Easter – A Time Of Rebirth, Renewal and New Life


We are all at different stages, some of us are still with the narcissist and waffling between leaving and staying; (probably today you are thinking about leaving because the N has done something to destroy another special occasion.) Some of us have just left and are imagining our ex having a wonderful Easter with his new “soul mate” and her children and wondering if maybe you did drive him to be abusive. (believe me history will repeat itself) Still others are lonely, bitter, full of regret for the years they “wasted” with the N and some are happy to be free of the drama and enjoying their peace and serenity.

My birthday is April 5th so this time of year is always a time of reflection and putting the past behind me and looking forward to a new fresh start, new beginnings. You too could make it a time of new beginnings and rebirth.

If you believe in the Bible and God, this is the time of rebirth, a time of celebration.

No matter what though it is a magical time of year, everything is coming back to life after the long winter, trees are budding, crocuses are breaking through the soil, daffodils and tulips are blooming,

Envision baby chicks, bunnies and little lambs cavorting in a field of tulips; you have to smile.


No matter what is going on in your life, take a few minutes to walk around your neighborhood, breath deep and enjoy the life all around you, stop and enjoy a garden of tulips or buy yourself a bouquet of spring flowers.

When you live with a narcissist you don’t realize how clouded your life becomes, it happens so subtly. You have had the black cloud of narcissism hanging over your life; you may not have recognized it at the time but if you have been away from the narcissist any amount of time you know what I am talking about.

Narcissists are so evil that the black cloud of narcissism hangs over everything they touch and do and everyone close to them, it becomes part of the victims existence and life. Victims get so accustomed to never feeling joy over anything, they stop expecting to feel joy, forget how to feel joy and happiness; always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

You have to actively seek out joy, you have to get out of your own head and your misery and open your eyes so you can see all the beauty around you. You have to remove the narcissist from your life in order to see the sunshine again. For even 5 minutes at a time stop thinking about the narcissist and all the pain and you lost and be thankful you will feel joy again, you can find happiness again. He will never know true happiness, he will always be evil and have to manipulate people to love him. There is no rebirth for the narcissist, no growth, no sunshine, no forgiveness, no joy.

wolf maskRemember that the narcissist is not the helpless little sheep, he is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is not innocent, and not looking out for your best interest, he is looking out only for himself and he has no loyalty to you whatsoever!

Have a wonderful Easter and a spring of rebirth and new healthy growth!

8 thoughts on “Easter – A Time Of Rebirth, Renewal and New Life

  1. onmyway

    Happy Easter and Happy Birthday! Thank you for the wise words and the accurate visual of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. God bless you and all the good people who have been subjected to narcissistic abuse. This is our year to begin anew.


  2. EchoNoMorr

    Happy Easter to all and Happy Birthday to you Carrie!
    Just last night, I was realizing the positive growth that has happened for me in the last 3 years.
    I am out from the oppression and abuse of my now x husband, but I am now having to deal with the same issues with my family of origin.
    This is round two for me now and instead of the fear and anxiety of trying to fix things with the x, I realize my family is sick for their own reasons and it is toxic to me. I am still sad, but now I am feeling new hope as I prepare to move several hundred miles away to start my new life on my own terms. I am very excited and hopeful that without living with my family, I can have some kind of long distance visit now and then relationship without the common duty of my sick mom and her financial obligations.
    Once one gets a grip on the play book of the cluster B disordered, it becomes easier to not personalize their evil behaviors and remove oneself from the evil. Knowing that there is no hope to fix what is wrong is liberating. It still hurts like hell with my family, but I am now better equipped to love myself unconditionally and put myself at a safe distance and then decide if contact is in my best interest.
    The journey from the abuse pain and humiliation is so long and difficult, but journeying back to the person one should be feels like I am living in a miracle.
    Keep putting distance between you and your Narcissist, every step you take is another step closer to wholeness.
    I am so grateful for the support and fellowship I have found. Had it not been for people with more direct experience in leaving and thriving after a N, I probably would not be here today.
    It is not easy but you are worth the work.
    Peace and Love

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  3. Nancy Sharp

    So be true. He has literally slept through every weekend but to day came down all dressed perfectly to hide easter eggs in backyard. That was to impress huge brunch. That I Was having for family.. I was flabbergasted or should I say shocked with the realization of his selective behavior. He thinks it’s just fine to sleep all and every weekend. Saying he needs rest because HE works hard all week ( pity party) and yes he has been diagnosed with major& chronic depression, therapist: their were many never recognized narcissism . It’s obvious to me been married 29 years. Don’t know a way out…. Thx for your insights Love nancy

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  4. Angela

    Have a magical birthday Carrie. Thankyou for taking the time to replying to me on occasion. Your site is a credit to you and of great value to those of use who are on this journey. Bless you. love an light 😍


  5. kim

    happy birthday carrie hope things are going well for you im still struggling but reading here helps me so much thankyou for your posts and i will find inner peace one day ill let you know when i do good luck to you and stella xxx



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