Grrrrrrrr!! Duck!! I Am Pissed!!

I am beside myself right now, SO upset and frustrated. My laptop is giving me major problems, it has progressively gotten worse since the night I saw the drone. Coincidence? I like to think that it is a bizarre combination of events that really have nothing to do with each other. But whatever it is, it is really starting to piss me off.

I have lost the sound on my laptop now and that is really important to me because I use it to watch youtube videos at night before I go to bed just to relax. I could just cry. It seems dumb to cry over not having youtube but I don’t have Cablevision, nor a stereo so I rely on my laptop for everything, music, movies, and all the regular stuff.

Plus my phone got disconnected yesterday, I owe a small fortune, i have tried and tried to get my bill reduced because I pay $100 a month and don’t use near what I am paying for, but I signed a contract when I was self employed for 3 years and it was my business phone. The contract runs out the first week of July so I can reduce my services at that time. I have  been keeping them happy appeased up until now by paying what I could but now I owe like $300 and they cut me off. it is not a big deal really, except if one of the jobs I applied for calls or there is an emergency. Otherwise I can just email the people I need to talk to. I am actually surprised I hung on as long as I did and I have the people here to thank for that because most of the payments I made were with donations. So Thank you all who have been so kind to donate.

FYI, I am hesitant to say anything because I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I feel you should know how much I received last week when a bunch of ladies decided to try to buy the boat for me and asked everyone to donate $20. In theory if every follower would have donated $20, it would have been enough but I got $110 in total. Now, $110 is a lot of money to me and $70 of it went right onto my cell phone bill and the rest went for groceries. I just don’t want people to be thinking I got thousands of dollars and didn’t pay my cell bill.  I am in no way looking for donations, or trying to guilt anyone!! please!! do not send money. I just wanted to make sure no one was assuming anything that wasn’t true. I am very grateful for what i did receive.

Now I am going to get off of here and try to figure out how to get my sound back. I was going to reboot my laptop, I had the download disc and I was just going to reboot the dang thing but, as luck would have it, I can not find the disc anywhere. I must have put it some where when I moved and I have no idea where. SO frustrating!! poor stella is keeping her distance tonight.


10 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrr!! Duck!! I Am Pissed!!

  1. Honey, what it comes down to, is you’ve likely got some software problems..So the question is, which one is it? The problem is likely simple and easy to fix. First off check your your flash player program. I would need to know your system set-up to narrow it down. Check your plug-ins, esp. if you use Chrome.

    I wish I was there to go over it with you. I understand your frustration. I wouldn’t assume the worst just yet. Computer errors in programing can happen all the time, and bugger up their performance without any rhyme or reason! They are electronic beasts that are actually quite stupid! Logically, they only know if they are OFF or ON! Good luck!


  2. PS, To illustrate how ridiculous it can be, You might also check your sound settings…see if it has been muted, or set on low (flash player can do this!). Check out the little stuff first! Take care.


  3. carrie i understand your frustrations i listen to u tube everynight sometimes all night music is therapeutical i find my computer is very slow have to restart a lot or it gets stuck and have to switch off on the side i know your not supposed to do that but thats all that works i hope the narc isnt involved but they do hang about plotting things mine kept texting today saying lets go out after days of abuse now he is playing the friendly card im trying not to reply sorry to digress carrie i do hope you are able to resolve things soon wish you luck just wanted to mention thankyou for your invaluable advice for me i really appreciate it ive been a mess lately and you brought me back to reality good luck with everything xxx


    1. Hi Kim you are doing great by not responding to the narc. You do understand that no contact is the only way to deal with the situation. You also know it will happen again and again and again and so on…sick pos


      1. thankyou karen for your encouragment i agree its the only way no contact when i dont here from him my sanity starts to return wish they would stay away i keep thinking well he has a personality disorder i have to start thinking about my own life and remind myself he did leave me they are like a boomerang never mind back to no contact x


  4. oh, lovely computers….outdated the minute after you purchase them….and slowly break down shortly after….kinda like a vehicle when the warranty runs out. id advise a hammer to fix it, but like I do, you need it. I hope you find a way to keep it going,,,,,hang in there Carrie. when it rains it pours…but a rainbow is sure to follow xxoo


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