Dare To Be Different And Be Ok

the rest, that we are “special”, we cling to it, we have won the big prize, we have been given value and worth, we are whole, the other half of a couple. But not just any couple, we are soul mates, we have something more special than all the other women. After years of trying to be what the man wants we have found a man who loves us for us, flaws and all. He loves everything about us even when we are totally ourselves, something we have never felt before because we have never allowed ourselves to be ourselves, we never valued ourselves, not like he does. It is what all love movies are made of, fairy tales speak of it and until we met the narcissist we didn’t believe it was possible for us to find that kind of love, we had secretly dreamed it existed but we didn’t really believe it as possible.

This is just an excerpt from my most recent post on my new site,No Reim’er Reason; to read the full post and comment just click on the PayPal link and pay $15, I will send you an invitation to the site. $15 for a lifetime membership, offer only good until the new year and then it will be a monthly fee to join. So jump on now while the price is low!!


2 Replies to “Dare To Be Different And Be Ok”

  1. Well, you had a good start there anyway. Actually, I have found a man who loves me as I am, and he’s not pathological either!. Amazing isn’t it?


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