Law Of Attraction and Why The Narcissist Seems Immune to Karma

There you are, barely functioning, destroyed by the narcissist and it seems the target of every user/loser in the world and the narcissist is living the good life – What the hell ever happened to Karma?

dear karma

I have thought about this ever since James and I split and I recently, like this morning; had an epiphany. So bare with me, this might jump around a bit because I am so excited, my mind is jumping.

If there is a God, if there is such a thing as Karma, then why is it the victim of the narcissist seem to be left in a deep pit of bad luck and despair while the evil narcissist is being rewarded for his horrific behavior? It goes against everything we have ever been taught about life, the do unto others theory, the belief that people who do bad things have to deal with “Karma” and will pay a price, that if we lead a good honest life we will be rewarded; it all seems to be lies!! The narcissist just goes from victim to victim without ever being punished and in fact he seems to be rewarded!! Why?? How is that fair??

To top it all off the victim seems to just get more shit dumped on them, they meet another narcissist the very first time they decide to date, they have to work with narcissists, their money situation gets worse and worse, their health is bad, friends drop off. It’s hard to believe you were not to blame when it seems you are being punished in some way. Maybe the narcissist was right, maybe you ARE a bad person, because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have to deal with all this crap.


I have been studying the Law Of Attraction lately because I want answers for myself, and for you; and this is what I have deciphered.

If you believe in the laws of attraction, which I do, it’s kinda hard not to there is no much evidence proving there is something to this; it still seems unfair that the narcissist, a truly evil person; would attract all these good things to himself. Until you look at it from a logical and rational perspective. Law of attraction works from a vibrational level, they say  that in order to attract good things into your life you have to vibrate above the 500 level;

Feelings that give off high vibrations are; Love, Joy, Peace and Gratitude – all feelings we USED to feel and narcissists are attracted to people who exude those feelings because people who vibrate at a higher level tend to be more forgiving, to see the good in others, and love more deeply.

Feelings that give off low vibrations are; Shame, Guilt, Fear and Anger – the victim is left with these feelings after months, years sometimes decades of abuse and being told they are to blame, society blaming them, them blaming themselves. We are the lowest of the low by the time the narcissist is done with us.

By a show of hands; how many victims felt totally drained, like they weren’t themselves, almost dirty, a shell of the person they once were? And the narcissist basically took over their life.

show of hands

I thought so!

Are you seeing where I am going with this? It is easy to see why the victim is receiving shit because they are vibrating at the lowest with feelings of shame, guilt, fear and anger.

But how does someone as evil and conniving as a narcissist manage to vibrate at the high level emotions, they don’t even really feel love, joy or gratitude! Wait!! we are once again viewing this from our perspective, the way it should be, think about how the mind of a narcissist works

(this is strictly my own theory because to my knowledge no one else has thought of it). I know that James studied mind control, the power of the mind, meta physics of the mind, and he used to tell me that I brought on the bad things that happened with my negative thinking. I had never been accused of being a negative person but I have to admit I became that way after years with James. How does one not become negative when every time you have something special planned something happens to ruin it, you never know when your spouse is going to be home, where he is, if he is lying, and you walk on egg shells 24/7? You become negative out of self preservation! if you expect the worst you can’t be disappointed. James used to tell me all the time, if you had no expectations you wouldn’t be disappointed. So I started expecting the worst and I was never disappointed.

Whenever James and I split over the course of the first 6 years, my life got better, I was able to manifest whatever I needed (every time we split I left with nothing) all I had to do was think “I need a couch” or “I sure could use a microwave” or “I need to make $400 today” and it would happen or appear within 24 hours, consistently. So when James and I split the last time I was shocked when things didn’t fall into place like they always had. What I failed to realize was, he had come back with the sole intention of destroying me and my ability to manifest good things in my life. We had split and he saw me succeeding and hated it! (a narcissist feels that if they leave you with anything at all they have failed or are losing something because their purpose was to take everything you had of value and that may include your family, children and self esteem.)

Once the narcissist manages to sabotage your self esteem and instill self doubt you end up on the never ending cycle of negativity that leads to more negativity. See how that happens?

