Law Of Attraction and Why The Narcissist Seems Immune to Karma

There you are, barely functioning, destroyed by the narcissist and it seems the target of every user/loser in the world and the narcissist is living the good life – What the hell ever happened to Karma?

dear karma

I have thought about this ever since James and I split and I recently, like this morning; had an epiphany. So bare with me, this might jump around a bit because I am so excited, my mind is jumping.

If there is a God, if there is such a thing as Karma, then why is it the victim of the narcissist seem to be left in a deep pit of bad luck and despair while the evil narcissist is being rewarded for his horrific behavior? It goes against everything we have ever been taught about life, the do unto others theory, the belief that people who do bad things have to deal with “Karma” and will pay a price, that if we lead a good honest life we will be rewarded; it all seems to be lies!! The narcissist just goes from victim to victim without ever being punished and in fact he seems to be rewarded!! Why?? How is that fair??

To top it all off the victim seems to just get more shit dumped on them, they meet another narcissist the very first time they decide to date, they have to work with narcissists, their money situation gets worse and worse, their health is bad, friends drop off. It’s hard to believe you were not to blame when it seems you are being punished in some way. Maybe the narcissist was right, maybe you ARE a bad person, because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have to deal with all this crap.


I have been studying the Law Of Attraction lately because I want answers for myself, and for you; and this is what I have deciphered.

If you believe in the laws of attraction, which I do, it’s kinda hard not to there is no much evidence proving there is something to this; it still seems unfair that the narcissist, a truly evil person; would attract all these good things to himself. Until you look at it from a logical and rational perspective. Law of attraction works from a vibrational level, they say  that in order to attract good things into your life you have to vibrate above the 500 level;

Feelings that give off high vibrations are; Love, Joy, Peace and Gratitude – all feelings we USED to feel and narcissists are attracted to people who exude those feelings because people who vibrate at a higher level tend to be more forgiving, to see the good in others, and love more deeply.

Feelings that give off low vibrations are; Shame, Guilt, Fear and Anger – the victim is left with these feelings after months, years sometimes decades of abuse and being told they are to blame, society blaming them, them blaming themselves. We are the lowest of the low by the time the narcissist is done with us.

By a show of hands; how many victims felt totally drained, like they weren’t themselves, almost dirty, a shell of the person they once were? And the narcissist basically took over their life.

show of hands

I thought so!

Are you seeing where I am going with this? It is easy to see why the victim is receiving shit because they are vibrating at the lowest with feelings of shame, guilt, fear and anger.

But how does someone as evil and conniving as a narcissist manage to vibrate at the high level emotions, they don’t even really feel love, joy or gratitude! Wait!! we are once again viewing this from our perspective, the way it should be, think about how the mind of a narcissist works

(this is strictly my own theory because to my knowledge no one else has thought of it). I know that James studied mind control, the power of the mind, meta physics of the mind, and he used to tell me that I brought on the bad things that happened with my negative thinking. I had never been accused of being a negative person but I have to admit I became that way after years with James. How does one not become negative when every time you have something special planned something happens to ruin it, you never know when your spouse is going to be home, where he is, if he is lying, and you walk on egg shells 24/7? You become negative out of self preservation! if you expect the worst you can’t be disappointed. James used to tell me all the time, if you had no expectations you wouldn’t be disappointed. So I started expecting the worst and I was never disappointed.

Whenever James and I split over the course of the first 6 years, my life got better, I was able to manifest whatever I needed (every time we split I left with nothing) all I had to do was think “I need a couch” or “I sure could use a microwave” or “I need to make $400 today” and it would happen or appear within 24 hours, consistently. So when James and I split the last time I was shocked when things didn’t fall into place like they always had. What I failed to realize was, he had come back with the sole intention of destroying me and my ability to manifest good things in my life. We had split and he saw me succeeding and hated it! (a narcissist feels that if they leave you with anything at all they have failed or are losing something because their purpose was to take everything you had of value and that may include your family, children and self esteem.)

Once the narcissist manages to sabotage your self esteem and instill self doubt you end up on the never ending cycle of negativity that leads to more negativity. See how that happens?

