The Reality Of The Situation

It is terribly hard for anyone to admit they made a mistake, especially one that adversely affects the rest of their life. But hanging on to an abusive relationship because you can’t or won’t face the harsh truth is only going to see you further and deeper into a pit you can’t escape.

Someone commented recently that they need to have their suspicions proven and then they will be able to walk away from their cheating abusive partner.
That day never comes, the day you are able to just walk away with no self doubt; because the narcissist will never admit he did anything wrong. It will always be your fault, even if you catch him in bed doing the nasty; it will be your fault because you were gone to work and he was all alone and bored. If you paid more attention to him he would not be forced to seek out other women and if you weren’t so suspicious he wouldn’t want to screw around. You gave him the idea, accusing him made him think he might as well seeing as you thought he already was.

And the whole time he is twisting the facts you are slipping further away from who you are. Every time you forgive and start fresh is another notch in his belt, another “win” for him, another challenge. He got away with that; what else can he get away with?

Most of the women who come in here are younger than me, you may feel your have invested too much time to walk away now. You may be thinking, “I have nothing to lose by sticking it out for a while longer”. Believe me; you have no idea exactly how much you have to lose, and by the time you do………its too late.

39 thoughts on “The Reality Of The Situation

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