5 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Being Discarded By A Narcissist

Right now, after being dumped by a narcissist you don’t know how you will survive, the pain is all consuming, like someone ripped out a vital organ, a part of you is missing. He goes off romancing his new “love of his life” and you are left with your life in pieces at your feet.

There was a time that you were the love of his life, that you were the love who was going to save him after all the psycho ex’s who had taken him for granted and hurt him. You were going to make his pain go away and prove YOU weren’t like all the rest. Just like all the rest had done.

It is hard to accept that you were nothing special to him, just another in a long line of psycho bitches that made his life hell, after you gave him unconditional love even when he treated you like dirt and abused you in every way possible.

There are 5 things you might not believe right now but will discover down the road.

1, You WILL survive. People survive much worse things. They lose their whole family in a tsunami, watch their young child swept away, or they go to get their baby in the morning and it is dead from crib death, they have a child who commits suicide. You may feel you are alone with your pain but there are many people in the world who have suffered every bit as much and they survived, so will you. You will feel lucky. I know hard to believe, but so true. You will feel giddy because you made it.

2. You will forever be changed for the better, you will be more compassionate, more empathetic and you will cry for other people’s pain because you will understand what real pain is all about. There is a calmness that comes over someone who has been in that kind of pain, like you know you can’t be hurt any more than you have been so you stop worrying about the little things.

3. You will cherish the little things more than ever before, a beautiful sunset, the sound of birds singing, children laughing, even the people partying down the street at 2 am won’t bother you because it is the sound of people laughing and having fun, enjoying life and you know how precious that is now.

4. “Things” won’t matter so much any more, because you will know they are only things and people are what matter, because you almost lost the people who love truly love you for someone who is incapable of love. They may have taken your money and left you destitute but things can be replaced, the love of family and friends can’t be bought a sunset can’t be bought. The world will be more colorful and fresh air in your lungs will remind you that you are alive and vibrant and so damn lucky to be alive.

5. This is an opportunity not everyone gets, it is a blessing in disguise and can be the catalyst to you becoming fearlessly you; you tried to please someone by being what they wanted, you have done that your whole life and where did it get you? in a whole lot of pain. So you might as well be totally and honestly, without apology, yourself. What other people think of you doesn’t matter. When you live true to yourself no one can ever hurt you again, because you won’t have given them the power to do so. While you are broken in a million pieces don ‘t try to find the old you, that you didn’t know who you really are and appreciate you. Be who YOU want to be, not what other people have told you you should be. It is all within your power to be whatever you want to be. Do a critical inventory of your traits and decide, do I like this about myself, no? then change it! Is this true of me. No? then don’t pack it, it was never yours to pack it was someone else’s garbage they piled on you, let it go!. Are you this way, Yes, do you like it? yes then keep it. Not many people have the opportunity to do a self assessment like that and live their whole lives believing lies about themselves and trying to please everyone else and be what everyone else wants them to be. THAT is why you have self doubt, you can’t be confident when you are not living true to your core being.

6. You never know how strong you are until you are faced with something you don’t think you are strong enough to handle. If it was easy it wouldn’t take strength. How do you build strength? by working those muscles. It is life’s adversities that give us strength. I didn’t think I could “do it one more day” until 2 years out someone called me strong and an inspiration. I read that on my blog and thought I am not strong, there was not one day I felt strong enough to make it. Then I thought, “but I did” it’s been two years and I made it. At that moment everything changed for me. I no longer felt weak and unable to cope, I felt strong, damn strong and proud of what I had survived and I was helping others to be strong.



31 thoughts on “5 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Being Discarded By A Narcissist

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  2. Kellie

    I am so grateful to come across this blog. I believe that I have just entered into the discard phase, and it is very painful to say the least. Typical, he’s out galavanting with his new woman and I’m trying to be strong, but I feel such a loss right now. I have always felt that I’m a strong woman, but I got way off track for the last four years, staying in this relationship that I’ve allowed to incessantly bring me down Thank you for reminding me that this is the beginning of a better and healthier road to finding and developing myself once again.


    1. Gary

      Please don’t blame yourself. This is not about you, it’s about them. Narcissists are soul suckers and they suck the life out of “you”. They do not feel remorse, regret or guilt like a normal human being would. A normal person in a relationship that loved their partner would not treat them this way and toss them away nonchalantly like yesterday’s garbage.
      They are mere shells, almost like those pods that came to earth in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

      How do I know? I spent 1.5 years of my life treating my ex gf like a queen. Lavishing time, gifts, dinners on her…..selflessly…..out of love for her. After a minor disagreement, she “texted” me that it was over. Attempts to reach her for reasons went unanswered. She blocked me, dropped me and unfriended me.

      I agonized for weeks when out of the blue, I was contacted by someone else she had done the same thing to. My closure came immediately and I realized that I lost myself and who I was catering to her and trying to please her. The person that contacted me said do not let her rent anymore of your headspace.

      Just think about it. Someone that can drop you like you never existed isn’t worthy of your time.

      Best of luck!
      It isn’t easy……but “you” are the better person because you give love, not suck it dry from someone else.




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