So that explains the victim, but what about the narcissist who is full of toxic emotions, how can he reap so many good things in his life? The keys is; just like the victim is a good person who has been taught to feel insecure and unworthy, the narcissist does not believe he is bad, he feels justified in the things he does, he does not fear anyone, nor is he ashamed, or feel guilty and even his anger he blames on someone else. The law of attraction doesn’t know if what it is attracted to is a lie or not, it responds to the vibrational level of the person. if that person is sick and has a distorted view of their value whether that distortion is good or bad, they will attract the vibration they send out to the world. Get it? The narcissist genuinely feels he deserves the best of everything, he does not doubt whether he should be given something, if he wants it he takes it whether it is given to him or not. If he loses it, he knows he will replace it, or he will manipulate someone into replacing it because he deserves it.

The narcissist is incapable of feeling guilt, shame or fear. The anger thing, well like I said he blames others for that and feels justified. But what about the high level emotions like Love, peace, joy and gratitude? isn’t the narcissist incapable of feeling love and joy? and he certainly never seemed grateful or at peace. once again if you think about it logically the narcissist thinks he is feeling love. The narcissist’s brain is wired differently than a normal person so when he meets a new victim his brain releases the same chemicals our brains do when we meet someone who we think we could love only he is excited because he sees a source of things he wants. He acts much like a person in love but what he is drawn to is the prospect of being able to suck in another prey and bleed them dry. It is intoxicating to the narcissist much like love is intoxicating to a normal person. Just like when we are falling in love we project our best selves so does the narc but his goal is to bleed us dry and ours is to prove we are worthy of his love. Once he has us hooked the thrill starts to wear off, he pulls away, we try harder, he needs new supply because we are no longer a challenge, we try harder, we become more committed to the relationship and that signals to him that he has us and so we no longer provide the ego boost he needs and he must find a new source (plus he is depleting our physical and material worth all along). When he meets a new source of supply once again those chemicals are released into his brain and he acts like he is in love but in actual fact he is energized by the thrill of the kill. He goes off sending off high level vibrations and leaves us depleted and sending off low vibrations.

law of attraction

That is why he will keep coming back, if his new source is not as strong as us and depletes quickly or we start to recover and start vibrating at a higher level again he is drawn back to us because once again we have something for him to feed off of.

The narcissist is such an anomaly that even the law of attraction is fooled by him. The narcissist is a freak, handicapped, incomplete, a screw up of nature, but has learned to adapt in the world and that is why it is so hard to make sense of what they do. They will never make sense and the rules of the world don’t apply to them, or so it seems, unless you look deeper than the obvious. That is why they can literally get away with murder, they defy all the laws of nature and “how things are supposed to work” .

I am really excited about this new perspective and I have so much more to share!.

Some victims are happy to discover what they were/are dealing with and content with blaming the narcissist and going on with life filled with anger, hurt and resentment, blaming the narcissist for the rest of their lives and wondering why, even though they know the signs of a narcissist they keep attracting them and why nothing ever seems to go right in their lives; and that is fine.

But for the victims who want to truly heal, find inner peace and joy, vibrate at a higher level and attract good things into their lives the workshop I am working on is the place to start.

I will be posting more information on it at the end of the week, so stay tuned.

110 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction and Why The Narcissist Seems Immune to Karma

  1. Gabriel Woods

    The energy etc is possible. The whole issue is simple. The narcissist is an excellent liar. A virtuoso top class lier. They lie to themselves, the law, family, freinds everybody. The lie to maintain their false selves. Without lies, deceit and manipulation they cannot exist. They are really just anger, hate and fear. If people successful pick and the shell and see nothing beneath the game is up. They know they are false so does everybody else. They will fight to prevent that. So they fool people through lying and get what they want. That is all.


  2. Gabriel Woods

    There is hope. What makes your narcissist tick? Use that. Crank up their paranoia but just use suggestions. For example saying you know someone important was talking about them. You did not hear much but it did not sound good. You will do them a favour and tell them what you know. They will thank you for the favour while they start to worry!

