Laws Of Attraction First Step is Acceptance

By The Way this is my 993rd post on this blog.

Oh my where do I start?? Sonia says that one of the first steps to inner peace and attracting good things into your life is acceptance of the way things are. Not giving up, but to stop fighting it and just accept this is the way things are at this moment and not allow yourself to get frustrated. Well, I have been struggling and accepting and accepting and now I am truly accepting and throwing it out to the universe and seeing where the pieces land. My future is now in the hands of the universe and what it decides I need to do.

So much is going on but I will fill you in on what just now happened. I was typing up my first post for the new site, No Reim’er Reason; I had over 4000 words typed when I lost it all except the first couple hundred words. I spent over two hours of typing, researching and was maybe 500 words from done. It is a regular occurrence with this old laptop. The fan is broken on it, there are keys missing, and it is out of memory. I have done all sorts of clean ups on it, I have restored it, I have done all that I can to make it work better. it is old and it is done. I can not tell you how many times I have spent hours working on a post or reply to someone only to lose it all. My cursor has a life of its own and floats randomly around the screen, if it happens to be on the delete key when I hit enter at the end of a sentence or the red X, POOF!! there goes all my hard work. I simply don’t have time for it and it is frustrating beyond what I am willing to put myself through.

It doesn’t even have to delete my whole post, my cursor will be sitting at some random spot in the document and all of a sudden I am typing 5 lines up, THAT happens every few minutes.

I am just going to spit this out and state facts as they sit right now in my life.

There are certain things that I have no control over

  1. my laptop (it has a mind of its own)
  2. I must move. The boat is going to sell eventually but even if that was not the case I can not expect my brother to carry me indefinitely plus it is getting colder and the boat is damp and cold, the water pump is broken again and Stella just lays in bed when we are home because there is no room for her to walk, I am forever tripping over her.
  3. I was cut off welfare because of the blog and they thought I was making so much money from it. So now I have no income whatsoever.
  4. I have had not one donation for a month and made around $50 in advertising last month. I have copied and pasted my payment statement from the advertising so you can see for yourself that I make next to nothing on this blog.
Period Earnings Ad Impressions Status
2015-07 $53.67 34,588 Paid
2015-06 $52.85 31,901 Paid
2015-05 $42.95 33,332 Paid
2015-04 $66.47 32,498 Paid
2015-03 $88.10 43,077 Paid
2015-02 $84.26 41,311 Paid
2015-01 $84.17 41,142 Paid
2014-12 $88.09 35,789 Paid
2014-11 $93.80 38,680 Paid
2014-10 $93.46 38,427 Paid
2014-09 $88.58 35,378 Paid
2014-08 $83.41 31,773 Paid
2014-07 $91.83 34,927 Paid
2014-06 $90.31 34,369 Paid
2014-05 $82.35 31,183 Paid
2014-04 $52.20 19,827 Paid
2014-03 $55.22 21,379 Paid
2014-02 $36.51 14,505 Paid
2014-01 $24.66 10,547 Paid

5. People do make money blogging, there is great money to be made but not if you are on wordpress. In order to make money you must have your own blog and be allowed other advertising than Wordads (the only wordpress allow). There are many other ways to make money, one of the top ones is to write a book. I already explained why that is taking me forever at the beginning of this rant. I have researched monetizing your blog and have many ideas all of which require a person to have more freedom than what WordPress allows. There are other websites that offer free blogging but they are all very limited and require you to pay for any upgrades. Nothing is free in this world.

6. I have someone who could help me set up a blog, monetize it and make it what I want it to be with a chat room attached, and the freedom to make money. It is the brother of one of my son’s friends, even though he would undoubtedly give me a good deal, he can’t do it for nothing. I have bought the domain name No Reim’er Reason, and I already own Lady witha truck, but that is only a fraction of the cost to get up and running. You have to spend money to make money as they say. ( it just took me 5 minutes to type that last sentence)

** it is now 1/2 passed noon, I got up at 6 am, I have not brushed my teeth, showered or gotten dressed. I came straight on the blog to do a post and get the workshop newsletter done. I have not checked my email, or replied to any comments, I have not even taken Stella for a pee. And I have not even gotten one post up yet. As if that isn’t bad enough I did this yesterday also and got the one small post up and answered a few comments and I was on the computer from 8 am until 5 pm. I. just. can. not .do. it. any, more! Something has to give.

7. I have been cleaning houses and selling things to keep food on the table but I need to get a steady income, it doesn’t matter how passionate I am about this blog. I have to be realistic.

