Give A Narcissist A Gun and A License To Kill And What Do You Have?

bad cops

What do you have when you give a narcissist a gun and a license to kill? You have a cop, in this case a Saskatchewan cop. Sleepy little Saskatchewan, where people seldom lock their doors, you can watch your kid run away from home for 3 days, and where people move to get away from the violence of the big city.

This incident happened last summer but the video went viral a few days ago after being released by LiveLeak, you can see the video at the LiveLeak link. I must warn you that it is very hard to watch and I was appalled and in tears watching it.
The only reason I watched it the first time was because my son brought it to my attention and he was so upset. I watched it a second time to make sure I was seeing it clearly because I can not believe this cop did this.

The story as told by the RCMP

Another news article says this:

When asked Tuesday, RCMP told Global News they addressed the incident and the video last year. RCMP said Cote’s court proceedings were complete and would not confirm how the incident played out or address RCMP protocol in such situations.

RCMP said the dog was shot and killed during the arrest after the animal attacked an RCMP police service dog.

In the video you can see the dog is laying in the grass with it’s tail wagging and the police dog is the one lunging at the leash and almost out of control, it looks far from injured to me. I don’t care why the cops were there and I don’t care if the guy they arrested as the worst asshole on the face of the earth or who the woman was, the dog did not deserve to be shot in cold blood.

I am a pacifist,  I hate violence of any kind and didn’t even spank my kid, but if a cop ever did that to my dog I would lose it and they would probably have to shoot me because I would have attacked the fucking cop. Excuse my language but I beside myself with outrage that the cops have buried this for a year!! and say it is “dealt” with. In other words they got away with murder. The cop that pulled the trigger is a cold hearted bastard that shot that dog out of some desire to teach the woman screaming a lesson.

Even IF the black dog had attacked the police dog, it was on his home property and he was NOT attacking at the time he was shot.

I remember when I got pulled over in Surrey by the cops and one came to the driver’s window while the other went to the passenger window with a flashlight. Kato my dog went nuts, growling, barking, and lunging at the CLOSED door. The cop started screaming to get my dog under control as his pulled his gun and aimed it at kato through the windshield. Once again I repeat; that my dog was inside my truck, the doors were closed and the only window open was my window so I could talk to the cop. There was me and my dog in the truck, it was his job to protect me, he was only doing his job, he didn’t know a good guy from a bad guy, yet this cop was prepared to shoot my dog through the windshield. I screamed at the cop to put his gun away and I would have a lot better chance of getting my dog under control. Then my truck started to roll back and the cop started to scream at me “Don’t you ram my car! Don’t you ram my car!!” and the other cop reaches for his gun. I looked around to see who was going to ram the cops car and noticed my truck was rolling back. My dog and I almost got shot because I had forgotten to put the truck in Park because I got so flustered with the cop threatening to shoot my dog.

I wonder what the cops story would have been that night. Me and my dog both inside the truck, unarmed, truck not even running, and shot to death. I am sure they would have come up with some story and it all would have been brushed under the rug. I was a 50 year old woman with no criminal record, driving an insured vehicle, on my way home, minding my own business, pulled over in a routine road check.

I would never call the cops for anything any more, I am too afraid of being shot or losing my dog. I am afraid to get pulled over for speeding and I am petrified that my son will be pulled over because he has tattoos and that would be enough for some cop with an axe to grind to decide he wanted to teach him a lesson. Big man that he is, armed, hiding behind the fact that he is above the law because he is the law. It is all bullshit!! and the cops have to be held accountable for this kind of shit.

The fact that they are being filmed doesn’t deter them in the least because nothing ever happens to them. Is it any wonder people are fed up and starting to fight back? I am not saying it is right to kill some innocent cop sitting in his squad car, but I’m not surprised it is happening,

Who protects us from the police?

serve and protect

I want that cop to face charges and I want the police to be accountable and the citizens of the world should be just as outraged over the death of this dog as they were Cecil the lion, even more so because it was shot by a person who took a vow and gets paid to serve and protect.