    They are all smokes and mirrors. Suggest anything to them that makes them anxious and let them create their own paranoid delusions!


  3. Julia gum jacobs

    After my narc/borderline lol I went through that entire list. Losing friends, meeting a new narc, working in a narc infested workplace, adrenal fatigue, blood sugar and skin issues… im still trying to climb my way out. It’s funny tho… if I pretend it’s great like a narc does that get me out of this?


    1. clulu

      to answer ur question julia it doesnt. u have to REALLY believe and have faith that u deserve good thing s for u to attract them. when we are victims of narcs and feel all this emotional pain, trauma, rejection etc. we are in a low vibration and deep down feel we deserve it and we attract the same thing. sometimes i cant STAND the fucking law of attraction! anyways….the universe knows what we truly feel and pretending and hoping to attract good things is not enough, u must TRULY believe it…believe me i been there. i was christian and thought i was talking to a personal god/jesus who would see my pain and understand that i couldnt have faith, so please jesus help me and just give me what i need! let me pray and fast to prove to jesus that i deserve good things…nope nothing happened…..because the universe works by LOA and what u feel u deserve truly deep inside. the same thing as “faith” in the bible,its the same principle. notice the bible always talks about “u gotta have faith” or u get nothing basically. its law its not personal


  4. kaye p.

    I thank all of you for sharing your knowledge and saving me a lot of time and research. Thank you for raising my vibration from hopeless to hell yeah – I got this.! I am going to be the most delusional sane person I can be. I especially like the suggestion to plant seeds to disrupt his vibration. Thanks!


  5. Edy

    I know all of this too well and I wish I didn’t. At first, I think that realizing I was an empath and/or narcissist and abuser magnet was a profoundly traumatizing experience… I felt I didn’t have any control because I unconsciously attract these sociopaths and live in great fear. I also get the feeling that they ”win” in some way cause they have sucked me dry of everything I have including money, health, security, hope. It made me feel inferior. But the thing is, after lots of reading and realization, I became aware that narcissists are profoundly injured people (it doesn’t mean that we have to let them behave that way!). I have been working on developping an healthier self-esteem and build stronger boundaries, and can see more clearly a very important thing: narcissists and sociopaths are pretty easy to spot! There are not hiddden. They are pretty obvious and akward to healthy people, even if they are great liars and actors. The catch lies more in the trauma bonding than fear of not recognizing the truth. I think that most victims of narcissitic abuse suffer from pretty severe ptsd/cptsd, and that is what is triggered when the predator-like feeling is near. A traumatic and profound fear, guilt that our authentic self doesn’t wan’t to fulfill every narcissists needs but will probably do it anyway cause we have been traumatized in doing so so long that it seems very hard to refuse. So, the hard thing to admit for me is more about how I struggle with boundaries and weekness than the real danger of meeting a narcissist. I am wondering, was I abused by so many of them because I fear them? I have been in a pretty messed up ride; family, boyfriends, neighbours, friends and then therapist, even volonteering in a charity (the main cook who won a prize for her altruitic life was a pretty destructive narcissist, took me a while to catch that)… Narcissists everywhere!


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  7. Lisa Wright

    So glad my daughter and I found your site. The person I’m married to fits it almost 100% while my daughter’s boyfriend is the definition of the word. Working on getting away from my problem n trying so hard to get her from hers.she knows what they both are she found the information, but it’s a battle with her because she can’t help who she loves so she keeps telling herself. Working on getting myself, my daughter n grandson away from 2very real monsters


  8. Lorraine

    I whole heartedly need to say thank-you so much to everyone who has ever posted about narsasisim. Unfortunately I’ve come to realize that I am living with one. But fortunately because of the sites I am also on my way to recovering. Baby steps. My narc is a pro, I’m actually a little impressed in a wow and disturbed sort of way. Now I am a pro at knowing him better than his family, friends and he even knows himself. I now know how to keep narc situations calm. I’m not proud of myself for how I have to “lie” to get through this but his “lies” have left me no choice. Thanks to all of you I have the power over him to gradually and strategically take my life back. I love the law of attraction idealization of it. It makes complete sense. It does sadden me to think that a narc can use the laws far better than a good human being. But the main difference is that a narcs found happiness is not real and for us genuine people it may take longer for it to work but when it does I know it will be a truly beautiful experience. May anyone who is in the clutches of an abusive narc relationship find these sites and start to find peace. Thank-you again and God bless!!!!


