19 and Counting

And I don’t mean the reality TV show, although I am sure several of the people on that show could use a membership to my new blog (or this one for that matter); I am pleased to announce we have 19 new members!!!

Some of you may have gotten an invite to follow this blog by mistake, please ignore it, the correct invitation is coming right behind it. Oooops!

Thanks to a couple of very generous followers of this blog so far everyone who has requested a free membership has received one and we still have the free one to the 50th member the hundredth plus a couple more donated free memberships.

I want to thank the people who have been so generous to donate for those who can’t afford it, it restores my faith in humanity and if there is anyone in the world who needs a break and for someone to show them that they matter and are valued it is the victims of a narcissist.

I have said it before but you guys keep reminding me how wonderful this blog is and how truly amazing it is to be able to reach out across the miles via the internet and give support both emotional and financial.


The best part of the internet is, up until now the narcissists of the world could get away with their lies, cheating and leaving a trail of destruction behind them. As much as the net enables them to suck in victims, it also gives the victims the power to speak out, find support, find information and know they aren’t crazy, narcissists can no longer hide behind the shame of the victim because now they know they aren’t alone and they are speaking out loud and clear, exposing the narc for what he is and warning others. There is  revolution starting!!!

8 thoughts on “19 and Counting

  1. Only Me

    I’m happy everything is going well for you Carrie. I probably would ask for a membership to the new blog, but the truth is, I’m doing fine, and I’m very busy living an exciting life! What can I say…like you it’s been nearly 5 full years post D&D, and I don’t rally think of psycho boy much anymore except to think how shallow and boring he is.

    My romantic interests lie elsewhere, and from what I’ve heard other survivors say, I probably have fared much better than most victims. I got off lucky! I got some blows to my pride and ego, but otherwise, I lost very little to the psycho. Shoot! I don’t even know what he’s up to these days! I don’t care either!

    I’m hitting my stride working in the politics, doing volunteer work, enjoying home and family. Life is good! No complaints here! My lifestyle is modest, but I’m doing useful work and helping people myself in my fashion.

    Good luck with your new blog honey. I know you’re still struggling in some areas, but it sounds like you’re finding way in the world, and doing well. I’m glad! All my best to you, and I wish health and happiness and every way. Big hugs! XOXOXO.

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  2. Yvonne

    Carrie I’m trying to pay for membership. It’s not letting me for some reason? I’d be absolutely lost with your website and will do anything to help. Am I doing something wrong?


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Yvonne did you go through the donation button? It should work. some people are confused and think they can join through the “join now” button, that just takes you to an information page, to join you have to pay $15 through the donate button.
      Thank you so much!!


      1. Yvonn

        Yeah I tried clicking on donate button. It would recognize other payments besides is pal. I’ll have to try again today after work. Thanks a bunch and hope your doing well.



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