So that explains the victim, but what about the narcissist who is full of toxic emotions, how can he reap so many good things in his life? The keys is; just like the victim is a good person who has been taught to feel insecure and unworthy, the narcissist does not believe he is bad, he feels justified in the things he does, he does not fear anyone, nor is he ashamed, or feel guilty and even his anger he blames on someone else. The law of attraction doesn’t know if what it is attracted to is a lie or not, it responds to the vibrational level of the person. if that person is sick and has a distorted view of their value whether that distortion is good or bad, they will attract the vibration they send out to the world. Get it? The narcissist genuinely feels he deserves the best of everything, he does not doubt whether he should be given something, if he wants it he takes it whether it is given to him or not. If he loses it, he knows he will replace it, or he will manipulate someone into replacing it because he deserves it.

The narcissist is incapable of feeling guilt, shame or fear. The anger thing, well like I said he blames others for that and feels justified. But what about the high level emotions like Love, peace, joy and gratitude? isn’t the narcissist incapable of feeling love and joy? and he certainly never seemed grateful or at peace. once again if you think about it logically the narcissist thinks he is feeling love. The narcissist’s brain is wired differently than a normal person so when he meets a new victim his brain releases the same chemicals our brains do when we meet someone who we think we could love only he is excited because he sees a source of things he wants. He acts much like a person in love but what he is drawn to is the prospect of being able to suck in another prey and bleed them dry. It is intoxicating to the narcissist much like love is intoxicating to a normal person. Just like when we are falling in love we project our best selves so does the narc but his goal is to bleed us dry and ours is to prove we are worthy of his love. Once he has us hooked the thrill starts to wear off, he pulls away, we try harder, he needs new supply because we are no longer a challenge, we try harder, we become more committed to the relationship and that signals to him that he has us and so we no longer provide the ego boost he needs and he must find a new source (plus he is depleting our physical and material worth all along). When he meets a new source of supply once again those chemicals are released into his brain and he acts like he is in love but in actual fact he is energized by the thrill of the kill. He goes off sending off high level vibrations and leaves us depleted and sending off low vibrations.

law of attraction

That is why he will keep coming back, if his new source is not as strong as us and depletes quickly or we start to recover and start vibrating at a higher level again he is drawn back to us because once again we have something for him to feed off of.

The narcissist is such an anomaly that even the law of attraction is fooled by him. The narcissist is a freak, handicapped, incomplete, a screw up of nature, but has learned to adapt in the world and that is why it is so hard to make sense of what they do. They will never make sense and the rules of the world don’t apply to them, or so it seems, unless you look deeper than the obvious. That is why they can literally get away with murder, they defy all the laws of nature and “how things are supposed to work” .

I am really excited about this new perspective and I have so much more to share!.

Some victims are happy to discover what they were/are dealing with and content with blaming the narcissist and going on with life filled with anger, hurt and resentment, blaming the narcissist for the rest of their lives and wondering why, even though they know the signs of a narcissist they keep attracting them and why nothing ever seems to go right in their lives; and that is fine.

But for the victims who want to truly heal, find inner peace and joy, vibrate at a higher level and attract good things into their lives the workshop I am working on is the place to start.

I will be posting more information on it at the end of the week, so stay tuned.

110 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction and Why The Narcissist Seems Immune to Karma

  1. XYZ

    I have been with a narcissist…it was so difficult for me to explain people what I am going through…on top of this he used to beat me and he is impotent…I want to aware people about this…many people don’t even realise what’s wrong is happening to them..just that their intuition tells them something is weird…how much damage they do and they are least bothered and living their life fullest.. please someone tell me what should I do so that his truth is revealed !!


