You Need To Know This For Your Safety

spying on youI was surprised at what I found today on the internet, I don’t know why I was surprised because with how fast technology advances, I had a pretty good idea but I think I was hoping I was wrong.

In the 15 years since I met James technology has made huge advances, My goodness, when I met James sending a photo over the web was still relatively new. When did Facebook start? 2005? text messaging? wasn’t that long ago, cell phones that can take pics and movies,GPS, all of that has been in the last 15 years.

Even though I know James had a tracking device on my work truck, I found the hidden camera, and I know he hacked into my cell after we split I still find it hard to believe he would use a drone to track me or to make my life hell.

I have no idea if the drone sitting outside my window the day of the interview had anything to do with James and I have been thinking I was being paranoid. BUT, the night of the interview my computer started acting up, Skype would not work and it kept saying to download it but it would never let me use it, ask Eddie, we tried for a good amount of time. Then we tried Facebook video chat and my computer wouldn’t let me do it so he tried and it never did come through my laptop, but I have Facebook on my cell phone so my phone rang and we were able to do the interview.

Since that night my laptop has had programs on it I never downloaded, I can not delete Skype, and when I went in to print copies of all my work for my education funding, it is gone. I have gone through my laptop from stem to stern and it is all missing. First off the folder labelled “funding” was empty but I searched through every folder looking for it. nada.

My laptop has been painfully slow and like I said a bunch of programs I never downloaded have appeared. I tried to do a recovery on it and it won’t let me, but I have managed to delete some of the programs, and finally last night got rid of Skype for the last time I hope.

laptop spySo, seeing as this all started happening the day the drone was outside my window I decided to look on the internet and Googled, “Can a drone hack into my PC” What came up sent a chill down my spine. I had no idea it was so easy and so cheap!! One site even gives “spying on your girlfriend” as an example of what you can do with it.

For between $300-$600 anyone can have a drone equipped with the technology to hack into your PC and have total access to everything!! I only went into 3 sites, the last one was a DIY site where they teach you how to build your own drone and what you need to equip it with spy wear. The really scary part is that so far it is totally undetectable.

James is without a doubt techie enough to build it and it would be something he would be totally into. When we were together he always had a remote something, whether it was a car, plane, helicopter and I certainly know from experience that he is into spying.

It could all be a coincidence, but the technology is out there and everyone needs to be aware of how easy it is. Technology can be a good thing, but in the wrong hands it can be deadly and for sure in the hands of a narcissist, it is damn scary.

DIY spyware

Drones can hack into computers


30 thoughts on “You Need To Know This For Your Safety

  1. Boot from a installation disc so & run the OS off the CD?DVD drive & RAMM then wipe hard drive clean with the 7 times pass thing, then reinstall the OS.

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    1. Eric, thank you. Yes that is the next step, to reboot from the installation disc. I had hoped to avoid that because I didn’t want to lose all my info and I was hoping I was just paranoid.
      Thanks for the info


      1. I don’t think you’re paranoid at all: he likes to spy on people (especially you), he is vindictive, he was deeply into remote control planes and such, he’s into computers. It all fits.


  2. Bloody hell! And today I’d been thinking it would be nice to meet a man and be in a relationship again. Nope far too risky these days. Slapped myself round the head and threw that thought out. My girlfriend has just gone through hell with a nutter (I’ve got her reading your blog) and he was trying to hack into her email address, she showed me all printed out attempts. Why are there so many fucked up men around these days? Has it always been like this?

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    1. deeinz, I don’t know if there are more, it sure seems like it. But for one thing technology makes it easier for them to find us and us them and for them to spy etc. I used to have a g/f that was involved with a guy I now suspect was a narcissist. This was before all this internet stuff but one night he climbed up a blackberry covered hillside in order to spy on her. Now it is so much easier! It used to be someone would be hiding behind a tree with binoculars and now they have drones. Scary! Whereas James would sit outside my house or follow me in his truck now he can fly a drone.
      I think too that more victims are speaking out and so the more the word gets out the more victims are going “Hey! I am not crazy, that happened to me too.” I look back and I can see that i dated narcs before but i always dumped them before I got too involved. James got me at a vulnerable time of my life and once they get their grip on you it is hard to break away.
      I think you might feel differently once you have had more time to heal. I would hate to see you stop dating if that is what you want, i do believe there are good guys out there and i do believe in love.
      I do agree it is pretty scary though.


