Another Innocent Child Dies At The Hands Of A Psychopath

Those of you who don’t live in Canada may not have heard this news story yet, but anyone who lives in western Canada if not the whole country has been waiting with baited breath hoping and praying a 2 year old little girl would be found alive.

I was driving when I heard the news that they had found her remains.

She lived with her dad and had visitation with her mother. Apparently the parents got along well, I have no idea why the dad was raising her but by all accounts he was an excellent dad.

They found him dead in his home Monday morning and the 2 year old little girl was missing. A white van was seen speeding from the scene. They lived in one of the few towns left where people don’t lock their doors, the whole town was out looking for the little girl and praying they found her unhurt.

A 22 year old was taken into custody Tues afternoon but they didn’t find the little girl until about 10 tonight.

It turns out the 22 year old is the boyfriend (or ex boyfriend, I have heard two conflicting stories) of the mother of the little girl.

I was waiting for it, I knew there had to be some domestic violence connection. I bet the boyfriend was jealous of the relationship the woman had with her ex, they fought about it, she dumped him and he decided to make her pay the ultimate price, the one sure way to make a woman suffer the rest of her life; kill her child. The son of a bitch. I wish we had the death penalty in Canada for cases like this, when there is no doubt and no motive (no reasonable motive). If he gets off on some stupid mentally incompetent technicality I will spit nails. Of course he is mentally incompetent!!

The story is here.

Just a few days ago I was listening to the news and the man who killed all his 3 children in a small town in BC 7 years ago has been awarded escorted release from the prison psyche ward. He was found not criminally responsible for the deaths of his children and the doctors say he has not had any “episodes” for years and even though he is a high risk to reoffend the board that makes these decisions decided he will be monitored enough to take the risk. Who are these people? Obviously it was not their 3 young children who were stabbed and suffocated to death. And when does the mother of these children get released from her hell? She will never be released from the torture of coming home and finding her three children dead in their beds.

I am spitting angry! Justice, ha! there is no justice in this case and there won’t be justice in the case this week because if there was justice both these men would be dead.

You can read this story at this link.

One other thing, I heard a bleeding heart citizen call into the radio station saying that she thought it was so unfair of the news to plaster Alan Schoenberg’s photo on all the newspapers. The photo was taken the day that they found the coward hiding in the woods, she said that it makes him look crazy and it was so unfair of the press to post them, poor Allan. I agree, they shouldn’t be posting that old picture of him, they should be posting a recent picture so people will recognize him when he walks down their street, when he asks some woman out for a date, or moves into the house next door. I am sure he doesn’t look like his photo any more. Let him be judged by his peers.

9 thoughts on “Another Innocent Child Dies At The Hands Of A Psychopath


      I agree 100 percent my ex is a psychopathic narrissit who would act charming at first than he would place a distance to where he could cheat and I would be pushed away. His mother never liked me at all she would find a way on how to get rid of me. I suffered with psychopathic narrissitic abuse, which after he had a huge rage of anger against me used religion abuse and made a lot of threats. it really hurts I am so thankful to God that my ex-boyfriend did not beat me up or was aggressive or worse. I stand here sharing my story I know how it feels to be scared and to be in fear worrying about if he comes after you and has a girl leave a nasty message. He likes girls who fight over him and likes to harm himself and others. he said we will get back together but than he took it back and grabbed somebody literally than he called me a bitch and a crazy person. told everybody that I am a bad person embarrassed me infront of my friends. Moreover everybody hates him I got a lot of people who told me that he is bad news and I have met a lot of his exes. I have heard the exes stories about how badly he beat them up and I told them my story about how he would badmouth me. In addition, I will not be silent I will press forward and tell my story about what a bad horrible wicked man my ex-boyfriend is. If anybody wants to share a comment with me or tell me your story I am here to help and motivate you that we all deserve better and do not settle for less.


  1. Juliette MacDonald

    Just heard about this case at 4a.m Sunday morning but I’m pissed!
    Husband had a restraining order but turns up at the kids school and caused a scene.
    Neighbors report that the week before the murders he’s “at the house playing with the kids”…HELLO
    Supposedly the week before the murders ” becoming increasingly DELUSIONAL about ” the kids being molested”???
    So…he’s pissed because his partner won’t take him back. Obviously she felt threatened because there was a protection order ( in my experience that’s like waving a red cape in front of a bull! ” So you can’t come near me or you’ll get in trouble with the law”! All that does is as effective as the gal giving him a shove. His response, obviously, is to show her he doesn’t care about the law- it’s like sayin ” I dare you to come near me”! Police don’t care about physical threats- it’s “if he shows up at your door call us”! Ya- I’d feel REAL PROTECTED BY THE LAW!
    So- he kills the 3 beautiful children that the mom has been doing everything she can to protect- and she comes home and finds them.
    His reason for killing them? Mr HIGH IQ…”I was scared they were being molested”! WELL YOU REALLY DID WHAT ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD DO!
    I’d give him the DEATH PENALTY FOR BEING SO STUPID (we need it for cases just like this one).
    So the judge finds that “the murders were DELIBERATE AND PLANNED but finds him NOT GUILTY DUE TO A MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER.
    Suddenly, the judge believes, he had a PSYCHOTIC EPISODE- never had one before and hasn’t had one since.
    I tell you- makes me cry! Where is the justice for the lives taken of each of those children- the potential- the fear and suffering each went thru?
    The POOR MOTHER-SHE TRIED TO PROTECT THEM! Every article I’ve looked up gives me the same information. Now…it goes from bad to worse- Harper is proposing to put thru a bill that will “allow dangerous murderers, with mental health issues, to be imprisoned permanently!
    Sometimes don’t you feel EMBARRASSED BRCAUSE YOU LIVE IN CANADA???
    I’m GOING TO FIND OUT EVERYTHING ABOUT THE CASE- to me-he HAS NO “psychosis”! He’s HURTING THE MOTHER BY KILLING HER CHILDREN simply because she was thru with him. You WOULD THINK IN 2015 that a woman COULD DECIDE THAT WITHOUT HAVING SOME ASSHOLE MURDER HER, and his, CHILDREN? NO-SHE WAS ON HER OWN! I would have advised her to take the kids and go to a shelter BUT THERE SHOULDN’T BE ALL THIS DISRUPTION. Not over some useless asshole who doesn’t get his way. The laws NEED TO BE CHANGED. Fine- issue the restraining order and the minute he breaks it he should be locked up for 6 months! That’s how it should be!
    I had 14 restraining orders issued on one guy- after a while it felt like a comedy! I ended up dealing with him my way.
    It just really makes me boil that a man gets to even irritate a woman who wants nothing to do with him. Most people respect the rights of another. If they don’t that’s when they should be held accountable with jail time. It shouldn’t have to be up to the woman to prove she’s being stalked. There is so much red tape and this jerk has all these chances to threaten-aggravate-stalk…



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