  2. Jones

    There is also the fact that Narcissists come carrying their full load of negative karma and deceive a high vibrational being in to allowing the narcissist to feed and suck on that how vibrational energy AND dumping their negative karma in to the victim. You essentially become a “holder” of their negative emotions and karma, while they suck your high vibrations. This is through etheric chords and they will keep you locked in this state through trauma once the connection/etheric chords are built up. They project all their negativity on to you and keep you locked as the carrier and that is why they want you to be traumatized/destroyed for life, so you will never regain your high vibrational energy and you keep carrying their negative energy. The fear, shame and guilt and devastation is in fact NOT YOUR ENERGY, it is theirs (their soul fragments to be exact). And through identification with it you essentially “carry” it for the narcissist. It is not yours it is theirs. You need to send it back and dismantle any blockages they have put on your through which they keep this dynamic alive. Once you have cleared yourself of this and returned it to the rightful owner, you will regain yourself and your high vibration and they will carry their karma. This is in my opinion the only way to get the narcissist “to see themselves” through you sending their parts back.


    1. clulu

      jones…brilliant….and i actually figured this out years ago, that these narcs are in fact emotional vampires and suck the life and good energy out of us and we take on their negativity, just what u said. it must’ve been in the back of my mind all this time until i saw ur comment….thanks for reminding me. these people are essentially cowards who dont want to or cant deal w/ their own emotions…

      i actually have my own theory through observing a child-narc, barely 8 years old and applying it to my narc mom’s upbringing. and i feel that they are formed in a chaotic and immoral environment. if they are neglected or abused AND simultaneously propped up and praised for being a cruel, and vindictive person,a person that fits in that family dynamic, also coupled w/ the confusion of having to “act” in a decent way in front of strangers in order to fit in larger society…..a recipe for disaster! the child is enraged at having to fake being “normal” and pretending to feel ok when in reality they are encouraged to act immorally and selfishly in private or else….
      and this is primarily because the parent created a monster. a child who is not truly loved for themselves and for actually trying to be a decent person. they are loved or at least rewarded for acting indecently. the parent is like a god to a child, all-powerful and in a very real way, they have teh child’s life in their hands. if the parent doesnt feed and clothe the child, he wont survive. also the child needs the parent for an identity, basically for everything until they become adults. and so however the parent molds the child to be, the child is coerced into embodying. they feel loved and accepted if they act the way the parent wants them to….and so thats why it seems impossible for an adult narc to change. this is how they had to act in order to survive, and their parents accept them. i dont think people really realize how essential parental approval is to a child, its THE most important thing….


  3. Michelle W, the law of attraction comes into play in our lives, but so does 11 other universal laws… with one of them being the law of cause and effect. This means that despite how one may view their own actions they will eventually reap whatever it is that they have sown. This also includes the unnecessary pain and suffering that the Narc inflicts on their victims.
    So let’s continue to move on with our lives, as we rejoice in knowing that it is inevitable for every dog to have their day. In due season, this too will be the same for the Narc.


  4. Sam

    I have no choice but to stay. Please don’t judge. Its goes too deep and is hard for everyone to understand. Sadly I am a strong woman. 😦 How do I change the vibration ? How does he breakdown. There has to be a way. Please help. Any suggestions for hope will do


    1. Helen

      I’m sorry to say the only way is the hard and painful one. There is not another “way”. For none of us, no matter how difficult things are. I suggest you browse as much as you can on the web about the matter, it took me 30 days of intense study to educate and convince myself about what a narcissist really is! Cut your arm off , but don’t die. Good luck.


