A Post From 2012 But Well Worth Repeating

I checked to see what visitors to the blog read yesterday and this post was one of them, it is from 2012, 4 years have gone by and so much has happened in those 4 years and I find myself in much the same position I was back then. There have been ups but they were always followed with downs. When a person doesn’t have the resources or support to help themselves it is very hard to make lasting improvements in their life. When you start from a less than nothing point you have so far to go to just get on the positive side of life.

Welfare doesn’t pay enough to get ahead or even maintain a livable existence, any help from other sources is appreciated and helps the person to live but it is always a day to day existence. So you have a person who is totally depleted of all resources; emotionally, financially, mentally and physically, with the narcissist kicking the stool out from under them any time they do make some progress.

It has been 4 years of raised hopes, gains and then loss again. It is so hard to maintain a positive attitude but I try.

Once again I struggle to jump through welfare’s hoops to get just a bit of help as I live in my car and continue to apply for jobs and fight to stay positive, reading that post from 2012 hammered home the truth that women need more help when they leave an abusive relationship, more understanding and positive reinforcement and not to be treated like a plague on society. IF I had gotten the funding for my education where would I be now?

I am proud of how far I have been able to come mentally and how strong I am to keep trying and believe in myself. Things HAVE to turn around. They have to!!

I did have a job interview last Friday and I felt it went very well. It is for a car dealership, a position they are creating to help the sales department. I heard back from them Monday and they wanted me to do some online courses and get back to them. Which I did and she asked if she could call my references. I know I have good references so I am hopeful!! Keep positive thoughts for me please!!

Here is the post from 2012. Where ever you are, please fight for victims of abuse to at the very least, get treated as well as a criminal.

A Post worth repeating

6 thoughts on “A Post From 2012 But Well Worth Repeating

  1. Yvonne

    Carrie you have come a very long way and I am so very proud of you after everything you’ve been through. Even through your hell stories Iv seen a little bit of light of hope for my heaven. Without you id be lost and I am grateful for everything youv shared. It has made me go stronger and if I can help in anyway to raise any money for your support I would with high honors. I would love to get the word out about this into the world so there’s no more victims. I hope all your hopes and dreams come true for you and for everyone on here. Stay strong cuz you make the best tree for our branches to grow.


  2. Delia

    Hi there, 3 years ago I read a blog post of yours and it helped me TREMENDOUSLY. You made me feel like I wasn’t crazy. I am SO thankful for this page, it’s helped me gain the courage to leave my husband and rebuild my life. Recover from all the mental and emotional abuse. Because of that, I want to help you. How can I help you? You can email me directly and we can discuss further, I hope to hear from you soon!

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  3. Only Me

    You and I both began our recoveries after being thoroughly worked over by psychopaths 5 years ago. Somehow, despite me being my own worst enemy in wanting to be with my own psycho boy, circumstances intervened to save me from being at his total mercy. ..Psycho Boy didn’t like that I couldn’t move in with him when I said I would! He had vetted me for over a year with cash, gifts, time and attention all for naught! LOL.

    He ended up with a woman who moved him in, gave him co-ownership of all her financial assets. At the time I thought I’d lost the “love of my life!” But thankfully, I made no effort to come crawling back to him, beg for his butt back, and refused to let him see my pain…in fact, I made a point of ragging on him with sarcasm. I was ready to wage war on the A-hole, especially once I realized he’d been lying and cheating on me. No matter! Water under the bridge as they say! If he thought he’d destroyed me, he soon found out otherwise! He ran off screaming “I was insane! I was insane!”.

    All in all, I had a much easier time than you. You shown over the past 5 years tremendous reserves of strength and creativity, that I’m not sure I could ever match, and I consider myself one tough cookie! Even now, when you are feeling so down and out, I can see that you are actually far from it…people do come back from hard times (yes, there was time, I was essentially homeless, another no food or money, no job…not much of anything except I had 3 kids!)

    One thing I do know about you girl, is you will be back! You may be down, but you are far from out! I believe in you! Better times are coming for you, and I am sure of it! You hang tough! You will get through this! You are my sister in spirit, and we never give up! No matter what! You will win this battle! Hugs and kisses! OM


  4. Amanda Burns

    Hi, I’ve never commented but this blog has really helped me come to terms w my own abusive relationship. I’m still pretty traumatized and don’t really know how to help myself but I’m learning all I can about cluster b disorders…I frequent a site called psychopath free and I just read a new member story, a male named jimmyc1963, from about one week ago. Carrie, I’m almost positive it is your ex. There are so many details about you, your son, references to trucks and hauling scrap metal…plus he gives himself away by saying you’re the narc and have created a blog and have a lot of followers…it’s disturbing and I thought u should know. I’ve benefitted greatly from this blog and its infuriating to have your abuser paint himself as the victim. I’ve been there so many times…thank u for all the love and compassion u show 💜


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Amanda, that would be him. what a loser. I will check it out. Thanks so much for letting me know. I was wondering what he was up to because he was on my site not long ago and then a friend from the past contacted me out of the blue. You would think he would move on after 5 years.


    2. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Amanda, thank you so much for letting me know. That is him for sure and I went in to read his comment and when I did a search on Jimmyc1963 nothing came up. I don’t know why. I warned admin about him and that is all I can do. You would think that he would have moved on by now, it has been over 5 years. My blog has always burned his butt though and I am sure he is hoping to destroy my good name.
      I am so sic of his sick games, he really needs to get a life. I just worry about some innocent victim falling for him and getting hurt.
      Big hugs to you, I am glad I have been of some help to you. Psychopath Free is an excellent site!



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