I Have No Self by Josh Cole

I met a wonderful woman through the net, gee…….. I bet it is a couple of years ago now. I can’t mention her name because she has reason to protect her privacy. But she sent me an email today with a link to a song and website she thought I might be interested in. I respect this woman’s opinion a great deal and know she doesn’t promote just anyone and when she asked me to check him out I did it immediately.

I wanted to get his song out there and give you all a listen. He is a talented young guy who says he thinks a woman should be singing the song, maybe if you have a talent for singing you could collaborate with him. Here is the song, I Have No Self by Josh Cole. Check it out!

His website is feelingsdetective, it isn’t strictly about narcissists, it is about all injustice in the world; which dare I say is perpetuated by narcissists/psychopaths.

I am all for anyone who speaks out for what is right and against the assholes of the world, whether it is domestic abuse, racism, police brutality or slavery.

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