No More Together We Can End Domestic Violence Mar 6-12

I received this e-mail yesterday and I am passing it along to all of you; please do what you can to support the No More Campaign.

On March 3, 1983 my mother and her friend were tragically murdered by her ex-boyfriend, in her own home.

I was only 15 when that man murdered my mother, and it has completely changed my life to this day.

Only recently did I realize that what I experienced actually had a name: domestic violence. At the time we didn’t have the information and support systems we have today. Organizations like NO MORE weren’t as prevalent, and the visibility just wasn’t there. It took a lot of years for me to connect the dots and realize what happened to my mother was domestic violence to the extreme.

Next week, Mar‌ch 6-1‌2 is NO MORE Week, sponsored by Mary Kay, and it’s a time when hundreds of individuals and organizations will join together to raise awareness and support to help end domestic violence and sexual assault.

And as part of the week, I’m hosting a special screening and Q&A of my new documentary, Mourning Son, in Los Angeles on Ma‌rch 6t‌h at 8 p‌m. The film shows the devastating impact that the loss of my mother had on my life and also explores what it means to be a survivor.

I hope that sharing my story will help others whose lives have been touched by violence know they aren’t alone.

Will you join me in taking action this week? The NO MORE Week screening of Mourning Son is one of hundreds of NO MORE Week events happening nationwide – click here to find a NO MORE Week event near you.


Dave Navarro


P.S. CLICK HERE for tickets and details on the NO MORE Week screening of Mourning Son in Los Angeles or to read more about my story and my documentary, Mourning Son, click here!

1 thought on “No More Together We Can End Domestic Violence Mar 6-12

  1. P

    Dave told his story on Dr Phil on Friday….I believe the episode can be found in the archives of the Dr Phil show. It was very compelling. He is a great spokesperson regarding the devastation; very forthright about how the death of his mother was the cause of his drug use.



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