Mind Your Words: Nerves, Anxiety, and Panic Are NOT the Same Thing **Trigger Warning**

Picking Up the Pieces

>>> For those of you who struggle with anxiety, panic, and PTSD please be mindful of the possibility you may be triggered by this post <<<

Since I began speaking out about the abuse I endured and, in particular, the way the trauma has negatively impacted, hindered, and halted certain areas of my life, I have become increasingly aware of how often those engaged in conversation with me invalidate and minimize the struggles I go through with anxiety and panic disorders simply by erroneously using a word of lesser urgency in place of the one they should be using.  With many people, I suspect that their tendency to do so is innocent due to widespread misuse of words by society at large coupled with their lack of experience and their limited understanding of anxiety and panic disorders because they are fortunate enough to not be afflicted with them.  There are…

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2 thoughts on “Mind Your Words: Nerves, Anxiety, and Panic Are NOT the Same Thing **Trigger Warning**

  1. Cita

    My comment is more of a question, I had to finally get my narcissist out he made me think I was nuts. I lost my job I was paying all the bills I used my credit card to start our roofing corp. it was going well but our verbal agreement went south the corp. never seemed to have money to contribute to the house, the first time he slapped me I told him” don’t ever hit me again”! “A MF gotta sleep and I know you need your left hand. It was I asked for money. So he really tried to break my ego by downing me never buying me any flowers but buying himself Moyer cycle stuff and lied that spinners paid for it, well I got the bill he went on a hay day top of the line. Now I lent him 35,000 to start this corp. with the promise to buy a new air conditioner it broke ” nope” got new $500. Tire tho. On and on so I asked for house money again and we went at it, lucky I am a black belt and could protect myself well! Now that I’m out of the fog I had decided not to go to the domestic charged I have on him, buty 17 year old daughter said mom you have to, I said I was never afraid of him she said so what no man should ever strike a woman just for asking for bill money. So I thought about it, I’ve decided to go but my twist is, I was not afraid of him but the threats he made ony kids and grandchild that’s why I didn’t call cops, I always thought domestic violence was you got the crap beat out of you ended up in hospital or dead. So I see it is a large area so I will be going in as kind of like a advocate not being beat but threats, pushes , grabbing slapping and let the judge know that is unacceptable especially without provoking someone who made many promises. This is why men get away with that type of behavior and then one day it snowballs and you wish you acted along time ago. I hope the judge see how true this is we women do not need to be man handeled ever not for one second. What do you think?


  2. Ellebelle2015

    I was really triggered by this post. I didn’t read it to the end. I wonder how long will it take to not think and speak of everything? Daily there are moments what make me recognize an event I have endured. He was not physically abusive, but the words did enough. Every day I think about what he said two years ago to me on his mothers birthday, so I won’t forget it at all. He said after 31 years being together, that he stayed because he had pity with me and I cost him a lot of money. That was the day I realized I have to go. Not because I hate him or didn’t love him at that time, but to safe myself from someone who could say such words. Later on I confronted him with these words, but he didn’t remember a thing. How is that possible? He also said, I always twisted words around??
    He said it on his mothers birthday and two weeks later she died. Karma? I don’t know, but that is why I never would harm or insult another person. Because I believe that you will always be punished , because of what you do or say. X



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