6 thoughts on “Give A Narcissist A Gun and A License To Kill And What Do You Have?

  1. talesfromtheconspiratum

    What do you expect when most of these cave dwellers have at most a C level education. Police departments recruits people who are not that intelligent. They want docile, acquiescent yes-to-authority non-thinkers. And we the people suffer. The world has become too complex. We need police officers with university level education. Police departments want the dumbest, as they are easy to manipulate.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      It’s scary Lou, a bunch of 1/2 wits walking around with a loaded gun. You might as well walk into a mental institution and hand all the patients a gun. But look at the 1/2 wits running the countries! We can’t even teach our kids to go to the police if they are in danger. Even a woman being abused dare not call the police, her loving companion, her faithful protective 4 legged buddy might get shot and Lord knows the cops would take the abuser out for drinks.

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  2. kim

    oh carrie its scary in england police arent allowed to carry guns they have batons and occasionaly tazers which are used very rarely once i thought there was a burglar in the house at that time it was a big house nice area i and my daughter were alone this night we were upstairs and i could hear loud bangings and shuffling i bravely went downstairs only to the kitchen took a knife and went upstairs i was so scared for our safety i rang the police quietly from upstairs and told them to come now there is someone in the house they told me they couldnt come because they were so busy and it was probably nextdoor or something i was petrified anyway it turned out we had rats everywhere we didnt know when we moved there such a clean posh house never would have thought it they were huge biting the pipes everynight that was the noise for all the police new we might have been attacked or worse how cruel to kill the dog i havent watched it yet carrie its a scary world xxx


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Kim, don’t watch it if you are sensitive to any kind of killing or brutality. I would have never watched it if not for my son showing it to me, he was so angry about it.
      OMG I don’t know which would be worse, a burglar or rats!! I have had rats and my good God it freaked me right out!! I couldn’t sleep at night for fear they would crawl on the bed or something. Rats have become a real problem everywhere it seems. Even nice neighborhoods have them, we had a really bad infestation at the resort last year, I don’t know if you were reading last summer, I don’t think so but I had one under my couch when I came home one night and I got the neighbor to come over and he killed it. But I was paranoid for weeks!!
      Often times when you call the police here no one shows up. A few years back people called the police because they heard a woman’s screams and gun fire. They drove to the neighborhood and couldn’t see anything so they left. Two days later they get a call to come back to the same neighborhood because there was a dead man and a near dead woman in a house on the street. Someone went to check to see if they were ok because they hadn’t shown up for work and no one could reach them. The woman had laid there for 2 days slowly dying with her husband dead beside her. She did eventually die. I watched someone drive away in my car and called the police as I watched, they didn’t show up for 2 days to take my statement. never found the car.
      How do your police arrest people and deal with violent criminals if they have no guns? It must be possible. i think our cops are taught to shoot first and ask questions later, they don’t even try to resolve the situation peacefully. There was that incident at the Vancouver airport where that guy was shot and he was unarmed, didn’t know the language, his mom was waiting for him another part of the airport and he was scared and trying to get his message across but no one spoke his language and they shot him dead. There were something like 5-6 cops there and the guy had a stapler in his hand. They could have done so many other things instead of screaming at him and pointing guns. Even off duty cops get their jollies beating up people. it is disgusting. people now avoid calling the cops if there is trouble, it usally makes matters worse.


      1. kim

        carrie the rats must have been terrifying an infestation there was a huge rat in the kitchen one morning they went in our bedrooms nowonder i have insomnia now im afraid of huge spiders last night i was in panic mode didnt sleep at all i think our sensitivities are heightened when weve been through so much fight or flight im still no contact he says things to my daughter not sure what she comes home after seeing him and is very moody with me i know hes said in the past that how can anyone live with her i feel so sorry for her that she has to put up with his manipulation there is a new law here that makes domestic abuse is a crime only thing is how do you prove word against word difficult one thankyou carrie xxx



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