WORKSHOP – 10 Weeks to Inner Peace and Setting Boundaries


My main issues while with James and part of the reason I stayed as long as I did and the biggest things I had to deal with after I left were the inner turmoil, guilt, self doubt and not knowing how to set healthy boundaries.  Healthy boundaries can not be formed nor defended if a person is filled with self doubt and guilt.

storms inner peace

I did a lot of work trying to find inner peace and now that I have it I want to share it. I am not saying I always have inner peace about everything automatically, but I know how to attain it when those voices start telling me I am wrong or not worthy.

**That is why I am offering the 10 Weeks to Inner Peace Workshop**

A workshop taking you through the exact same steps I took in order to have inner peace no matter what is happening in my life or how people treat me. What took me almost 4 years to figure out I will pass along to you in 10 weeks.

The workshop will start August 24th 2015 and run for 10 weeks full weeks until the end of October, just in time for the holidays and the time of year we need inner peace and an ability to set boundaries.  The workshop will consist of an email per week taking you through one more step of the process,  one personal email per week if you need to discuss personal issues and a separate website/forum where you can discuss the workshop with other “classmates” and where I will be available “live” for 2 hours a day (an hour in the morning and an hour at night in order to hopefully cover the various time differences) to answer your questions. The forum will be available 24/7 but I will only be live for 2 hours guaranteed, I might be there more.

If you are like me you have read other self help books or watched webinars and sure they were great while you were reading or watching and for a week or two afterwards but in a short time I was back to my old ways again. We are creatures of habit and you can’t change a life long habit in 10 weeks so the workshop may end after 10 weeks but the support and the forum will be available for a full 42 weeks after, giving you a full year of support and advice while you change beliefs about yourself that you have held a lifetime.

This is my first workshop so it will be pretty bare bones, without fancy graphics, one time offers, or free gifts; just good solid advice that has worked for me and I am sure will work for you in language you can understand with support to keep you on track.


The cost of this workshop?

$300 total, which works out to $30/week and the support for the rest of the year is free.  or

about $5 a week (the cost of a coffee) for a year.

For those who can pay the full amount ahead there is a 15% discount of $45,

bringing the total down to $255.00

I know that is a lot of money for some people to come up with all at one time so people can pay $30/week for the 10 weeks of the workshop and get the rest of the year support for free.

The $30 must be paid in advance.

Payment can be made through the Donation button in the sidebar and

just put Inner Peace Workshop in the section for comments.

Once your money is received an introductory email will be sent to you as confirmation; it will include, the password to the support forum, the times I will be available live on the forum and when to expect your first email.

I hope you join me! I am excited about it and think we will not only grow and learn together, we’ll have fun too!

Any questions please put them down in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “WORKSHOP – 10 Weeks to Inner Peace and Setting Boundaries

  1. kim

    carrie this is a lovely idea if i can afford to i would really like to do this i need to find out if i can see if i can money is major problem for me awhile ago one of my benefit payments stopped which has been a big difference he is still paying the bills which i hate and worry about but if i cant join i wish you so much luck it sounds amazing lovely pictures of the sea so beautiful thankyou carrie xxx


      1. kim

        thankyou carrie im just so skint if i can in anyway i would love to literally borrowing from my mum and dad i feel bad because they havent got much and they need every penny my mum needs a lot of care she is disabled and my dad is nearly 80 and running himself into the ground looking after her at least he hasnt deserted my mum like the n did im diverting a bit i really wish you luck with this great idea thankyou for thinking about the price but you shouldnt have to most people hopefully are not as skint as me not sure i can afford anything right now hope it gets better i will think positive thankyou carrie and good luck it will be brilliant xxx


  2. Michael S. Osborn

    I’ve found my inner peace and joy in knowing and having a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ as He promised in John 15:11, “These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.” 🙂


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Michael, that is wonderful that you find inner peace through your faith but there are many people who are strong believers who still do not have inner peace. There is a difference between having faith in God and trusting in yourself and believing in yourself. I had a very strong faith at one point, I admit it has lessened through this whole thing with James, it kept me with him for far too long because I believed it was what God wanted (we can interpret anything to be what we want it to be) I got really good at leaving it in God’s hands but I still did not have true inner peace that comes from believing in yourself and your worth.

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      1. Michael S. Osborn

        Thank you for sharing, Carrie. Yes, a person can find inner peace in many different ways. But, I have found Jesus to be the best. I’m speaking from personal experience of course.


  3. fee

    It is worth the money carrie. If you charged 10 pound people would say they cant afford. No offense is meant but I remember when we was all trying to save your boat and 3 of us commented and took part….for 10 dollars!!!
    Maybe if you broke down the course into 4 parts. For instant 4 payments throughout the year and you stretch the course along that time…leaving time for growth and putting into practise…I don’t know…I think ur idea is wonderful, but you don’t need to lower the cost. Maybe adapt it into 4 payments. If someone doesn’t pay don’t fall soft, you have done years of voluntary work and have a wealth of knowledge on offer. Believe in yourself and your doing this to help others and keep your head above water and not one person can begrudge you that.
    Also i have said it before, you need to close your blog to open views….charge a small amount for people to read the thousands of words you have took the effort to write. Your worth a lot more than you think. Love fee x



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