8. I hate to ask for donations because I feel I am asking for a hand out and I don’t really feel that way. I feel I earn any money I get, I have put more time into this blog than any job I have had that paid me at least $20 an hour. I have 1920 followers, now I know that they all are not regular visitors to the blog, some have dropped off and not removed their name and I know James is one of them and I doubt he would be donating any money to me or my cause. But even if we say 10% of the followers come here regularly, 192 people times $20 would come to $3840, MORE than enough to buy a new laptop and get the site up, running and monetized, publish my book and never have to ask for money again! If 20 people signed up for the workshop it would come to $600 and be enough for me to buy a laptop. There are a handful of people who have donated every time I asked and I mean 6-10 people who have consistently given and I do not expect them to reach into their pockets again. But surely out of 1900 people there are even a 100 who can afford $20,or $10. People who came here looking for answers and found them, and were able to go on with their lives because of something I said, the support they were shown.

Twenty dollars doesn’t seem like much does it, when you think about the good this blog does and the hours I put into it. But without it I am going to have to cut off the comments and just leave it as an information only site and pursue some other form of income. I have no choice.

My son has come up with an idea, seeing as I clean for him and his roomies and they enjoy the meals I cook for them. Kris thought other people would be willing to pay to rent his mom to clean and cook for them. His room mates thought it was a great idea and I have been offered the guest room 3 days a week so I don’t have to drive all that way every day, until I see if it will fly or not. I am going to give it a shot, it is a tourist town full of young people from all corners of the world, there are tons of condos that are rented out by the week, or month up there that need to be cleaned and apparently good cleaners are hard to find. It is too strenuous for me to do 8 hours a day 6 days a week but if I could work 3-4 days a week, say 6 hours a day and have the blog pay for itself by monetizing it I could have a comfortable little life for myself. But I can not work to support the blog, that is crazy. It is expecting too much of anyone and it would be allowing myself to be taken advantage of.

I have researched and this blog should be making a couple thousand a month, not from donations but from revenue from book sales, affiliates, and endorsements. They say to calculate $1 per follower per month for an average income. I am making $53.00.

I get close to 3000 hits a day, if for one day every one donated a $1 for each page they visited I would make enough money to make my dreams come true. Can you believe it?

I am putting this out to the world, I believe it is possible and that I deserve it to be quite frank.

So I am putting a thingy in the sidebar showing how much money has been raised and then I will post a picture of my new laptop and you will see the results of your donations in the appearance of the blog.

I am asking you to join forces to help me keep this blog up and helping others. I know we can do it!!! and we can call it “Raising Funds to Help Raise Awareness”. Please talk to your friends, family and let them know you were helped here. $5, a dollar, it wouldn’t take long to make enough money.

Now I really have to take Stella for a pee the poor girl, it is quarter to 1.

Thanks all and blessings to every one!

10 thoughts on “Laws Of Attraction First Step is Acceptance

  1. Carlo

    How and where do we donate, Carrie? I am unemployed myself at the moment but I have found your blog helpful and comforting and for that alone, I would be willing to donate something.


  2. kim

    carrie i really feel and understand how surviving is such a worry i am very unwell at the moment but when i can get to my parents house i will ask them for something to help you as you have and are helping me and so many others im sorry it wont be much as they are struggling to help me as i dont have enough to live he is still paying the bills and complaining so i am constantly worried about this i am so sorry you have to move i will also have to in a year dont know where and have to apply again for benefits when you rent in england noone likes people on benefits i will try and not think about this now its too much but carrie can you appeal to your benefit office they should never have stopped them you have a heart condition i would take them up on it if you can surely they have a duty of care your doctor that you shouldnt have to do physical work oh carrie i do hope that things go well for you if i ever have money you will know about it good luck and to stella xxx


  3. narcissismathome

    Carrie, I so wish you could come and visit me. I just looked where Mission BC is and you are only 15 hours away by car. I also have a friend (do you ever watch the Legend of Mick Dodge?) who will be driving back from the Hoh in a week or so. Maybe…..
    I have learned so much about website building, have so much more to learn. I think we could help each other muddle through. I don’t have lots of time, I essentially work the equivalent of two full time jobs to just barely make it but….
    And I will be making a donation too. But perhaps together we could figure out a way. I have a book in my head about my experience with an N (James and Jeff are SO much alike!!!) but have not had time to tackle it. I have hundreds of pages of correspondence from women who have contributed and no time to organize it.
    And….I live at Lake Tahoe. Flipping gorgeous.



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