What I Learned Today From A Grade-Six Kid

I did not know this and it’s one of those things that could come in handy some day.

Dawn and I have started going to elementary schools.

Professionals have been coming to high schools for years in order to scare the crap out of kids with stories of reefer madness and meth-mouth. A part of my life is consumed with crack pipes and Fentanyl overdoses and I get to be the one who now is commissioned to inflict that on your kids. If you read here often you can imagine how that went down. This was not your mother’s “Don’t do drugs!” and we never mentioned “just say no”. I live in the real world.

It is only in this year, 2015, that the world around here is waking up to the sick reality that drug and alcohol education, as well as impulse control in general, needs to be taught to kids in Grade 6 and 7. Unfortunately they really need to be taught in Grade 4 but we’ll get there…

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1 thought on “What I Learned Today From A Grade-Six Kid

  1. Rosi

    Ciao Carrie,
    Thank you for your post. I was curious to know if in my country you can call the emergency nr and ask for help ordering a pizza. So I searched the web and found out that actually it was the brilliant idea of a woman in severe danger because of her partner. So She faked a pizza order calling 911 and thanks to a very sensitive agent she escaped from her abuser.
    I guess after the news of the event has been spread by medias maybe now it will be easier for people in need of help who can’t talk freely on the phone about what’s going on to be understood. But there is no such a previous agreed code emergency operators are trained with, guess that’s why none of us could be given that info, as far as I know this info does not exist. Nonetheless it is a hugely useful information for all that could help when needed (but I do hope there will never be a need for it)
    Thank you for posting.
    Hugs. Ciao



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