      1. The funny thing is, it’s not me who has been badly treated or abused. I’ve spent the last 13 years meeting ‘possibles’ via internet dating sites and rarely have things progressed past the initial meet and greet. Here in NZ (but probably the world over) men expect you to sleep with them on the first or second meeting. NZ men have no concept of ‘dating’ as it’s known in America/Canada. After two of my girlfriends having had lucky escapes (as in not getting physically hit or financially ripped off etc) from guys who pretended to be nice, I’ve come to the sad conclusion it’s just not worth the effort. 13 years of effort in trying to meet someone nice, who you click with and have chemistry with has drawn a big fat blank. I think now I’ve just come to a realistic assessment of the reality of the situation. 🙂


      2. deeinnz, I forgot, it is your mother that is the narc, my apologies! It is scary, this dating thing. just at the time i met James i had decided I was going to stay single, for a while anyway. The guys I was meeting were just, well, losers and I never dated just for the sake of having a date or having dinner bought for me. If I didn’t connect with a man on the first date I didn’t see them again and I was meeting guys that had nothing to offer and just wanted to get laid or move in. It is the same here in Canada, they figure if you haven’t slept with them by the 3rd date there is something wrong with you. I was on Plenty of Fish and have just gone on the Chat Forums to see what people are saying and it amazes me how many women move a guy in after a couple of dates and sleep with them on the first or second date.
        I remember years ago I was dating a guy (I mean years ago, I was in my early 20’s), I think it was our 3rd date and we had met at a local lounge for drinks after work. We had ordered appetizers and drinks and he came right out and said, “Look I have taken you on 3 dates and I want to know if you are going to come across or not.”
        I said, “if that is all you are concerned about then you’ve got the wrong girl.” and i walked out and left him sitting there,
        I went in a couple of weeks later and went to order drinks and the waitress asked if I was going to clear up my tab. I knew I didn’t have a tab rung up and she said, “It was the night that you said, “You’ve got the wrong girl and walked out, the guy said the tab was on you.” What an asshole!
        I read James’s blog after we split and he was talking about the women he was meeting off of plenty of fish and where ever. They were buying him dinner and sleeping with him right away and the one he is with now moved him in within 6 weeks of meeting him. In his blog he talked about Peg being the last woman he would ever love (a married woman he was screwing, who bought him dinner and then went home with him) and 3 weeks later i caught him at peg’s house after going out with me the night before and telling me he loved me. he went straight from peg’s to marisa’s and that is where he stayed. no doubt telling her she was the last woman he was ever going to love. Within 6 weeks she had lent him almost $20,000. I do feel sorry for her, sort of, but i also can’t help but think, ‘What were you thinking lady?”
        But men now expect that because so many women do it!

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        1. No need to apologise Carrie, re yes it is my mother who is the Narc, you speak to hundreds of people so I don’t expect you to remember my personal details. I know we are now off the topic but I wonder why women the world over do this….. let men get away with such shit, sleep with men on the first date etc (and then wonder why he didn’t call) . Despite all the advances in society etc I wonder if women are still seen as ‘less than’ if they do not have a man. And that is why women do this stuff in the hope of getting a man?

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    1. Threekids, from what I read, no there isn’t, because it is all so new and there is no way to detect it either. The only way you know is if you see the drone and your computer starts acting up, but anti virus app won’t detect it, nothing shows up.

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  3. Yikes! I too had issues with skype “taking over my computer” and showing up when I didn’t have it pulled up. Honestly, what many would consider crazy doesn’t sound so crazy to me anymore. Even when I’m not hearing from him in some way, I know he is there and I know as long as I don’t give him a reaction and keep living my life happily without him, he will continue to escalate his attempts. It’s a nightmare and as deeinnz said, it isn’t even worth the risk starting a relationship. Look how long James has been messing with you! I don’t anticipate mine leaving me alone anytime soon either, all because we chose to love the wrong person! I know I don’t have to tell you this, but be safe and be aware! ❤

