Word Salad 101 or Gas Lighting

I happened upon this video while looking at videos of clouds; gotta love the internet! the places a person ends up sometimes!

Anyway, i am not nuts about these videos, with the computerized voices but I guess it is fitting seeing as the narcissist’s speech is all rehearsed and programed. It was like so many conversations James and I had so many times.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry, it brought back so many memories, not good ones.

With a show of hands, how many people have had this exact same conversation with their ex?

See the video here 

8 thoughts on “Word Salad 101 or Gas Lighting

  1. Ellebelle2015

    I never could prove he was cheating on me, but he did. I have a recording on my mobile phone about something different, but any conversation will go like this and end like this. It is just called mimdfucking. For anyone who is interested, I like the videos of the Spartanlifecoach.

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  2. So Sad

    Yikes Carrie , my flabbers gasted ! . The male animation IS ex narc , crikey he could’ve written the script .. Phone went everywhere with him , even to the toilet , always on silent oh and the female friend who he just so happened to have known for five years and I knew nothing about
    until a late night text message which I wasn’t allowed to see because of MY bloody trust issues .. Like yeah . lol Thank you for sharing x

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    1. AndThenThereWasMe

      Mine had it in every room he went to. One time i found a SIM card in the dryer. LOL
      guess he forgot being to busy tracking me, our car, his soon to be victims and his family he was supporting on my dime.
      He used to lock me out of the bathroom whenever he “masterbated’ and called HER name. Like I couldn’t hear him?? wierdo.
      Just shows you they don’t care about anyone’s feelings and shove it in your face. I always had blinders on. He told me I was crazy. i called him on the bathroom thing..he was furious , said i needed help. Always the “help” thing coming out of his mouth….Ugh


  3. Carrie Reimer Post author

    When James came back the last time professing his undying love (but he had gotten engaged 8 days before) he said his phone had been cut off. But it rang while I was sitting there. I was waiting for him to answer it or even acknowledge it was ringing but he just kept talking so I ignored it. Then I went in to cash my cheque and came out and he was texting someone. He still pretended his phone was not working.
    The thing is, he knew I knew he was lying, I knew he was lying but we were so used to playing the game that we both just carried on like everything was normal. I had learned not to challenge him on anything because I would be told I was crazy. No matter what i saw with my own eyes he would call me crazy and I was so sick of trying to defend myself from his false reality and being told my reality was warped; I just went along with whatever he said.
    They don’t care if people believe their lies as long as they don’t get challenged on their lies. To them a lie is as good as the truth as long as no one finds out and says it is a lie. Such a warped way of thinking but that is why they are so convincing when they lie. It is the truth in their mind.
    It almost makes sense.
    LOL if you have been with a narc long enough it does start to make sense.



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