Children See Children Do (1:00)

We all have a responsibility for the children of the world, whether we birthed them or not.


2 thoughts on “Children See Children Do (1:00)

  1. I was married for 27 years to a narcissist . I finally got the courage to leave for good when my youngest was 15. We moved out of state. Then before I could breath I was loved bombed by a family member when I first came to the new state I tried to just stay friends but he was very convincing . Made me feel like a princess. Like I mattered boy what a night mare worse than my ex he has hurt me physically especially emotionally. The sad thing my daughter has seen it all. I have cut ties with him and has threatened to “get me back” because I have done him wrong. I am worried I live in a small town he has done a number on my family here my oldest daughter will not talk to me because of him.

    He uses my trust issues because of my ex and says I am a pscho crazy. The gaslighting you talk about WOW! That sent chills up my spine. I have had enough but I am scared and worried about what he might do. It might just him trying to scare me or for real . Right now he left for a vacation with a ex he was with 10 years and his kids that he says they are sleeping in the same bed but not doing anything… Ok yea. I could go on and on but I think you understand.

    Thank you for your blog..

    Over done and too soon


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