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    1. Jen, like I said, it could all be coincidence, Eddie said he has trouble with Skype also, so it probably is just Skype. That is what i was hoping to find when i Googled it. I really didn’t think just anyone could afford or be able to have a drone that could do that, when I found out how easy it is I thought I had better let everyone know.
      I am being safe thank you. I am painfully aware unfortunately. I have never been so aware of my surroundings in my life. It is kinda sad in a way but it has become such a part of my life i don’t even notice I am doing it 1/2 the time. like walking with Stella, I am aware of every person we pass on the path, every car that pulls up and parks close to where we are walking. Any unusual noises, that sort of thing, not just for James but for any kind of danger. i have become very vigilant, but in the past I was not near cautious enough or security conscience. I never locked my doors ever my mom would get so angry with me that I would go to bed with all my windows wide open and my doors unlocked. I am much better now. Lock the car when i drive at night and stuff.,
      Thanks for your concern but I am fine, not too worried about it really. Aside from being a pain in the ass and an annoyance, I am not too worried about James, he is really starting to become a joke in my mind and if it is him, he is really showing what a nutcase he is.


  4. All this is scarey, but no surprise here. I’ve cruised the net, and there are sites that will download problems to your computer without your knowledge or permission. Computers even under the best of circumstances, can get all mucked up. Registries get corrupted…all kinds of things even without anyone doing anything to them!

    I’ve had programs installed that I seemingly couldn’t delete. But Aha! I’ve gotten where I’ll try the usual..first a scan by Glary Utilities especially if the computer suddenly starts running slow. I’ll check installed programs in the control panel for anything unusual, browser extensions for anything unwanted. I’ll Google an offending program to see how it’s generally removed.

    I’ll also go in Windows Explorer looking for the despised program…Recently as as an example – Internet Explorer got some nasty adware called something like TopChoice…then I found out why it was so hard to delete which I couldn’t see in the list of installed programs! So where was it?

    In that Win Explorer, in the root tree…it was installed in the folder as something like Top$$Choice or Top%%%Choice! Easy as pie to delete! I’ve become a pretty good program detective!

    Take care everybody!


  5. Carie–the instant I read about the drone when you first mentioned it, I immediately thought James had to be behind it. I am not techie at all, but do you have the camera lens on your laptop covered? I know that you can be hacked and watched through it. Creeps me OUT! I am so sorry to hear of your troubles in this regard, it has to weigh heavily on your mind…..
    Stay safe! ~~P from Texas

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    1. Hesatthecurb, I don’t have a camera on my laptop, I have a separate one that i have to attach so no fears there, but you are right, they can watch you through your camera if you have one. (My laptop is just too old) They can do it through your cell phone also.
      Thanks P, big hugs


  6. Perhaps the first thing you can try is to fully update your antivirus software and other security programs, then run a full antivirus scan to possibly detect and remove any unwanted elements that a hacker may have used in gaining access to your computer. You can also consider to reformat your system if that would not be so much of an inconvenience.


    1. Only Me, done, done and done. I tried to reformat my laptop to a previous backup but it won'[t allow it. My only option now is to wipe it clean and reboot it. Which I have done before and i always end up losing data because I am afraid the files are infected so I don’t want to open them once I have cleared my computer.
      I have a reboot disc if I decide to do it.

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      1. Well Carrie, it may surprise you, but I have never reformatted either of my computers. I do use a good anti-virus program, but I always check my programs in the control panel, and possibly my browsers extensions of the machine is acting squirrely. That’s usually where I find those nasty bugger programs that can drive your computer nuts. If I can’t delete properly, sometimes like the browser an tell me where on my hard drive the program is located, and I bring up Windows Explorer and delete it from the root tree structure. It’s not always easy, Seems like the hackers always are keeping me on my toes! So far, so good! P.S. I would have loved to see that drone! Sounds fascinating! Hugs to you!


  7. I can vouch for what Carrie is describing in terms of how her computer was acting up when it came to pretty basic stuff like FB and Skype. Skype is always a LITTLE dodgy at first, but this was more trouble than I’d ever seen with it. Before reading her blog? Before talking with her? I’d have said she was crazy. Now? Shit, I’m going to double check my own network security when I get home!


