Update to What’s Going On

Just a quick update to what’s going on here in rainy Clearwater.

First of all we have 5 members of the new blog No Reim’er Reason, I will be sending invitations to those 5 people in a few minutes. Thanks you all for signing up! I am looking forward to working with everyone as we strive to become the best “me” we can be. I hope a few more people will join us.

I was away with my son for the weekend to see my grand daughter, do the trick or treat thing with her and to get my so’s stuff out of his storage unit in Oliver. We had a great time, my grand daughter’s momma made us very welcome, we left Kamloops at about 2 on Saturday afternoon and got to Oliver at 5. We trick or treated until about 7 and then went to the community hall for more Halloween celebrations. For a small town Oliver really knows how to party!

We stayed the night and my son made us a big breakfast (I am getting spoiled by my son cooking breakfast whenever he is home from work) He fries the best over easy eggs I have ever had, I never was able to master over easy like him.

We were on the road by noon and loaded up the truck with his stuff from storage, stopped to visit a friend of his. A girl he taught how to frame a year ago and who just passed her first inspection on building a garage herself. She was so proud as was my boy. Him taking her under his win gave her a new lease on life. She had lost custody of her two boys, was unemployed and with his help and training she is now making $23/hour, working for a company he got her a job and has her boys back. It’s amazing what a little helping hand can do for a person’s self confidence and how it can change a person’s whole life. I was fighting back the tears as she gave me a great big hug and told me what a great son I have.

We got home about 6 and I was in bed by 9. I have a bit of a stomach flue I think and just not feeling great today.

My son is back to work tomorrow.

Kim the other lay living with us has rented herself a mobile home and is moving into that today. She was going to go back east to home and where her friends are but decided to get her own place here instead and she will continue to care for Nova much to my relief. The other people will be arriving mid Nov or early Dec and I will be moving upstairs in the next week or so. All these changes again so soon.  I have to get myself a desk, I can’t keep sitting on the edge of my bed typing, it kills my back. I have been painting Christmas baubles in hopes of selling them to make money for winter boots, winter tires and a desk with a chair.

I have to say I am struggling like I haven’t struggled since leaving James. Giving up everything I owned again has taken a toll I hadn’t expected. I thought I was used to giving things up and starting over but maybe a person never gets to a point where it doesn’t take a toll. Being away from my family and friends, knowing that once the snow flies I am stuck here and my son is going to be gone for most of the time makes me feel trapped, and quite frankly scares the hell out of me.

6 thoughts on “Update to What’s Going On

  1. Only Me

    I truly wish you all the luck in the world Carrie. You definitely deserve to have things start going in the right direction. I am in awe that no matter what happens, you keep trying! I must confess to certain amount of confusion, that since you are struggling to do so much and have so many problems to overcome…how can you help others with their lives when your own is proving so difficult to manage? I do wish you all the best! I’ll be praying and hoping for you that everything finally works out. Take care of yourself! Big hugs.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Only Me, your question surprises me because you have been with the blog since the beginning. I was an absolute basket case in the beginning and for the whole 5 years my life has been up and down, health issues, financial and through it all I have received at least one email a week thanking me for saving someone’s sanity or life. As with Ladywithatruck I am inviting people to join me as I heal further and research ways to heal, just as I shared what I learned about narcissists as I went, I will do the same with healing. I like to always better myself and educate myself, it can only better me and in the process I just might find the answer to my money problems and someone else might find answers they are seeking.
      Who has their life together enough to share their healing journey?? Usually not having your life together is the motivation behind seeking answers, there is nothing worse than someone who has never experienced life telling you how to recover from something they have no clue about. It is like my 32 year old son saying he can relate to how I feel because he has moved and left stuff behind every where he went and he has nothing too and telling me we just have to recoup and start over. Yes, I do have to start over, and he had better get his shit together because by the time I was his age I had owned my own home for 6 years. Does it matter that I owned my own home at 26? not in the big picture it doesn’t because I don’t own it now. Does that mean I am a failure and should not teach people how to find inner peace? I think it qualifies me better than most. If I, who have lost everything material in her life, faced health challenges, homelessness, etc can still find inner peace, then I would say I qualify to share what I learned.
      Inner peace has nothing to do with how much money you have, where you live, or how your health is. True inner peace is a peace a person has despite all the hell going on in their life they are able to find peace within themselves.


  2. Helen

    Carrie, sounds like you had a wonderful week end. I was in Montana some years ago going to my daughters wedding. We are from Australia and not use to snow. Hired a SUV as snow was coming. We were near the Canadian boarder lovely area. One day might end up in Canada. All the best and hope you feel better soon.



  3. The Heretic

    For a minute when I read the location you said you were in earlier in the post I thought you went to Florida, when I think of Clearwater that is usually the place I know.

    Hopefully everything picks up and moves for the positive for you. Fingers crossed for the positives.



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