    1. narcissismathome

      Well put! Yes, I admit, I had to step back and “admire” how well my poisonous N managed to get through a life based on lies. I, too, learned how to “reverse manipulate” to better get through horrible and unfair situations. It was definitely a learning and growing experience. I’m also amazed at how similar those of us are who have fallen under the spell of an N, how similarly we think and maneuver in order to deal with our situations.


      1. Carrie Reimer Post author

        Thank you for your comment. I think a basic survival instinct kicks in. They say that survivors of narcissistic abuse suffer the same after effects as a POW or hostage survivor, thus Stockholm Syndrome, where the victim actually thinks they love their abuser.


  9. peacefulpresents

    I have wondered about this aspect of narcissism, especially since the narcissist in my life blamed me and my insecurities for all of our problems. The truth was he was to blame for choosing to abuse me in a cycle of power and control, but because I practice LOA I kept trying to go within and change my way of thinking so I could fix things.

    Before I left him, I had visualized being with an amazing partner every day for 15 minutes for weeks… so I know he is not that partner. At the time I hoped it would fix our troubled relationship. It is still very difficult to wrap my head around how he could treat me the way he did and how he fooled me and used me.

    So it seems like a delicate balance between knowing we attract based on our vibration and transforming it without taking 100% responsibility for everything bad in the relationship and only trying to fix it by our inner work.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Peacefulpresents, thanks for your comment. I agree that Laws of Attraction tend to blame the victim for their own abuse. In order to heal a person must work on themselves but after they accept there is nothing they could have done or changed within the relationship to save it. The victim of a narcissist compromises their values and standards in order to appease the narcissist in hopes of saving the relationship, not knowing there is no pleasing the narc. In the process of comprimising their principles they lose self respect and usually end up with cognitive dissonance while trying to resolve their inner conflict and consequently vibrating at a lower level. It is when we have inner peace that we are free to vibrate at a higher level. It is impossible as long as you have inner conflict.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Edy

      Yes, im doing the exact same thing. It’s hard to find balance when you take responsibility for your actions, knowing we attract what we think. So i also visualise that im with a perfect partner while im with the narcissist, along with the affirmation i have read in eckart tolles present moment: if the partner is not awake and aware, we will separate like oil and water. Often, when im saying this for a couple day, this is when he will have an intense burst of anger that hurts me and makes me be sure that i dont want to be with him at all. But weirdly, some days I just decide to make reiki treatments on our situation and on him, as an experiment. Every time, right after that we have an amazing day where he treats me like a goddess , giving me gifts, love and joy. So, im i creating this? Is the good stuff fake cause im creating it with reiki? Im i wasting my energy? Am i doing something good trying to heal him/me/our relationship or am i delusional? This is so subtle and complicated. Im happy you shared your point of view cause we don’t hear a lot about this perspective…good luck!:)


  10. Edith

    Still re-reading that post, trying to make sense of that! Loa states that gratitude helps you manifest the goodies. Every time I feel gratitude for my narcissistic parents and try to see their good sides, we share much more love and gifts. But, I also resent them a lot for many unfair things, for example they invite me to go to mexico for 2 weeks every year and talk about it to everybody, but the rest of the year I don’t have the treatments and help I need for my fibromyalgia, and health basic needs and survival. Also, they spend 40 000$ to remake their kitchen, but never paid for teeth repair I need. Then my mother would say, I want to help you with your car, it’s important for you! Then next month, I cry before them because I have to get charity assistance for food, while they talk about their next trip to vietnam, and I tell them how isolated I am, and they change subject and describe me their fabulous weekend at the brother’s cottage. How to feel gratitude when everything makes me feel angry and resentful? Thanks



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