    1. Eddie, did you check out the links below? scary crap! I had no idea people could do that so easily. I was afraid to say anything because I thought I was crazy but now I am thinking, shit! it was strange that night how nothing worked and you came through on my phone.
      I am glad I have a witness, that it wasn’t just all in my head.
      It was just really strange also that the drone was outside my window 5 minutes before you were to call me over Skype and you couldn’t get through so that is why you contacted me through FB and as far as i knew I was signed into Skype and ready to go. very suspicious.

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      1. After being stalked via my Skype account by my local friendly narcissist, amongst other things, I can well believe it. I call it “informed”, not paranoid. 🙂


        1. Sharyn, exactly! When I told my mom she was going to say don’t be paranoid and she caught herself. Me doubting myself, being afraid of sounding paranoid and doubting myself almost got me killed and I am positive it is what gets most domestic abuse victims killed. I am sure most domestic homicide victims had a “feeling” but told themselves they were being paranoid, and there is no second chance for them. A person can’t live in fear but they can live aware and like you said informed.

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          1. Thank you for writing this article. You’re not being Paranoid but you’re being alert and wise to these deceitful narcissistic monsters craftiness. Nothing never surprises me with these narcissistic sickos. I’ve had to go No contact with them in my family and I will never speak with them again, so I already know they’ve been trying to spy on me as well as using their hovering tactics. As a friend of mine used to say ” being paranoid keeps you alive.” If watching out for myself and not putting anything past these narcissists is called being paranoid then so be it. Keep the good work and God bless! 🙂


  8. After being involved with a narcissist and/or sociopath, people think we’re crazy for the level of paranoia we live with. With the first one, I had my car tampered with, phone tapped, mail stolen, house searched …….then with the last one (and I do mean the LAST one), he knew where I was and I had no idea how he knew. He would insist that I use his computer (I had my own!) and I never could figure out why…….was there a way to know what I was typing? So I used mine. He knew instantly when I joined a support group online and sent me (INSTANTLY) a furious letter about how I was slandering him at that moment. AT THAT MOMENT. Coincidence? They will stop at nothing to keep control and know what their targets are doing at all times. I even took my GPS, which he took weeks to “program” for me (later found out it takes like 20 minutes) to make sure he hadn’t put tracking devices on it. It sucks to live this way but once you’ve dealt with such a massive invasion of privacy (and scary!) I don’t think you’re ever the same again.

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    1. Olivia Rose, you have experienced it so you know exactly what it is like, thanks for sharing your experiences. I used to wonder why James never got home before me, ever. I would go home and leave right away and drive around for hours trying to get home after him. But it never happened, even his sister thought it was strange that we always were home before him. I could set my clock, within 15 minutes of me getting home he would pull in. I thought he was following me but i never saw him but i think he had a tracking device on my truck. Well one was found on my truck so i know it.
      He had insisted on putting a new radio in my truck. it looked exactly like the one I had in my truck and it worked I couldn’t figure out why he wanted me to have this other radio. he was insisting so i thought “why not, just let him” so he put it in and from that day forward the heater never worked. But he never worried about fixing that and the radio was no better then the one i had. But his sister and i were driving one day and heard a voice (like a man answering the phone and talking to someone) come out of the glove box (or so it seemed to be the glove box) even my dog kato cocked his head and was looking at the dashboard. Her and i looked at each other and she started pulling stuff out of the glove box, she looked every where, we looked under the hood and we never found anything but we heard that voice, if I would have been alone I would have thought it was in my head but 2 of us and the dog?
      He had a GPS in his car and at the same time his GpS stopped working and he said someone stole parts off it. Why wouldn’t they steal the whole thing? that didn’t make any sense. I think he had something planted in my truck either to listen to us or track us.

      it sounds crazy but we are dealing with crazy people, of course it sounds crazy!!

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  9. Carrie,

    Thank the Lord in heaven you and Stella got out alive! I thank the Lord everyday for his blessings.
    I was not sure I would get out of the relationship alive, but I did!
    I never ever feared a man like that in the past. They are crazy!
    Its nice not to live in fear anymore, its a blessing after being terrorized by such an awful man.
    I live my life in peace as you do, but I’m still wary he may rear his ugly head, if he does I will have him arrested.
    Our peace was well won! We have that now because he will never know what its like to be whole, and good!
    God Bless E.

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