen was right, it was great to hear you laugh. We have to believe everything will be okay don’t we? What choice do we have really? We only have this one life. You have touched so many people and I’m sure will continue to touch many more. I don’t know why some have more hardships than others. I do know that the women who come on her do so because they know they can count on you to lead the way. You are a natural leader. You have a way of explaining situations that make them seem less difficult and more manageable. I appreciate all you do. What a lovely morning and moment you shared with us. I needed a good laugh and smile today.


    1. heyeldi, thank you, and it feels good to be able to laugh. i do it a lot, I always used to, then I stopped, it feels good to have it be so natural that i didn’t even notice I was laughing or that it was anything noteworthy. Yes, we do have to believe it will be ok, life is too short to spend what time we have worrying about things out of our control. There is always something in the day that makes me stop and thank God i am alive. Things i used to take for granted.
      I am glad you got a laugh and a smile to start your day.
      now here’s a hug 🙂


  4. How lovely Carrie… What a joy to watch you feeding the geese and to actually hear your voice.. But Stella DID steal the show ! 🙂 Beautiful nature there.. Thank you for posting this..


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