A New Resource For You All

Someone commented on one of my posts the other day and supplied a link to another website, Lucy Rising

I always like to check out any sites that someone recommends because I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that anything promoted on my website is legit. So yesterday i headed off to check out Lucy Rising and ended up being there way longer than I had planned and finally after an hour I pulled myself away; but plan on going back as soon as i have a few minutes.

lucy rising 2

This website is only a few weeks old, created by a fellow victim of a narcissist who, like me; wants to save other victims from the devastation inflicted by a narcissist by sharing what she experienced, learned through the whole experience and what worked for her.

It is one of the few sites I have found that shares from a very personal level, she is not just telling victims what they need to do to heal, she shares her experiences along with it; making it so much more personal and not just a clinical lecture. Clinical is great but without the personal sharing it is easy to think it doesn’t apply to you, she has walked the walk and now she is talking and well worth listening to.

Diane, (I hope she doesn’t mind me using her real name) has put together an easy to follow, step by step program of healing that impressed my socks off. She divides the journey into modules, each one contains; part of a fictional story about a woman escaping Dracula, part of her story with her father and part of her story with her husband, and what she did to heal at that point,  She offers meditations, suggests reading materials and other resources and best of all; it is all free.

I was SO impressed I had to share! Those of you who have spent any time here know I do not recommend sites often but this one is a site everyone can get something from no matter where you are in your journey.

I encourage you all to drop by her site, have a read, bookmark it, and show your support for the massive effort she has put into helping other victims.

I give her a standing ovation!! We need to push this site to the top of the Google search page.

Lucy Rising, check it out and tell her I sent you.

5 thoughts on “A New Resource For You All

  1. Alice

    I found her site too, at the beginning of this week, and totally agree with you that it is an excellent blog! Thanks for recommending it:-)


  2. hopeful@41

    This is just what I need right now to rebuild myself. I’m broken, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually! I keep trying to cut him out my life with no contact and he keeps popping up to devalue me some more. I get so angry at myself for still loving him, for still allowing him to hurt me. When will I ever learn? I don’t even like him as a person. I know he lacks the ability to meet my needs, Christ he doesn’t even pretend that he want’s to – except to his audience. I know the next part will be him flaunting a new “perfect partner, who understands him and is there for him”. When I read, “He never makes choices that put your needs above his own.” it really hit home. That one small sentence sums him up. Every situation is about him, and how unreasonable I am.

    I’ve spent too long focusing on him and trying to meet his needs, at my own expense, and the expense of my family and friends. I am unemployed now as I am emotionally a wreck and unable to work and I will be going bankrupt soon due to the experience of this encounter (I can’t call it a relationship as there was never any real relating to one another).

    So I am looking forward to ending this torture once and for all, to regain my sanity, my dignity and my self-esteem. I had all 3 when I met him. The link appears very practical, and I intend to use it to focus on ME for a change. Thanks Carrie


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Hopeful You are thinking right, you know the truth and from the sounds of it have accepted it. Now you just have to not let your mind play tricks on you and lie to you. your mind is programed to respond to him, he has basically brainwashed you and now you go back even when you don’t want to and know you shouldn’t. That is why no contact is so important especially until your retrain your brain.
      It really is all about changing your thought patterns. I think the step by step approach Lucy rising uses will be helpful.
      I am always here when you need to vent. You are well on your way, baby steps, look forward, not back and be kind to yourself!



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