Love – Narcissist Style

Yep! The girl nailed it! Only someone who has ever been “loved” by a narcissist could know it so well.

An Upturned Soul

Those who love me, follow me…

My father used to say that all the time… but what did he mean by it?

What he meant was that you – whoever you were, his wife, his child, his brother, sister, parent, colleague, friend, mistress (he had a lot of those), etc,  – were supposed to love him no matter what he said, did, didn’t say, didn’t do. Your love was required by his law to be unconditional. He on the other hand could only love you on condition… on endless conditions. The first in the long list of which was that you had to love him unconditionally.


Confusion is the least of your problems with a narcissist, but sometimes seems like most of them are made of it.

Love is confusing…

especially when it involves a narcissist…

especially when the narcissist has decided that they love you… and that you…

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4 Replies to “Love – Narcissist Style”

  1. The narcissist will do everything to make you leave and then say you left them. They will proclaim undying love for you but behave as your worst enemy. Out of the mouths of these men will be anything to keep you believing. Mine had a daughter behind my back and asked if we were to marry would you except her as your own? Meanwhile he stressed me out do badly during my pregnancy I miscarried. He is now probably driving this woman crazy and I am so glad he found new supply. Meanwhile I finally see him for the IDiot he truly is.


  2. carrie as soon as i saw your post tonight i had to respond when we were together he always said i will not leave you under certain conditions that i should dress for him look after the house and look after him make him happy agree with him not argue i was told if i did these things he would look after me and keep a roof over my head thats all i had to do he said it was a deal that we had you have helped me remember what unbelievable controlling things he said i went along with it i wouldnt now i was scared and he knew it countless times i was given conditions he used the word all the time thankyou carrie for reminding me what a controlling idiot he was and is another phrase was on one condition he was full of conditions needed to be reminded of this today i was thinking too much of the good times xxx


  3. I think I finally understand it.
    I am wrong, he is right
    I am psycho, he is normal
    I am unappreciative, he is giving
    bad things come to those that deserve them and he is happy to oblige
    I needed a lesson, he is the teacher
    I needed to be punished he was happy to apply it
    I trusted so he lied to me
    I had faith and he destroyed me
    I had no value so he didnt want me
    I left and now I am sorely missed
    I live. I am saved. I am still breathing
    I will be better than he ever was. he made me that way
    What poetic justice


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