Wayne Dyer – Dies at 75

I can’t imagine anyone not knowing who Dr. Wayne Dyer was, but if you aren’t into self help and personal growth you may have missed his contribution to the world.

I have read his books and watched his videos for all of my adult life, he had a simplistic way of viewing the world and how to live your life to the fullest. He was spiritual, he was funny, and he made a whole lot of sense. I wish I could have seen him speak live.

At my lowest times I always reached for one of his books to lift my spirits. He died on the weekend and I couldn’t let it pass without mentioning the world lost one of the “good guys”.

RIP Dr Wayne Dyer, thanks for your wise words when the world seemed too heavy you lightened my load and made me smile.


4 thoughts on “Wayne Dyer – Dies at 75

  1. safirefalcon

    This is a really nice tribute to Wayne Dyer. I didn’t know he died so thanks for posting about it. When I first started reading self help and spirituality he was one of the first authors I read. I also liked to stumble upon him speaking on WHYY (Channel 12 here) on a Sunday morning. He was very calming and this planet will most certainly miss him.

    May Wayne Dyer rest in peace.

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  2. mewhoami

    It’s always been fascinating to me that we can touch so many people without even knowing it. He likely had no idea that he touched your life personally, in the way that he did. Goes to show that our efforts in everything that we do have greater impacts than we realize.

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  3. Julianna

    I sooooo love that quote of his. It’s lovely to see/feel all of these amazing tributes, and to be reminded that he very much left the world a better place for having been in it. Let’s hope the rest of us have the courage and commitment to shine our lights as brightly as he did!



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