  5. Jones, exactly… What I said is in the back of everyone’s subconscious as truth, because that is what happens on an energetic level, but the reality of energy is so suppressed and “hidden” and we are programmed to discard it as nonsense. Only when we start to study the reality of energy will all of it be much clearer…
    And yes. Most narcissists are victims of another narcissist. That’s why if you get bitten by a vampire you “turn in to a vampire” etc. They feel they “lost” to their primary abuser (usually a parent), so by being a narcissist to others and by abusing them is the only way the feel like they can “win”. But sadly it is a lose-lose scenario… But that initial “losing” is so deeply inbedded in the narcissists psyche that they will try to “win” at all costs, truly believing that that is how they will be free of that deep seated trauma of losing and by seeing that they lost to immorality, they conclude that immorality is the only way to win. When it is the only way to lose (in the end).
    Sam, I’m sorry to say that you cannot change the vibration with anything by staying… Believe me, I tried everything with my narc. The feeling of needing to stay is that there some subconscious emotional trauma/blockage (probably from your childhood) that the narcissist sees and takes advantage of to keep you, renewing it again and again, so you don’t get away. But once you have suffered enough of it and he hurts you on it so bad that you have no choice but to release it, that is when you will be able to break free… It is a CORE trauma (abandonment/indifference etc.) that you have most likely carried your whole life from early childhood. So I couldn’t even advise you to get out. Because that attachment to that trauma is too strong for you and him and that is what keeps the relationship going. So stick through it, till the end. Eventually you will hit it and feel it and it will dissolve and you will realize that you have stayed your time. Otherwise you will just find another narc that will pick on that same trauma.
    As for him. There is no way you can change them by being in the relationship, it is tough. The only way they can even begin to change and take responsibility for themselves if you start returning all that karma you are carrying back to him. Otherwise it is hidden in you and the narc will not FEEL IT. And they will abuse this state of you carrying their garbage, so they don’t have to take responsibility to the VERY END. So stick it through, don’t listen to their words, but feel your feelings, that is where the truth is. Do not get caught up in their drama to distract you from what is going inside you emotionally and feeling and healing. That is how they keep you “locked”. God speed, be strong, but you will come out of it a champion, when you start feeling and healing your feelings and heart and not putting the other above that.


    1. graviga

      And this is why God is a fuck-up. Because he lets dynamics like this exist. The innocent get broken and the guilty filth that should have never exist, get away and put their filth on others. I piss on such a god.


  6. Elizabeth

    This is the article I was looking for, as this has been on my mind a lot lately.
    I believe your theory is spot on. I have witnessed this for years, and I admit it baffled me. How DO the Do it? My current project now is to avoid them, and keep my own thoughts and feelings as serene and positive as can be.
    Over the years, I have seen some of the narcs get SOME of their desserts, but like you say, if they don’t think they did anything wrong…


  7. vibeke

    Thank you for sharing this article and your experience with a narcissist. I think you bring up a lot of interesting points. I can relate! I wanted to add some additional thoughts to what you wrote. Often, there are soul contracts between narcissists and the person they suck the life out of. I’ve learned that sometimes the narcissist takes on this role in order to teach the “victim” an important life lesson, and as a result the narcissist is willing to go through this lifetime without much personal growth, but instead helping the person he is abusing to grow. I have read that if this is the case, the law of karma does not take effect because they are actually doing what they are doing from a place of higher love in order for their partner to grow, and this was something they both agreed to before coming into this lifetime. (I know it doesn’t feel like love when you’re in it, I’ve had my share too, but from a higher perspective, the person who is being abused is usually experiencing extreme growth as a result of the abuse if they can get out of it and learn to stand up for themselves.) Remember, this is soul growth, it’s not always pretty, but it’s still growth. We ultimately chose certain people to play certain roles before coming into this lifetime to teach us certain lessons. In addition, karma can strike back in another lifetime. The Universe is completely balanced and what you give out must come back, but the timing is up to the Universe and it may happen in another lifetime. Just another way to look at it as well…


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Vbeke, I have read that we decide our life before we are even born and what we are going to experience is all predetermined by us. I agree it is a grow experience. I also believe we will keep repeating an experience until we learn the lesson we are supposed to learn. I don’t know how much I believe it. I would have to do a lot more research. It’s an interesting topic. I hate to think I chose that kind of abuse. As much as I appreciate the self awareness I attained because of it I wish it would have come earlier in life.
      Interesting though. Thanks for the input.


  8. Jones wanted to add that there is an element of black magic connected to this. Black magicians can have “delayed karma”. I’m pretty sure it’s by confusing the victim from truth and trapping and “locking” them in to place with the karma, keeping them confused, traumatized and the energy flow of karma blocked within the individual… So big part of their karma/responsibility coming back to them is by the victim getting out, healing and unlocking that blocked energy and (the abusers) karma that is basically “stuck” inside the victim.


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